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Compare Trim Levels • Configurations

2020 Audi A4 Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

What do you get with each? Find out below..
2020 Audi A4 Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Premium vs Premium Plus & Prestige

What 2020 Audi A4 Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

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Audi has quietly produced luxury sedans in the American market for over five decades. They're constantly ranked at the top of many lists for their styling and performance. In many cases, it’s a number at or above similar sedans from European manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Overall, Audi isn't as brash as its continental cousins. Yet, they manage to gain fans across the globe. This is the case with the company’s flagship sedan, the 2020 Audit A4.

The full-size sedan has shed its drab executive design in this model year for a more aggressive feel that is seen on its smaller sibling, the A3. Today, the A4 comes in three trims. The base is the Premium, the mid-size is the Premium Plus, and the high-end is the Prestige. MSRPs begin at $37,000 for the Premium and escalate to the $47,000 for the Prestige

The following guide demonstrates key differences among the A4's trim levels to assist consumers in choosing the configuration that works best.

Compare the 2020 Audi A4 Premium vs. Premium Plus. What's the Difference?


These trims have a form of powertrain described as Turbo fuel stratified injection (TFSI). It pressure-injects gasoline directly into the combustion chamber. In doing so, it creates a spark to ignite the fuel. In engine terms, it's called a stratified charge.

There are two options for both trims. They are the TFSI 40 and TFSI 45. While they're both two-liter four-cylinder engines, the horsepower and torque ratings differ. The 40 gets 188 hp and 225 pound-feet of torque. The 45 enhances torque to 273 lb. ft. and a horsepower of 248.

Both TFSI types are connected to a seven-speed S tronic automatic transmission with dual-clutch. This mechanism combines the best features of both an automatic and manual transmission. Thus, it contains both convenience and efficiency.

Audi has made a design change to its version of the S tronic. The gear wheels are placed one behind each other on the output shaft for a more compact setup.

Fuel Economy

The Premium and Premium Plus have decent fuel efficiency ratings. The 40 TFSI gets 27 city miles per gallon and 35 mpg on the highway. The 45 TFSI achieves 24 miles per gallon on city streets and 32 in highway driving. With a gas tank capacity of 15.3 gallons in both trims, the average total driven before a fill-up is approximately 436 miles.


These 2020 Audi A4 trims get their handling from their high-end mechanics. The fully molded body is comprised of a galvanized steel frame with aluminum hood.

Together, these components help absorb the effects of rough surfaces that the MacPherson front struts and four-link rear suspension don't have chance to do. In addition, during a collision the steel frame further reduces the amount of kinetic energy.

The electromechanical steering system is speed-sensitive. So, its reaction time depends on how fast the Audi A4 moves. Along with a steering ratio of 15.9:1, the wheel doesn't need to be turned as much to move the tires. In fact, the ratio is actually better than those of some European luxury vehicles.

Exterior Features

Between the two trims, the Premium Plus offers a different type of tire/wheel package for the designs with 40 TFSI engines. It has 18" polished 10-spoke wheels along with 245/40 all-season tires. This is opposed to the Premium's 17" tires with 225/50 wheels.

With the 45 TFSI powertrain, both trims have the same setup. They contain 18.5" double-spoke wheels with the 245/40 all-season tires.

Another difference between the Premium and Premium Plus vehicles is the exterior lighting package. The Premium has basic LED headlights. The Premium Plus has these plus Daytime Running Lights (DRL).

The Premium Plus has two additional features the other does not. One is auto-dimming, power-folding side mirrors. These have heated exteriors to melt snow and ice. Furthermore, the mirrors offer memory recall. Thus, different drivers can recall mirror settings to fit their needs.

Besides these changes, the exterior features are the same between the Premium and Premium Plus. The front end contains Audi's iconic Singleframe grille. It's not only the company's trademark but also controls airflow to the powertrain to increase aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

In addition to the side mirrors, the windshield washer nozzles are also heated. Meanwhile, heat-insulating glass is installed in the side windows to absorb solar energy from the sun and the surrounding environment.

Interior Features

The Premium Plus has two differences in interior features over the Premium. The first is the center console and door armrests are covered with leatherette. The second is memory recall for the driver's seat.

On top of memory recall, the driver seat is also upholstered in leather and heated in both trims. It also allows for 12-way power adjustments for the seat and lumbar areas. The front-row passenger seat also has similar features.

There are other interior features similar between the two trims. For instance, three-zone climate control with a rear display. The rear-view mirror automatically dims and has a digital compass display. Additional interior features include a sunroof, wood inlays, and a leather wrapped gear shift.

Audio and Infotainment

There are several differences in this category between the two trims. The Premium Plus has a virtual cockpit. The 12-inch display is part of the instrument cluster and comes in three visual modes. The driver can select from Classic, Sport, or Dynamic.

A second difference is Sirius XM satellite radio. All Access service is available with a 90-day trial. In other words, all music, talk, and sport channels are open for listening.

The other two Premium Plus items are connected to charging technology. The Audi phone box has a phone charger and signal booster to allow hands-free calls from the device. In addition, rear-seat passengers don't need to take over front-row USB ports as they have their own to use.

Similarities are also numerous. Both trims of the 2020 Audi A4 have a 10-inch touchscreen display in the center console. It's compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so drivers can utilize their smartphone apps on the display. Thus, they can retrieve navigation information or listen to streaming music. Occupants can also stream music via Bluetooth wireless integration.

The audio system within the Premium and Premium Plus trims has ten speakers and 180 watts of power. It also comes with a CD player with MP3 playback capability. Streaming music will be heard through this system once properly configured.


The 2020 Audi A4 ensures all occupants are as safe as possible, no matter the situation. Within the interior, the Advanced Airbag Protection System contains six airbags throughout the cabin. These are built into the dash and sides. Should they deploy, a safety unlock feature engages.

Performance safety includes anti-lock brakes with pressure distribution. What this does is spread stopping pressure equally among the A4's wheels. This is paired with Electronic Stability and traction control. Simply, these technologies help the sedan keep all four wheels on the road in slick areas and during sudden movements.

Driver aids have become an integral part of a vehicle's safety package, and both the Premium and Premium Plus have them. For example, the windshield wipers automatically activate when they detect rain or snow. Audi's drive select allows consumers to select between different modes depending on the environment. On top of these, high beam assist adjusts headlamp illumination to prevent temporary blindness of oncoming traffic.

The Premium Plus trim has additional driver aids. The most important of these help avoid collisions with other vehicles or objects. They include rear cross traffic assist, vehicle exit warning, and a parking system with front and rear sensors.

Compare the 2020 Audi A4 Premium Plus vs. Prestige: What's the difference?

What was a difference between the Premium and Premium Plus is now a standard with the Prestige trim. Nevertheless, the latter trim does have some significant enhancements over the former.

In audio technology and infotainment, the Prestige gets a Bang & Olufsen system. It has 19 speakers with 3D sound and a 16-channel amplifier. It emits 755 watts of power.

In addition to this, the touchscreen display offers a six-month subscription to Audi's Navigation Plus. This is a built-in package to help drivers to see maps, track traffic patterns, and find alternate routes.

Staying with technology, the Prestige has additional driver assist aids. The top view camera system gives the driver a near 360-degree view of the area around the vehicle. Adaptive cruise control assists to maintain speed in stop and go traffic.

Exterior differences highlight both comfort and safety for occupants. Headlights have their own wipers to clear snow and ice from them. Meanwhile, dual-pane acoustic glass for the side windows absorbs the sounds of surrounding traffic and engine noise.

The 2020 Audi A4: Which Trim to Choose?

Between the Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige, the last two are in a tie as the best 2020 Audi A4 trim to choose. Both should be paired with the 45 TFSI powertrain.

Why the tie? It depends on if consumers want to pay for the extras the Prestige provides. When comparing both trims, many of the features are already high-end. They feature maximum luxury for a fairly low MSRP for a full-size sedan.

What can turn the tide for consumers is top-end technology in infotainment and driver aids. For example, a consumer who spends more time in their vehicle than at home might want a better-quality audio system to pass the time. Or, if they spend a lot of time driving in the city, the extra driver aids might benefit them.

The next question consumers may have is why chose the 45 TFSI instead of the 40? It’s clear the latter has better fuel efficiency. This is true; however, the difference is minor. In addition. The 45 TFSI has better horsepower and torque, meaning it can accelerate quicker to pass traffic. In the end, it’s a difference between 7.1 and 5.6 seconds to go from zero to 60 mph.

In the end, this guide is a good summary of what the 2020 Audi A4 offers with its trims. However, the only way consumers can get a well-rounded idea of the trim to select is to visit their local Audi dealership.

They need to examine the exterior and interior of the full-size luxury sedan. Then, ask the Audi sales representative questions that weren't answered in this guide. Finally it's best they take a test drive of the trims to feel the A4's handling and powertrain. It's the best way to determine if the Premium Plus or Prestige is the right trim for them.

In conclusion, consumers should take this guide with them when making a decision on the 2020 Audi A4.

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