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Acura has made it a priority to refine all of its vehicles for 2014, especially in the areas of technology and optional convenience features. The all-new 2014 MDX crossover SUV still boasts plenty of power and is as roomy as ever, but buyers who have checked out this model in the past will notice the changes intended to improve consumer attitude about selective evolution. The MDX still competes with offerings from BMW, Honda, and Infiniti. As usual, there are pros and cons on each of these models. The 2014 Acura MDX still has plenty to offer for a price that is average in the luxury crossover segment.

What's New For 2014
First and foremost, the vehicle is now built on an entirely new platform. Through last year, the platform mirrored that of the Honda Pilot. This year's vehicle is slightly roomier, and passengers will find the new push-button control for the second-row seat position a welcome addition. This sliding feature allows for much easier access to the rear seating area. The fuel economy has also improved slightly, and the interior furnishing materials are of a higher quality than what was seen on past models. There is also a new driver control interface that is designed for user-friendliness. Overall, the ride is quieter than ever before. Some very nice improvements have been made to dampen outside noise.


10 Reasons To Buy A 2014 Acura MDX

1) Standard V6 Engine. Most crossovers come with a 6-cylinder engine, but the power source on the 2014 Acura MDX is truly powerful and provides plenty of giddyup. The 3.5L V6 produces a total of 290 horsepower, and the 6-speed automatic transmission is very smooth. The standard 2WD can be upgraded to AWD on all available trims.

2) Better Than Average Handling. One of the major improvements to this year's model is the comfortable ride. The MDX performs nicely at high speeds, although the ride is less choppy when the vehicle has some weight packed into the rear section. Cornering and steering control are above average, and the ride is very quiet. Passengers will be pleased with the absence of road vibration, and there is very little jarring when the low gears are employed for slowing.

3). Faster Acceleration. Even though the 2014 model offers just a bit less horsepower than previous versions, the acceleration is actually faster. Tests show an average of zero to 60 mph in approximately the same time as any other crossover on the market.

4) Nicely Designed Driver Interface. There is no arguing that the focus of the 2014 Acura MDX interior is centered around the driver. The changes to the instrumentation and the styling of the dash area are indeed appealing. The new driver interface is located on the improved, better-appearing center stack. This infotainment center contains a central control dial that allows the driver to quickly look up destinations or other pertinent information. The touchscreen is seven inches in diagonal measurement and is easy to read. It gives both haptic and audible feedback, making it easier for the driver to input a destination on the fly.

5) Fine Quality Materials. The materials used to highlight the interior cabin are now of finer quality than in previous years. Passengers will immediately notice the comfortable upholstery and soft, cushiony seats. Even the plastic is of a higher grade.

6) Plenty Of Standard Features. The base trim offers automatic LED headlights, driver memory with lots of settings, heated mirrors, leather seats and trimmings, and keyless ignition. Some features available only as optional on competing models but standard on the MDX include 8-way power driver's seat, tri-zone climate control, and power liftgate.

7) Lots Of Available Trim Packages. The model comes in four distinct trims. The base trim starts at around $40,000 and has far more convenience features for the money than the competing BMW or Infiniti. The uplevel Technology and Technology/Entertainment packages contain more high-tech entertainment options as well as some additional safety features. The Advance/Entertainment package is a truly luxurious vehicle, priced at around $55,000 and featuring nicely constructed roof rails, premium audio system, and exterior safety amenities such as collision warning and lane departure warnings.

8) Good Fuel Economy. When one hears of good fuel efficiency on an SUV or crossover, he or she doesn't get her hopes up. However, the 2014 Acura MDX gets amazingly good highway mileage for such a heavy vehicle. The 2WD version achieves a bit more than 28 mpg on the open road.

9) Excellent Safety Technology. Every MDX comes with standard safety features that the consumer expects regardless of the vehicle body type. A set of front and side airbags, full stability control technology, and a newly developed multi-angle rearview camera are standard on every MDX. Optional equipment includes rear parking sensors and auto-braking when an imminent forward collision is detected by the sensor array.

10) Enough Cargo Space. Many of the competing models have more cargo space when the third-row seats are in use, but few have the storage capability of the MDX when the seats are folded. The model boasts more than 90 cubic feet of storage volume when the second- and third-row seats are folded down.

Reasons You May Not Want To Buy A 2014 Acura MDX

1) Front Row Seats Have Limited Adjustment. Although the model can be purchased with power front seats, the adjustment parameters are quite limited.

2) Limited Storage When Full Of Passengers. The second- and third-row seats are very comfortable with plenty of legroom, but this comes with a price. Only 13 cubic feet of storage is available when seven passengers are aboard.

3) Some Safety Features Not Standard On Base Trim. Although the important features are there, some consumers will complain that the driver warning systems should be included.

Several competing models have bigger engines, better acceleration, and more cargo area. However, these models also cost about 15 percent more and do not offer a level of elegance that exceeds what the 2014 Acura MDX brings to the table. Overall, this is a very nicely equipped vehicle, certainly worthy of its place in the luxury SUV category. For the price paid, each trim offers plenty of convenience features in addition to a very comfortable ride.

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