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2021 Audi A4 Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2021 Audi A4?
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Are You Considering a 2021 Audi A4? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

With the Audi A4, luxury and performance meet technology in an exciting ride. Offering advanced cutting-edge features to keep drivers entertained, connected and secure on their journey - this well-crafted sports sedan is certainly one for the books! Feel that adrenaline rush as you take off with enviable speed and responsiveness.

What's New for 2021?

For 2021, Audi has made a focused effort towards ensuring that every model of the A4 stands out amongst its competition. With a mild hybrid system for all vehicles providing an extra 12 volts to give horsepower and torque boosts, as well as standard All Wheel Drive across all trims – drivers will experience something special behind the wheel. Other features include wireless Apple CarPlay integration on each trim level, 360-degree camera views with Premium Plus trim levels along with heated rear seats in Prestige models - while additional safety measures such as lane departure warning & transponder support are included too!

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2021 Audi A4 – The Pros

1. Quick to Accelerate

For speed demons looking to leave their mark on the open road, there’s no better companion than an Audi A4. Zip from zero-to sixty in as little as 6 seconds with a 40 TFSI model and hit warp drive at ludicrous speed when you opt for its 45 TFSI counterpart – whatever your destination might be, this ride promises plenty of unforgettable thrills along the way.

2. Not Too Expensive

The Audi A4 offers unparalleled luxury at an accessible price point. At less than $40,000 for the base model and a mere touch more for higher trims, this sedan is making dreams become reality – giving the chance to drive an Audi within reach of many customers who would otherwise only dream of owning one. Comparable in cost to Toyota and Honda's high-end sedans, it could be ideal choice for those seeking luxurious automotive experiences.

3. Looks Fast and Athletic

This Audi has an unmistakable athletic silhouette, with its low-to-the-ground profile and smooth lines. The angular headlights hint at the power beneath the hood while eye catching special five double spoke wheels or bi color finish create a truly unique exterior look. To complete this sleek design, dual exhaust outlets enhance both form and function in the back of this stylish ride.

4. A Range of Options

Audi drivers can now choose from six distinct options for the 2021 A4. Three trims - Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige - are available to suit any budget or lifestyle. For added performance potential, customers may opt for one of two turbocharged engine versions; The 40 TFSI is standard but those seeking extra power should check out the 45 TFSI models – guaranteed to exceed expectations!

5. Lots of Technology

The Audi A4 brings modern driving to the next level. Through its virtual cockpit, drivers can view important vehicle data and navigate accurately with a detailed map on the 10.1-inch center screen display. The MMI touch technology makes accessing crucial info from your smartphone an effortless experience - whether you prefer voice commands, physical buttons or touchscreen controls!

6. Many Available Packages

With the new 2021 Convenience Package, you can elevate your Audi A4 Premium with added features such as SiriusXM All Access service, enhanced security and driver-assist technologies. Upgrade to Premium Plus for navigation capabilities and superior sound quality from a 19-speaker Bang & Olufsen system - or take it up another notch with Prestige trim that offers even more luxury amenities including an optional sport suspension package for improved ride comfort.

7. Standard All-Wheel Drive

Audi aims to conquer any road, weather condition or terrain with its impressive move of making all-wheel drive standard on the A4. No matter where you're headed - a quick jaunt around town, an exciting mountain getaway or something in between – drivers can trust this sports sedan for unparalleled control and handling performance. Rapid acceleration is effortless; tackling corners aggressively is no sweat; conquering rougher roads has never been more manageable! The driving experience just got that much better with the introduction of all-wheel drive as part of the A4 package.

8. Ready to Take Action

The Audi A4 offers cutting-edge driver assistance technologies to deliver stress and worry free driving experiences. With an array of detection systems, from Pre Sense that warns the driver when approaching a pedestrian or vehicle too quickly, to Adaptive Cruise Control lets you set preferred distances on highways with auto speed adjustments according your settings; Parking Assist steering itself into tight spaces accurately - this car has it all covered! Plus add in warnings ensuring vehicles remain centered in their lanes as well detecting cars crossing behind them even blind spots – The Audi ensures safety is at its maximum level for everyone's peace of mind.

9. High-End Amenities

Step into the cabin of this car and you'll feel like you're entering a lavish living room. You can choose from timeless, sophisticated color schemes that are complemented by wood inlays on both doors and dashboard. For maximum comfort, leather seats made to be soft yet durable for long-lasting quality adorn each row; generous legroom ensures all passengers have plenty of space at 41.3 inches up front or 35.7 inches in back for extra convenience during every ride along your journey.

10. Animated Lights

The A4 is a car that adds intrigue to the roads. Its animated headlights and taillights make an undeniable impression on anyone passing by, ensuring they'll take notice when it's time for a turn. It may be small details like this one that help sell these sporty cars - after all, sometimes it really is the little things!

Reasons You May Not Like the 2021 Audi A4 – The Cons

1. No Manual Transmission

Despite being a powerful and sporty sedan, the Audi A4 disappoints many prospective buyers in an essential area - manual driving. While there are other options on the market that give drivers access to greater control with stick shifts, this isn't available for those eyeing up this particular model; meaning lovers of shifting gears will have no choice but to look elsewhere despite its attractive list of features.

2. Expensive to Upgrade

Something working in the Audi A4's favor is its relatively affordable starting price. On the flip side, the higher trims of this model can be considered expensive. Both the Prestige 40 TFSI and the 45 TFSI cost almost $50,000. This can be hard for many to afford.

Remember that the available packages were previously mentioned as being benefits to owning the A4. When those packages were being described, pricing was left out. In the spirit of full disclosure, it's noted here that the Convenience Package costs $1,800, the Navigation Package costs $1,500, and the Warm Weather Package costs $1,300.

3. Small Storage Areas

The trunk of this Audi model has a volume of about 12 cubic feet. This isn't large by any stretch of the imagination. What does offset this small storage space is the fact that the rear seats can fold down. In fact, they can each be folded down independently since the rear seat has a 40/20/40 configuration. There can be some flexibility in terms of carrying passengers plus long pieces of cargo.

How it Stacks Up to the Competition:

2021 Audi A4 vs 2021 BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series takes style and sophistication to a new level - but it comes at extra cost. While the Audi is slightly more affordable, those looking for all-wheel drive will want to ante up an additional two thousand dollars in order to get this feature included on their BMW model.

2021 Audi A4 vs 2021 Volvo S60

For the youthful driver seeking a car with more substance than style, look no further than the Audi A4. With an attractive price tag and added advantages like greater backseat space and fuel economy over its rival -the Volvo S60- you're sure to get plenty of bang for your buck. While investing in either luxury vehicle can be costly, splurging on an A4 will provide some extra luxuries that won't break the bank.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking to make a statement on the roads without sacrificing your bank account? Audi's A4 might be just what you need! This awe-inspiring model offers all of the features and performance associated with luxury cars, while remaining accessible in terms of price. Plus, it handles beautifully and will surely turn heads as soon as it hits the streets - no budget restrictions necessary. So don't wait any longer; discover why an A4 could be perfect for both your wallet and lifestyle today.

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