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2016 Hyundai Equus Prices: MSRP vs Dealer Invoice vs True Dealer Cost w/ Holdback

Price terms Used:
MSRP What is MSRP? Invoice Price What is Dealer Invoice Price? Destination Fee Whatis the Destination Fee? Holdback What is Holdback? Dealer Cost What is Dealer Cost?
Note: The Hyundai Equus price report below does not include rebates or incentives.
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2016 Equus Signature 4 door RWD Sdn w/ 429 horsepower, V-8 - 5.0L (8 cylinder) - Fuel Type: premium gasoline (Fuel Economy: City 15 MPG - Highway 23 MPG)
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2016 Equus Ultimate 4 door RWD Sdn w/ 429 horsepower, V-8 - 5.0L (8 cylinder) - Fuel Type: premium gasoline (Fuel Economy: City 15 MPG - Highway 23 MPG)
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Hyundai Price Guides:
2016 Hyundai Equus Overview:
About the 2016 Hyundai Equus
The 2016 Hyundai Equus is a premium sedan that's available in Signature and Ultimate editions. The lavish interior of this Hyundai has leather-appointed seats and wooden trims. Featuring a GPS navigation system, the 9.2-inch touchscreen display is the high-tech centerpiece in the spacious cabin.

The 2016 Hyundai Equus runs on a 5.0 L V8 engine that generates up to 429 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque. This powerful engine block utilizes a Tuned Intake System to optimize combustion and overall efficiency. The Equus has an EPA fuel economy of 23 MPG on the highway and 15 MPG in the city.

Designed for quick acceleration, Rear Wheel Drive is the standard drivetrain configuration in the 2016 Hyundai Equus. An eight-speed automatic transmission system further provides excellent control over this Hyundai. An electro-hydraulic steering system also improves the handling of this upscale sedan that drives like a sports car.

One of the most impressive mechanical features in the Hyundai Equus is the Electronically-controlled Air Suspension. This innovative suspension system is paired with Continuous Damping Control technology to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Vehicle Stability Management and Electronic Stability Control provide additional balance on any road conditions.

Featuring nine total airbags, the Hyundai Equus offers superior protection for all five occupants. The Equus is also equipped with innovative active safety amenities such as Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Detection. Smart Cruise Control (SCC) With Stop/Start Functionality automatically adjusts speed settings when the Equus is set on auto pilot on the highway.

How to Calculate The Dealer Cost of a Hyundai Equus

Formula for Calculating Dealer Cost:

  • Example: Base Hyundai Equus invoice price + the dealer Invoice price of all the options + destination - Holdback = Total Dealer Cost.
  • What is Holdback? A hidden amount that manufacturers give back to a dealer. It is a percentage of the MSRP or the Invoice price.

Total Dealer Cost (calculated above) + Taxes / Licensing Fees - Rebate / Incentive = True Cost (You can get rebates and incentives here)

Note: All Hyundai Equus Prices above are approximate amounts. Prices are subject to change without notice.

A note about rebates: Most rebates are subtracted from the "on the road" figure. In most cases, you can have the rebate if you are arranging your own financing or you are paying cash. If you decide to use the manufacturer’s low interest financing, you do not usually get the rebate. Ask your dealer for details.

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