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Compare Trim Levels • Configurations

2020 Audi Q7 Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

What do you get with each? Find out below..
2020 Audi Q7 Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Premium vs Premium Plus & Prestige

What 2020 Audi Q7 Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

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The German auto manufacturer Audi has produced luxury vehicles for the American market since the end of the 1960s. Thanks to design, technology, and performance, their products have placed at or above similar autos made by other European manufacturers. Mercedes-Benz and BMW are the first two that come to mind.

Audi does this through word-of-mouth testimonials from its fans rather than its over-promotion in the media. It also handles this with a high-end inventory of vehicles. For instance, the 2020 Audi Q7 SUV.

This three-row sport utility vehicle was launched in 2005 and received a complete redesign in the new model year. Its interior and exterior now match the rest of Audi's line of autos. There are also other goodies that weren't available in past versions of this second-generation model.

The Q7 comes in three trims. The Premium is the base trim while the Premium Plus is the mid-range version. The top trim is the Prestige. MSRPs start around $55,000 for the Premium and increase to $71,000 for the Prestige. The $16,000 difference is based on the engine type. More on that below.

This guide has been prepared to demonstrate the main differences among the Q7's trio of trim. In the end, it should help consumers select a configuration that works best for them.

Compare the 2020 Audi Q7 Premium vs. Premium Plus. What's the Difference?


The powertrain is described as Turbo fuel stratified injection (TFSI). Audi's version of a fuel-injected motor, TFSI technology inserts pressurized gasoline directly into the combustion chamber. This results in a stratified charge. In other words, a spark to ignite the fuel and start the engine.

The standard model for both trims is the TFSI 45. The two-liter four-cylinder engine goes from 0-60 in under seven seconds. In addition, it gets 248 hp and 273 pound-feet of torque.

The optional engine choice for the Premium and Premium Plus is the TFSI 55. The three-liter, six-cylinder powertrain increases both horsepower and torque by nearly 50 percent. All totaled, the maximum hp is 335 while the torque is 369 lb. ft.

These engines are linked to an all-wheel-drive (AWD) drivetrain and an eight-speed Triptronic automatic transmission. The Triptronic has the best of both automatic and manual transmissions. It includes an option to disengage from automatic mode and upshift or downshift. It is done by using steering wheel paddles or the gear lever itself.

Fuel Economy

Fuel efficiency ratings are good for these 2020 Audi Q7 trims. The 45 TFSI achieves 24 miles per gallon on city streets and 32 in highway driving. The 55 TFSI, despite its power, has a smaller footprint. It gets 19 mpg in the city and 25 on the highway.


The body of the base and mid-range trims of the 2020 Audi Q7 is constructed with multiple materials. It's frame is built galvanized steel covered with a molded body. The hood is designed with light but sturdy aluminum.

This construction helps to absorb the residual effects of rough surfaces that the five-link front and rear suspension can't handle. Plus, once a collision takes place, the steel frame reduces the amount of kinetic energy that can cause further damage to the SUV and its occupants

These trims are handled by an electromechanical progressive steering system. Unlike traditional power steering, progressive steering is built with variable tooth spacing on the rack and pinion frame along with a more powerful electric motor.

This creates a steering ratio of 15.8:1. Simply put, the driver doesn't need to turn the steering wheel so much in order to angle the wheels. As a result the curb-to-curb turning cycle of the Q7 is approximately 41 feet.

Exterior Features

The exterior of the Premium Plus provides two features the Premium doesn't have. One is an increase of wheel size from 18" to 20 inches if the consumer selects the 55 TFSI engine. The turbine-designed wheels are fitted with 285/45 all-season tires that run-flat. An important tool to get the Q7 to a safe place before replacing the tire.

Another exterior item not included on the Premium is power-folding side mirrors with heating elements. These have memory recall to adjust to different Q7 drivers. In addition, turn indicators have been built into the side-view mirrors. This helps other drivers clearly see the direction drivers are going when the rear signals are covered or not seen.

Besides these changes, the exterior comparison between the Premium and Premium Plus is the same. The front end is equipped with Audi's trademark Singleframe grille. Not only does it look good but it also controls airflow to the powertrain. In turn, aerodynamics and fuel efficiency are increased.

Interior Features

Besides a LED lighting package, there isn’t much difference in the interior between the Premium and Premium Plus. Gray Oak Wood inlays shine throughout the cabin to enhance its luxury. Meanwhile, the auto-dimming rear-view mirror with digital compass display is there for the driver's convenience and safety.

The seats of these Q7 trims are upholstered in leather. The driver's seat is heated and has memory recall to reposition itself for different occupants. The first row seats can be power adjusted 12 different ways, including four lumbar changes, for maximum comfort.

Three-zone climate control with a rear display for second-row passengers is a standard for both trims. Other similarities between the Premium and Premium Plus are a panoramic sunroof, extended sun visors, and split folding seats in the second row.

Audio and Infotainment

A duet of differences are highlighted under this category. The Plus has a 3D surround sound audio system with multiple speakers and over 100 watts of power. This is on top of the AM/FM receiver standard for both trims.

The other enhancement in interior technology on the Premium Plus is the Audi phone box. It's comprised of a phone charger and signal booster to permit hands-free calling when Bluetooth is not available.

Both 2020 Audi Q7 trims have a dual touchscreen display in the center console. The upper one is 10.1 inches while the lower is 8.6". This comes with several features. One is Audi's Navigation Plus application to check local maps and find alternate routes around problem areas. This is connected to a voice control system.

The display also works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. When activated, the driver can utilize their smartphone apps on the touchscreen. Smart devices with Bluetooth can link to the vehicles internal wireless interface to stream music another media on the Q7's audio system.

Another standard of the trims is a virtual cockpit instrument panel. The 12.3-inch digital display shows vehicle information like speed and fuel consumption in color graphics.


Audi has set its sights on a zero-collision environment. Nevertheless, it also knows that accidents do happen. So, they want to make sure occupants are always safe, regardless of the situation. Hence, the reason the Premium and Premium Plus have identical safety options.

An Advanced Airbag Protection System with six airbags is included, and it releases for all passengers during a collision. When this happens, a safety unlock executes to allow the quick exit of passengers.

So the airbags don't need to deploy, the Premium and Premium Plus have anti-lock brakes (ABS) with pressure distribution. This spreads the slow down equally among the SUV's tires. This mechanism is paired with electronic stability and traction control. Together, they keep all four wheels on the road while crossing slick surfaces or making sudden movements.

The Premium Plus includes more driver support aids than the Premium. For instance, it has a top rear view camera. Pulling images from smaller units around the vehicle's exterior, it can produce a virtual 360-degree view of the area. In turn, it helps drivers avoid obstacles when trying to park or exiting onto the road.

Another addition is a rear cross traffic assist tool with vehicle exit warning. Again, this helps minimize collision risks. A parking system with front and rear sensors can be paired with the virtual 360 to detect other cars or objects in the way.

Compare the The 2020 Audi Q7 Premium Plus vs. Prestige: What's the difference?

Where the Premium Plus has the option of selecting between the 45 and 55 TFSI, the Prestige's main powertrain is the 55. Thus, it's meant for drivers who want a powerful vehicle that can easily handle both city streets and passing along the highway. Those who like the fuel economy of the 45 TFSI need to stick with the Premium or Premium Plus.

The Prestige has some significant safety enhancements over the Premium Plus. Actually, there are five in total. One of these, active lane assist, uses radar sensors across the Q7's exterior to detect if the driver has unintentionally left their lane. If so, it activates braking intervention to maneuver the SUV back into place.

Adaptive cruise control is also part of the Prestige trim. Rather than constantly hitting the accelerator and brake in stop-and-go traffic, this form of cruise control makes necessary adjustments in traffic jams. Then, once the area is clear, it resumes the speed the driver originally set.

Added to this quintet of aids is traffic sign recognition. Here, the technology is able to recognize signs like "Speed Limit" or "Turn Ahead." It alerts the driver to these and adjusts the speed where needed.

For the exterior, the biggest difference in the Prestige trim is Matrix-design LED headlights. Instead of one or two bulbs, 32 smaller bulbs are used to create a brighter light. In turn, these can be individually activated and deactivated.

Two other standards only available in the Prestige are power doors and acoustic glass in the side windows. The latter reduces environment and engine sounds to create a quieter driving and traveling environment. The former allows for the automatic soft closing of all passenger doors.

Inside the Q7, the front-row occupants receive twelve-way power front seats that are heated and ventilated. In addition, the climate control goes from three to four zones.

The 2020 Audi Q7: Which Trim to Choose?

Between the Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige, the 2020 Audi Q7 to choose is the Prestige. If you look at all of the additions between it and the Premium Plus, the price difference is worth the investment for consumers.

One reason is the more powerful engine. Yes, the 55 TFSI can be purchased with the other two trims. However, the consumer will most likely end up paying more for it and still not get the extras the Prestige has. And that's another reason why that trim should be chosen. The amount of safety aids is far more comprehensive than the Premium Plus.

And it's not simply the support aids that are connected to performance or auto-adjusting speed and lane shifts. It's also the LED Matrix headlights. With the ability to control the individual brightness of bulbs, a late-night collision can be avoided with an oncoming vehicle.

Though this guide is a good summary of what the 2020 Audi Q7 offers for consumers, the best way to comprehend all the trim provides is to stop by a local Audi dealership. The trims can be closely examined while questions are answered by a sales representative. It's also the place to take a test drive to see how the Q7 handles in various environments.

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