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2015 BMW X3 Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2015 BMW X3?
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Are You Considering a 2015 BMW X3? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

Luxury class automobiles have reached a new class of perfection with the unveiling of 2015’s BMW X3. This vehicle boasts phenomenal specs that top its entire field of competition. With many shiny trump cards built into its core, this car dominates the road for aficionados everywhere. The benefits of owning one of these glamorously exotic cars are endless. This overview condenses the eleven most convincing reasons for people to purchase one of these stunning models.

11 Persuasive Reasons to Purchase a BMW X3 - The Pros

1. Aesthetic Perfection

Those who own a 2015 BMW X3 ascend to a new zenith of style. This design cleverly merges the swift slickness of their sports car models with a conveniently covert hatchback integrated in the rear. First impressions of this gorgeous vehicle are always in the awestruck category. Every detail is refined to show off elevated class complete with pomp and glitz. Overall, it is a sparkling tour de force.

2. Brand Recognition

People prefer BMW because these three letters represent significant austerity. Their prestigious brand emblem truly represents top-class amenities. Buying a BMW X3 goes far beyond purchasing a car; in fact, the act indicates a newfound affiliation with preeminent grandeur.

3. Ultimate Turbo-Charged Engine

There are several tiers of engines available for prospective BMW X3 owners, but all of them are profoundly powerful. The most spruced up version is the xDrive35i. This 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine is equipped to deliver insanely advanced performance values at 300 horsepower. Other models include the sDrive28i and xDrive28i; both of these operate with 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine. The total output for these two ranges at 240 horsepower. Finally, the xDrive28d generates 180 horsepower from a turbo-diesel engine that is also 2.0 liter four-cylinder. All of these measurements are respectably formidable and respectively exceptional per class.

4. Brilliant Power Steering

Divine feedback is the central focus of the BMW X3’s extremely capable power steering module. The vehicle features a lively response mechanism that makes it astonishingly nimble. Optional suspension upgrades deliver devilishly quick turns. Every aspect of the body accentuates an aerodynamic appeal that makes sharp swivels a possibility. This compact crossover covers every base in regard to power-train precision.

5. Superior Fuel Economy

The average estimates for the standard model 21 miles per gallon for city driving. These projections extend to 28 miles per gallon during highway excursions. According to experts in the automobile industry, these figures represent the epitome of current cars on the market, especially within identical classes.

6. Upscale Upholstery

The seating is a wonderful feat that is worthy of indulgence. Leatherette grants serious decadence for riders on the inside of a BMW X3. The magnificent fabric is beautiful and guilt-free. It creates a uniquely inviting ambiance, and all seats are given an automatic heating treatment for maximum warmth on the road. This makes the car massively advantageous for colder climates and regions with unpredictable weather.

7. Quality Dashboard Features

Technological advancements are readily showcased in the driver’s central hub. USB compatibility is provided alongside crystalline satellite radio and cutting-edge Bluetooth. iDrive comes with an intuitive infotainment function that streamlines navigation and eliminates the learner’s curve. All audio functions are easily accessible, and the same simplicity applies to climate controls. The electronic operations are straightforward and concise.

8. Cool Add-Ons

The options are unbelievably high tech. One of the most popular features comes in the form of surround sound by Harman Kardon. A fully 3D camera system can also be installed at a nominal fee. The panoramic moon roof is probably the most stellar upgrade in terms of style and functionality. They also have one of the best head-up displays ever made.

9. Excellent Safety Accommodations

All BMW buyers are given a free subscription to BMW Assist eCall, which will report accidents in real-time. Five airbags are included in the design to protect drivers and passengers in case of collisions. Advanced Electronic Stability Control combines with Lane Departure Warning to maintain alert awareness at all times while driving. There are several beneficial Brake Assist functions, and Child Safety Locks are a standard inclusion. Blind spot monitoring is a nice extra too.

10. Ample Cargo Room

A total of 27.6 cubic feet is available in the X3’s back when seats are in a usable position. With rear seats are folded down, the amount of room increases to a welcome total of 63.3 feet. This lands the 2015 model right within the high end of mid-size luxury car ranges. It maintains is highly compact demeanor while offering an impressive storage area.

11. Extreme Acceleration

The car boosts immediately from a stop without any inkling of delay. This car possesses incredibly reliable gumption. Revving is an immensely satisfying experience, and the charge is unprecedentedly rewarding. There is never a moment of waiting with the X3. It reacts within microseconds.

A Few Reasons Not To Buy the BMW X3 - The Cons

1. Price

With all of the aforementioned features loaded into one nice package, there will be some hefty expectations in terms of cost. These cars are in the upper end of their demographic, which is already significantly high-class. For those with meager resources, these vehicles may be difficult to attain; however, they are definitely the best bet when cash is not a factor.

2. Irregular Spacing

The car itself is nearly perfect, but even the best cars receive some complaints. Mainly, the interior room is sectioned in a strangely blocky format. The peculiar cubic compartmentalization limits the functional cargo space. Furthermore, the backseats fail to completely fold down. This creates an unavoidable bump that may inhibit some loading capabilities.

3. Other Options

The market is currently flooded with countless alternatives. Making a final decision too soon can prevent the actualization of one’s dream ride. It is wise to wait until everything seems perfect, but the BMW X3 comes pretty darn close.

Final Note:

At the bottom line, no other vehicle can compare with the well-rounded offerings of a BMW X3. With matters of personal preference cast aside, it is the reigning champion of luxury vehicles.