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2014 BMW 3-Series Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Buy a 2014 BMW 3-Series

The Top 10 Reasons Why You May want to Buy a 2014 BMW 3-Series:

The 2014 BMW 3-Series is an entry level car in the luxury automobile segment. BMW has made a significant number of changes to all its 2014 BMW 3-Series luxury vehicles. The 2014 BMW 3-Series comes in 4 different categories – sedans, active hybrids, sports wagons and hatchbacks. There are 8 different sedan models, a single active hybrid model, 2 sports wagon models and 2 hatchback models available as part of the 2014 BMW 3-Series. The hatchbacks are marketed as Gran Turismos.

What is New for 2014?

• A brand new 180 horsepower 4-cylinder engine for all 2014 3-Series models.
• The sports wagon models are re-redesigned and presented as all-wheel drive only.
• The sedan models are available as either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.
• The rear-wheel drive diesel sedans claim an average of 37 mpg combined rating.
• The all-wheel drive sports wagons claim an average of 35 mpg combined rating.
• All models come with improved interiors and enhanced safety features.

Ten Reasons to Buy a 2014 BMW 3-Series

1. High Performance
The number one reason for owning a 2014 BMW 3-Series is its performance. The driving experience is vastly different for all 2014 BMW 3-Series models. A new 4-cylider engine powers the 3-series models. The vehicles in the 2014 BMW 3-Series continue to offer the same performance standards that have defined BMW luxury models for decades. The dynamic stability and traction controls offer the best possible driving experience. BMW offers 4 driving modes – Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Eco Pro.

2. Fuel Efficiency
The 2014 BMW 3-Series models offer the best possible fuel efficiency among luxury car manufacturers. These models average between a combined 24 mpg to 37 mpg on cities and highways. Customers looking for luxury and fuel efficiency cannot go wrong with the 3-Series models. If you are looking for a hybrid version, the 3-series active hybrid model is your answer.

3. Availability of Models
BMW offers a wide choice ranging from sedans and sports wagons to hybrids and hatchbacks. BMW also allows customers to design their own versions of these models. The ability to customize and build your own model allows customers to personalize the BMW experience.

4. BMW Connected Drive
The 2014 BMW 3-Series models offer the BMW ConnectedDrive, an innovative set of features to help the driver connect with the car and the outside world. The BWM assist e-call feature connects with a specialist 24/7 in case of an emergency. BMW provides the intelligent maintenance system, which constantly monitors your vehicle and notifies your preferred BMW service center about potential service needs. The BMW Online feature provides access to news, stock quotes and gas prices with the help of a text-to-speech function. A navigation system is also available on all models.

5. Technology
You can access social networks and on-demand music via BMW apps. You can also access Internet radio stations from all over the world. You can reach BMW customer service, and request assistance if you are locked out. A remote app allows you to lock the car from your smart phone. The 3-series models come with an advanced real time traffic information system, which provides access to real time traffic data. You can transmit text messages and emails from your smart phone to your car’s control screen.

6. Driver Assistance Features
The 2014 BMW 3-Series models provide several features to assist the driver. The Parking Assistant helps you find a nearby parking lot no more than 5 feet away from your vehicle. It also helps you to park your car in the selected parking spot. The Lane Departure Warning system will warn you if your car moves into another lane without flashing the indicator lights. BMW also assists with capturing speed limits posted on highways, and displaying it to the driver.

7. Safety Features
The 2014 BMW 3-Series models offer the highest standards in ensuring driver and passenger safety. The 3-series models come with impact absorbing bumpers to minimize the impact from collisions and potential repairs. The tire pressure monitor alerts the driver when the tire pressure is low. The tires are equipped to ride to the nearest service center, even with a flat-tire. The BMW passenger restraint system offers maximum protection to the driver and all passengers inside. BWM models are equipped with eight air bags. The front airbags, front knee airbags and the head protection system offer maximum safety to the front row passengers.

8. Pricing
All 2014 BMW 3-Series models are priced reasonably for both new and existing customers. For new customers planning to upgrade to a luxury car, the prices are affordable starting at just above $30,000.00. The prices are comparable to models from other luxury automakers.

9. Brand Value
It is hard to match the brand recognition offered by a BMW. BMW’s luxury sedans, wagons and hatchbacks command the most respect on and off the road. These cars are built for perfection and offer the best brand value among luxury manufacturers.

10. Rider Comfort
The rider comfort offered by the 2014 BMW 3-Series models is second to none. These models feature coat hangers, 12-volt outlets, automatic climate control, spacious seating, armrests, cup holders, power windows and adjustable cargo area. The Leather upholstery is a standard feature in all the wagon models.

Reasons you may not want to buy a 2014 BMW 3-Series

Most customers have a tough time finding reasons to buy another luxury car, after test-driving a 2014 BMW 3-Series model. You might want to consider the following while comparing the models from different manufactures.

• Fuel economy offered by the hybrid model is not substantial compared to regular models.
• The interior is built using cheaper materials compared to other luxury car manufacturers.
• Learning curve may be too high for some drivers to master all features in this technology marvel.

You can rarely go wrong with the purchase of a 2014 BMW 3-Series model. These cars offer the best fuel efficiency, brand value, safety options and comfort among similar luxury car manufactures.