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2014 Audi Q5 Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Buy a 2014 Audi Q5

The Top 10 Reasons Why You May want to Buy a 2014 Audi Q5:

Audi has long been a leader in the luxury space, but its efforts have focused almost exclusively on executive and compact cars that provide a small footprint, a big luxury experience, and high levels of efficiency in both city and highway settings. One of the few exceptions has been its growing line of crossovers, led by the Audi Q5 compact model. The Q5 is designed to be a bridge from smaller luxury cars to more full-sized crossovers and SUVs, and it fills this niche in particularly well. Those who love German engineering and build quality, and the power of Audi's engines, interiors, and exterior design features, will certainly fall in love.

This year, the company kept updates few and far between for the 2014 model year. A new turbodiesel model has been added to the mix, which offers increased fuel efficiency compared to gas-powered models. The luxury automaker also boosted horsepower on the entry-level model, giving even the budget-minded luxury consumer more bang for his or her buck at the time of purchase. Though there are many reasons to purchase the Q5 or choose another model, it's probably best to condense these reasons into two top-10 lists: Reasons to buy and reasons to choose another luxury automaker.

The Top 10 Reasons to Buy the Audi Q5 Crossover

1. From real wood accents to soft touch dashboard materials, the Q5's cabin is one of the most well-appointed anywhere in the luxury segment. The car feels like the most premium of premium models, and that's sure to bode well for families that demand comfort and refinement for both longer and shorter trips.

2. Horsepower at all levels is absolutely excellent, especially with new upgrades to the base model's engine for 2014. There are two upgraded engines to choose from in higher trim levels, each of which will further enhance the amount of horsepower and torque put out by the Q5 during daily driving.

3. The Audi Q5's curb appeal is second to none. Audi has always been known for appealing, low-key designs that blend well with a refined palette, and that remains true here. A sports car this is not, but it's still worth a double-take in most cases.

4. Though it's a crossover, this particular model has sporty handling that includes quick acceleration, strong braking, and very intricate turning. Most drivers won't even notice that this is bigger than the typical Audi sedan thanks to a fine-tuned steering system.

5. Audi is working alongside Apple to fully implement the CarPlay system into its 2014 models, included the Q5, which means iPhone, iPad, and iPod owners will get seamless integration with their music and maps applications. The infotainment system is also Bluetooth-inclusive for hands-free dialing and streaming audio.

6. An upgraded Navigation Plus package adds not only a visual GPS system to the center console, but also full voice controls and the ability to store music files directly on the built-in hard drive. That means it's easy to command the car to open SMS messages, make calls, and more, all without touching a single screen.

7. Adaptive cruise control makes it easy to drive foot-free, even in more congested highway settings. The feature is available as part of a Driver Assist package that can be paired with virtually all trim levels.

8. The turbodiesel delivers, as should be expected of any Audi or Volkswagen model. An increase in overall horsepower and torque is paired with superior fuel economy that will save heavy drivers an exceedingly large amount of money on an annual basis.

9. For those who would like superior fuel economy without the power of a turbodiesel engine, the Audi Hybrid Prestige features a hybrid engine with regenerative braking and electric power. Combined mileage for the hybrid reaches 26 miles per gallon.

10. Tri-zone climate control keeps everyone comfortable, no matter how hot or cool they prefer the car to be. It's the best way to eliminate complaints, especially on larger trips during the hottest and coldest parts of the year.

The Top 10 Reasons To Steer Clear of the Audi Q5 Crossover

1. Though powerful, the Audi Q5 has some of the lowest fuel economy numbers in this class of vehicles. Numerous domestic and even non-luxury models beat the Q5 handily in daily driving.

2. Cargo space suffers due to the car's interior luxury features. In fact, it features less cargo space than all but a handful of similar-sized crossover models.

3. The hybrid engine, though a welcome upgrade, does not provide the improvement in fuel economy that has been seen with crossovers of a similar size and with similar engines.

4. Though the steering is highly precise and the braking is very efficient, many reviewers feel that the car's steering feels almost artificial and overly compensatory for the vehicle's size and footprint.

5. Navigation is a must-have feature these days, and the Audi has it. It should be noted, however, that the controls can be a bit intimidating to learn and clunky to use.

6. Unfortunately, voice control requires a significant package upgrade. This feature is standard on many non-luxury models, and is a key way to ensure driver safety and attention.

7. Upgraded models come with Audi Connect, which integrates into a smartphone application that can find, lock, and unlock the car, and even report on required maintenance. Unfortunately, the entry-level model leaves this feature out.

8. The ten-speaker sound system is a good place to start, but many buyers find themselves upgrading to the enhanced Bang & Olufsen system that comes with 14 speakers instead.

9. All models come with all-wheel drive for enhanced safety in poor weather conditions, but the Q5 unfortunately cannot be upgraded to full four-wheel drive for even better performance in wintry conditions.

10. Though very quiet, the inclusion of an eight-speed automatic transmission sometimes has the effect of a noticeable, exceedingly common vehicle shift that can certainly be detected by all passengers.

A Great Choice for Luxury-Minded Families

The Audi name enjoys a sterling reputation thanks to exceedingly high safety marks, durable material construction, and some of the most noticeable cabin refinements among any luxury model. That remains true in the Q5 crossover, which will provide enhanced comfort, control, and room to passengers on trips both long and short.
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