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2021 Audi Q5 Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2021 Audi Q5?
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Are You Considering a 2021 Audi Q5? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The newly upgraded Audi Q5 is a sight to behold. With its elegant design, high-end materials, and advanced technology capabilities this luxury SUV/crossover hybrid has really stepped up its game. From the environmentally conscious consumer looking for lower emissions to those desiring an alluring ride with plenty of power under the hood - the 2021 Audi Q5 provides it in spades.

What's New for 2021?

For 2021, Audi has refreshed a few exterior features on the Q5. The grille and bumpers have been updated, as have the lights in the front and back of the SUV. Likewise, the interior has been spruced up a bit in terms of style and functionality. All trims now have wireless charging, multiple driver-assist technologies, and several monitoring systems. Perhaps the most significant change is that the engines have gotten some boosts. The standard engine now benefits from having a mild hybrid system built into it, and the hybrid powertrain has slightly more power for the 2021 model year.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2021 Audi Q5 – The Pros

1. Select from Two Outstanding Engines

Audience members, get ready for the ultimate combination of power and performance: Audi's 2021 Q5 TFSI models come with turbocharged two-liter engines that produce over 260 horsepower in addition to 270 pound-feet of torque - making them incredibly quick off the line. But if you're looking for an even more thrilling ride, upgrade to one of their 55 TFSI versions which feature not just a standard engine but also electric motors resulting in 360+ horses under your command plus nearly 370 lb.-ft. peak torque! Plus they boast plug-in hybrid technology meaning you can hit 60 mph speeds within five seconds flat; giving it a whole new take on “acceleration” go ahead - put pedal to metal and experience true driving thrills at its finest.

2. Adventures Await

In an Audi Q5, quattro all-wheel drive is standard equipment. This gives the SUV flexibility to go out no matter the weather conditions. Audi's all-wheel-drive system is high quality and ready to make adjustments when necessary; when traction loss is detected, power can be sent directly to wheels with better grip on the road.

3. Feels Like a Sports Car

The exterior styling of the Lexus IS F-Type lends it an athletic vibe that we know you'll enjoy for years to come.

In many ways, the Audi Q5 seems perfect for racing. It's agile and responsive to control, with a premium suspension system that ensures stability at high speeds. Audi has coupled its engine with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission - common among high-end vehicles that prioritize performance. These types of transmissions make driving much more enjoyable!

4. Generous Seating Area

The Q5 is the perfect pick for those needing room to roam. With a generous 41 inches of legroom in the front row and nearly 38 inches behind it, passengers will enjoy an interior space that comfortably accommodates all – be it busy families or friends being chauffeured from place to place – no matter how long they're on board.

5. Plenty of Cargo Room

Behind the seating, there's an area designated for cargo. It boasts a volume of over 25 cubic feet - impressive! If larger items need to be transported, rear seatbacks can be folded down for additional capacity of over 53 cubic feet. Plus, due to their 40/20/40 split design, each seatback can be folded independently so you don't have to deal with multiple people when transporting larger objects like skis or snowboards simultaneously! Roof rails also provide added security when transporting bulkier items through them.

6. Luxurious Style

From any angle, the Audi Q5 looks great. It has a wide stance, narrow headlights, and a prominent front grille. Roof rails and a spoiler on the tailgate add to the style in addition to being functional. 18-, 19-, or 20-inch wheels are available, and many of them have unique designs to catch people's eyes. The available illumination feature on the LED headlights and LED taillights is kind of like a cool magic trick that has a big wow factor.

7. No Problem with Towing

The 2021 Audi Q5 can tow almost 4,500 pounds when properly equipped. This may surprise some who view the Audi as a luxury model that lacks toughness like other SUVs do, but being able to tow this much weight gives people more freedom when taking equipment or gear with them wherever life takes them.

8. Sophisticated Seating

Leather seats come standard on the new Q5, giving the cabin a refined aesthetic. Front seats are power operated with lumbar support and heated, while higher trims may add sport design ventilation in addition to heating. Moreover, back seats can even be heated so more people can take advantage of its warmth.

9. Enjoy Plenty of Extras Available

On certain trims, some features can make a real difference. For instance, the power panoramic sunroof is expansive and lets in plenty of light; additionally, the available power-adjustable steering column has memory function for added convenience; ambient lighting has become increasingly commonplace in cars today; the Q5 goes one step further with optional interior LEDs that program themselves according to your preferences.

10. So Much Technology

Audi's Q5 SUV is the perfect companion for navigating life with ease. An advanced infotainment system and virtual cockpit featuring 10.1 inches of touchscreen responsiveness are equipped to support your every move, even if that includes accepting voice commands! Moreover, feel secure on roads knowing you have multiple preventative features such as sensors which send out warnings when needed or active brakes during certain circumstances-- all combining to create a futuristic driving experience like no other. Park Assist takes it one step further by providing 360-degree view capabilities so attendees can confidently pull in and out of tight spots without any hassle - this tech makes parking practically effortless too since cars can park themselves upon request.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2021 Audi Q5 – The Cons

1. It's Not Cheap

Audi's Q5 takes luxury to a whole new level, indulging drivers with trims starting at an impressive $43K and reaching upwards of $62K. The ultimate Prestige package elevates the driving experience to its peak expression - offering top-of-line specs that delight even the most discerning motorist.

2. Plug-Ins Might Not Be Appealing

For those looking to make the switch from traditional vehicles to hybrids, plug-in models can be a great choice. Despite their name and potential unfamiliarity with many consumers, they are not much different than regular Hybrid cars when it comes down to performance - still needing gasoline for power but also providing an additional charging option. This flexibility allows drivers of Plug-ins the convenience of filling up at home or on the way by utilizing public charging stations across major cities!

3. Sloped Roof

The Audi Q5 might be considered an SUV by some and a crossover by others. The rear part of its roof line slopes down rather than being more upright like more traditional SUVs. Some buyers could find this type of roofline not as preferable as the alternative, and it somewhat limits the cargo capacity. When people are trying to pack in pieces of furniture or sports gear into the back, every inch can matter.

How it Stacks Up to the Competition:


2021 Audi Q5 vs 2021 BMW X3

BMW makes a number of sporty SUVs, and its X3 is comparable in size to Audi's Q5. The X3 comes with more than one engine like the Q5 does, but its base engine isn't as powerful as the Q5s. Further, the Audi has more second-row leg room than the BMW does. Adults would probably be happier to hop in the back seat of an Audi rather than squeeze themselves into an X3.

2021 Audi Q5 vs 2021 Acura RDX

With the 2021 Audi Q5 and Acura RDX, power is an important deciding factor. The 45 TFSI models of the Q5 don't quite have as much horsepower compared to that of its rival - but step up a notch with 55 TFSI options and you'll be able to beat out even the mightiest engines from other manufacturers! Additionally, buyers interested in hybrid technology may want to consider going for those four rings emblem on their hood: no such offering exists yet within RDX's engine lineup. However classy it appears though; this SUV still doesn't offer quite what sets apart true German engineering; namely individualized design elements seen on select higher-spec trims of Audi’s model.


Treat yourself to a luxurious driving experience with the all-new Q5 SUV. Enjoy its agile handling, rapid acceleration and responsive cornering ability - plus two rows of comfortable seating and plenty of space for your cargo. The model also comes in 45 and 55 TFSI options with the latter offering increased efficiency through plug-in hybrid technology that solidly delivers on performance without sacrificing power or cost savings.

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