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Learn how to buy the vehicle you want at the price you can afford - without the sales pressure, headaches and hassles. Car Buying Strategies offers buying guides, tips and advice that will help walk you through the car purchasing process.

New Car Leasing - A 2021 Consumer Guide

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Leasing Mistakes To Avoid (part 10)

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Essential Car Buying Tips For Car Shopping

Shopping for a new ride can be one of your most memorable experiences. However, you should always do the proper research before making a final decision. Here are some essential tips that you need to remember.

Choose the Trim That Best Suits Your Financial Situation
The majority of vehicles on the market are available in multiple trim levels. Unsurprisingly, the base model is going to be the least expensive option. If you decide to pack on more upgrades, the vehicle’s price will begin to rise. Avoid selecting features that you truly don’t need.

Set Your Budget before Visiting a Dealership
To prevent overspending, be sure to outline your budget beforehand. You can avoid a financial nightmare by being a smart car shopper. Remember, the vehicle’s actual price is not the only cost that you need to consider. Some of the other key expenses include auto insurance, fuel, and long-term maintenance.

Stick to Your Guns
A car salesperson’s main goal is to get you to buy a vehicle. Their next agenda is to get as much money as possible. Although they may encourage you to check out a more expensive vehicle, never fall for the bait. You are the one who must keep up with the monthly payments. To avoid giving in to temptation, the best solution is to only look at vehicle’s that are in your price range.

Take Advantage of Discounts
Most car dealerships offer various incentives throughout the year. These cost-cutting deals can save car shoppers a lot of money. While some incentives are designed for everyone, there are others that target a specific group of car buyers. For example, a dealership may advertise special discounts for recent college graduates.

Keep An Eye On Slow Sellers
Certain vehicles are more popular than others. While one vehicle may sell very quickly, another model may sit for months on the lot. Often times, dealerships will provide special deals for slow sellers. This is a great opportunity for the people who actually like the vehicle. You can own a car that is usually thousands of dollars more expensive.

Be Aware of Your Credit Score
It is always a good idea to know your credit score. If you don’t plan to pay for the vehicle in cash, you will likely need to take out a bank loan. A good credit score will obviously give you more flexibility. Luckily, some dealerships offer special deals to the customers who have a poor credit history.

Find Out the Vehicle’s Invoice Price
The invoice price is essentially the amount of money that the dealership paid for the car. Keep in mind that most car dealerships receive discounts from the automaker. The dealership likely paid significantly less money than what is stated on the invoice slip. Nonetheless, you still need to compare the invoice to the vehicle’s advertised price.

Save Money by Using an Auto Buying Program
An auto buying program can save you a ton of cash. Some of the most popular companies include Costco, Consumer Reports, and American Express. There are also several others that you can find by searching online. If you have a membership to one of these groups, you can expect to receive major savings.

Remain Prepared for the Additional Fees
Although a vehicle may have an advertised price of $18,000, the dealer fees may cause the total cost to exceed $20,000. Some of the mandatory charges include sales tax and the destination fee. You will also need to pay for the tags and registration. On the other hand, there are certain dealer fees that you should not pay.

Get Pre-Approved When Financing
Don’t waste your time by looking at a car that you cannot afford. If you plan to finance the vehicle, be sure to get pre-approved ahead of time. If you are unable to get approved for the loan, simply keep searching for another ride. You can avoid the hassle of even going down to the dealership.

Use Smart Negotiating Tactics
When attempting to close the deal on a new car, you always want to maintain the upper hand. Always check with an outside lender before accepting the dealership’s financing rates. You should also avoid mentioning a trade-in while negotiating. After the car’s final price has been agreed upon, you can then try to sell your old ride.

Never Hesitate to Walk Away
If the proposed deal is not in your best interest, walk away before signing any paperwork. You may need to travel to another dealership. This is definitely not an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Unreasonable car dealerships do not deserve your business.

While there is no overlooking the excitement of buying a new car, be sure to take the necessary precautions. It is a decision that you should not take lightly. By taking the time to do some extra research, you can avoid a lot of stress in the long run.

These tips will definitely help you to snag a good deal. The key is to do some preparations before heading out to the dealership. Always try to save money when shopping for a new car. See more car buying tips.