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2020 Audi Q7 Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2020 Audi Q7?

Should You Buy a 2020 Audi Q7? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

If you need a luxury vehicle that can accommodate a big family, the 2020 Audi Q7 may prove to be a perfect match. Not only does the refreshed Q7 offer excellent comfort, but it also comes loaded with premium features. Meanwhile, a strong powertrain makes the new Q70 more fun than the typical three-row crossover.

What’s New for 2020?

This year, Audi heavily updated Q7’s exterior and interior. A more powerful turbo V6 engine has also been introduced. Although the 2020 Audi Q7 may have a higher starting price, the extra money brings you a few additional standard features.
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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2020 Audi Q7 – The Pros

1. More Potent Engine

When test driving the 2020 Audi Q7, be prepared to experience a more powerful kick under the hood. Audi has ditched last year’s powertrain options. For 2020, every Q7 comes equipped with a new turbo V6 engine. This is the same engine offered in several other Audi vehicles. It develops 335 horsepower and a noteworthy 369 pound-feet of torque. The extra torque ensures improved acceleration and gives you more muscle for towing.

2. Standard Quattro All-Wheel Drive

As before, Audi’s famous Quattro all-wheel-drive system is standard on the new Q7. Regardless of the weather forecast, you can expect the 2020 Audi Q7 to inspire great confidence. When venturing out on a snowy day, this system will prove its worth. It always sends power to all four wheels, thus giving you superior traction. Audi also engineers Quattro all-wheel drive to enhance the Q7’s handling performance. Very few three-row crossovers feel as poised around curves.

3. Smooth, Quiet Ride

Although the 2020 Audi Q7 has a sporty character, families are even more impressed by its outstanding ride quality. While you can upgrade to an adaptive air suspension, there’s likely no need to do so. Even the standard suspension maintains a smooth ride over rough pavement. This luxury vehicle is perfect for traveling long distances. You also don’t have to worry about encountering any noticeable road noise. The new Q7 manages to stay whisper-quiet at all times.

4. More Striking Exterior Styling

The Q7 returns for 2020 with a new, more exciting look. No longer will the Q7 get lost on crowded highways. Many drivers will especially appreciate the crossover’s facelift. It features a wider “Singleframe” grille, which makes a bold statement. HD Matrix LED headlights are available as an option. Audi also focused on giving the Q7’s rear fascia a more striking appearance. The new trapezoidal-shaped exhaust outlets definitely add another level of sportiness.

5. Class-Leading Level of Passenger Comfort

The 2020 Audi Q7 is still one of the most comfortable vehicles in the segment. While Audi did update the SUV’s interior, passenger room remains unchanged. The first two rows are especially airy. Drivers rave about the Q7’s cozy front seats. Passengers will also find the rear seats to be extremely relaxing. Not only do the second-row seats recline, but they also slide back to provide more leg space. A powerful climate control system adds to the Q7’s great comfort.

6. New MMI Infotainment System

Audi’s previous MMI infotainment system was already touted as one of the best. However, the redesigned version is even better. Although some drivers may miss last year’s buttons, most will love the new unit’s dual-screen setup. While the larger 10.1-inch screen handles your infotainment functions, the lower 8.6-inch screen controls the HVAC system. Users applaud the system for its faster performance. When connecting your smartphone, expect the MMI interface to provide quick access to your apps.

7. Virtual Cockpit Comes Standard

Audi’s superb Virtual Gauge Cockpit gauge cluster is standard on the 2020 Audi Q7. It allows you to perform far more functions than a traditional gauge cluster. The 12.3-inch display is fully customizable. While this system does not feature a touchscreen, drivers can easily make changes using the steering wheel’s multifunction controls. Audi also designs the Virtual Cockpit to operate using voice-activation technology, which enhances its ease of use. High-resolution Google maps makes the system great for traveling.

8. Bang & Olufsen 3D Advanced Sound System

A 10-speaker stereo system comes standard on the 2020 Audi Q7, which has a decent sound. If you don’t mind spending some extra money, upgrade to the optional Bang & Olufsen 3D audio system. It rewards you with a magical music-listening experience. This unit lines the cabin with a total of 23 high-definition speakers. When cruising down the highway, you can enjoy concert-quality sound. A 1,920-watt amplifier allows you to feel the power.

9. Plenty of Advanced Safety Technologies

Last year, the Audi Q7 scored excellent marks from the IIHS in every crash category. Expect the 2020 model to provide the same elite level of protection. You also have access to some nice safety features, include a standard Audi Pre-Sense City system. When driving at low speeds, Audi Pre-Sense City can detect danger and automatically activate your brakes. Drivers will also enjoy the available lane-change assist system, which can gently nudge the SUV back into its lane.

10. Night Vision Assistant

Driving at night requires you to pay even more attention. Because of the darkness, it’s more difficult to detect pedestrians and animals crossing the road. Audi’s optional Night Vision Assistant can help you to see better. With the use of an infrared camera, this system enhances your visibility in low-light conditions. Any potential road hazards will be shown on the digital gauge cluster.
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Reasons Not to Buy a 2020 Audi Q7 – The Cons

1. Gas Mileage Has Dropped

Audi’s new powertrain enables the Q7 to deliver a strong performance. Unfortunately, the 2020 Audi Q7 is not quite as efficient as before. According to the EPA, you can anticipate averaging a combined 18 mpg on premium gasoline. By comparison, last year’s model delivered a combined 18 mpg. While Audi will offer the Q7 with a turbo four-cylinder engine later in the year, details of its expected fuel economy hasn’t been revealed.

2. Third-Row Seat Isn’t Roomy

The Q7’s third-row seat boosts its passenger capacity to seven people. Unfortunately, it’s the least comfortable seat in the Q7. While small kids shouldn’t mind sitting in the third row, most adults will feel a bit squeezed. This is especially true when traveling a long distance. Although the new Chevrolet Traverse can’t match the Q7’s luxuriousness, there’s no overlooking its more spacious third row.

3. Not Rugged Like a Truck-Based SUV

Most Q7 owners will stick to driving on the street. However, some people may occasionally use their Q7 for off-roading. While this crossover can handle a muddy adventure, some terrain will be a bit too challenging. If you need a serious off-road machine, consider getting a truck-based SUV. Audi does not offer the Q7 with rugged upgrades like trail-tuned shock absorbers and heavy-duty undercarriage protection.

4. More Expensive Than Before

Prices for the 2020 Audi Q7 have jumped by around $850. While this shouldn’t be a major factor for most people, it’s definitely something to keep in mind. The upper trims can get really expensive. Because of the costly upgrades, some buyers will be forced to stick with the entry-level Premium model.

5. Short Powertrain Warranty

Some of the Audi Q7’s competitors provide a longer powertrain warranty. Audi covers the SUV’s engine and transmission for 4 years/50,000 miles. After the warranty expires, drivers will have to pay for any powertrain repairs. Rivals, like the Acura MDX, boast a 70,000-mile powertrain warranty.

How It Stacks Up Against the Competition

2020 BMW X5

The 2020 BMW X5 is another great option. Drivers applaud the X5 for its sporty performance. However, its optional third-row seat provides even less legroom. Furthermore, BMW charges extra for its xDrive AWD system. Remember, every Q7 receives Audi’s Quattro AWD package.

2020 Volvo XC90

Many people love the Volvo XC90 for its spaciousness and cutting-edge safety technologies. However, all-wheel drive isn’t a standard feature. Some users also may favor Audi’s new MMI infotainment system. In the eyes of some people, Volvo’s Sensus interface is a bit more complicated to use. While the XC90 offers an engine upgrade, its standard engine only develops 250 horsepower.

2020 Acura MDX

In the world of premium luxury crossovers, the 2020 Acura MDX ranks among the top values. However, it does not offer as many high-tech goodies as the new Audi Q7. While the MDX’s standard powertrain is potent enough for most people, expect the Q7 to offer more performance. You can also use the Q7 to tow up to 7,700 pounds, which outclasses the MDX’s 5,000-pound towing capacity.

A few big interior and exterior updates have transformed the new Audi Q7 into an even better vehicle. While its new engine sacrifices a bit of fuel economy, it’s a small price to pay for such a strong performance. If you’re concerned about this SUV’s higher cost, choose the less expensive Premium trim. You’ll still receive the biggest luxury features. If you can afford them, opt for the Q7's upgraded safety features.

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