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Learn how to buy the vehicle you want at the price you can afford - without the sales pressure, headaches and hassles. Car Buying Strategies offers buying guides, tips and advice that will help walk you through the car purchasing process.

New Car Leasing - A 2021 Consumer Guide

Lease Guide Overview (part 1)
Lease Spacer
How Leasing Works (part 2)
Lease Spacer
Advantages of Leasing (part 3)
Lease Spacer
Disadvantages of Leasing (part 4)
Lease Spacer
Is Leasing Right For Me (part 5)
Lease Spacer
Types of Leases (part 6)
Lease Spacer
The Leasing Contract (part 7)
Lease Spacer
The Art of the Lease Deal (part 8)
Lease Spacer
After The Deal (part 9)
Lease Spacer
Leasing Mistakes To Avoid (part 10)

New Car Buying Guides

Top 40 New Car Buying Tips - Follow these tips and avoid costly mistakes.

10 Car Buying Mistakes - These mistakes can will drain your wallet.

Top 6 Dealer Selling Systems - Being aware of these can provide you with more buying power.

Car Buying Calculators

Dealer Cost Calculator - True dealer cost is a must know when buying new cars.

Low Interest Rates VS Rebate Calculator - What finance deal is better for you?

Buying Used Cars

How to Buy Used Cars - Covers tips and buying advice on how to buy used cars.

Auto Loans

Are Low Manufacturer Interest Rates the way to go? - Low advertised financing rates can yield a higher cost of borrowing than traditional bank rates. Don't buy a new car until you determine what loan will save you the most on interest.