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2016 BMW 2 Series Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2016 BMW 2 Series?
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Are You Considering a 2016 BMW 2 Series? Here are the Pros and Cons

The 2016 BMW 2 Series is a luxury sport compact car. It is available in a coupe or a convertible. Customers can choose from three different trims. The 2 Series is available in the 228i, M235i, and M2 trims. The 228i has a turbocharged 2L 4-cylinder engine. The M2 and the M235i feature a turbocharged 3.0 L six-cylinder engine. Several types of transmissions are available, including a six-speed manual, an eight-speed automatic, and even a seven-speed dual clutch automatic.

Changes for 2016

The BMW 2-Series was a new model for 2014, so little has changed. The Coupe has not changed at all for 2016. The convertible offers more standard equipment this year. It also comes with the option of all-wheel drive. The 2016 convertible comes standard with upgraded seats and interior and an anti-theft alarm system.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2016 BMW 2 Series – The Pros

Overall Sportiness and Performance

The 2016 BMW 2 Series is sportier than most of its competitors. It features a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that offers outstanding power. (The turbocharged six-cylinder engine available on the M235i offers more power.) Customers can choose from either an eight-speed automatic or a six-speed manual transmission on either trim.

Fun to Drive

The BMW 2 Series offers excellent performance and superb handling. It is fun to drive, handling tight corners with hardly any body lean. The 2 Series offers good road responsiveness and feedback thanks to its precise steering. The automatic transmission responds quickly to commands. (This makes it easy to pass traffic and maneuver in and out of lanes.)

Sleek, Smooth Exterior Design

The exterior of the 2016 BMW 2 Series is sleek and smooth. The 2 Series BMW is well-proportioned. The vents, angles, and curves come together well. The mixture of a long hood, arched roof, and small tail give it perfect sports car proportions.

Well-Designed Interior

A surprisingly spacious interior makes the BMW 2 Series comfortable, especially for the driver. The interior has a sleek, contemporary look and features high-quality materials. There is ample room for the driver, with an adjustable steering wheel and seat. On the convertible, the top rises and lowers very quickly, in just 20 seconds. It can also be raised or lowered at speeds of up to 30 mph. The rear seat folds up to create a space that will allow longer items like skis to be taken along.

Controls are Easy to Access

The 2016 BMW 2 Series features a cabin that is oriented towards the driver. The controls and instruments are intuitive and oriented for easy access. The infotainment system is responsive and easy to use.

Excellent Technology Options

The optional technology package features navigation and extended digital display.Stolen-vehicle tracking and remote unlock are an option, as well. The navigation system features Google search and other onboard apps.

With the Driver Assistance Package, a backup camera and parking sensors are included. The Driver Assistance Plus package includes auto-braking, forward collision alerts, and pedestrian detection. Other features include automatic high beams, speed limit information, and lane-departure warning.

The auto-parking option features automatic parallel parking, although it is less accurate than a human. The Cold Weather package heats both the steering wheel and the front seats.

Optional All Wheel Drive

The 2016 BMW 2 Series features rear-wheel drive standard for those drivers that prefer quick acceleration and take off. An all-wheel drive is available and offers excellent traction and stability.

Good Fuel Economy

The BMW 2 Series has an estimated MPG of 23 in the city and 35 MPG on the highway. This is pretty good fuel economy estimates for its class.

Excellent Safety Ratings

The 2016 BMW 2 Series coupe earned a 2016 Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It sailed through all of the crash tests with the best ratings. This is an achievement that many of its competitors cannot match. The BMW 2 Series offers an advanced safety system that features integrated deployment of active and passive safety features. Some of the safety features include front and rear head protection system, electronic stability control, and rollover protection.

Good Braking

The BMW 2 Series has top-notch braking. The brakes hold the car in place when taking off on hills. Also, they automatically dry the discs when it is raining.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2016 BMW 2 Series – The Cons

Tight Back Seat

The 2016 BMW 2 Series back seats are incredibly cramped. The front seats are comfortable and roomy, but the back seats do not have ample space for adults. This is a definite disadvantage for whenever there are more than two adult passengers.

No Sedan Body Style

The BMW 2 Series is only offered in Coupe and Convertible body styles. Some of the competitors, including Mercedes Benz C Class offer a sedan body style.

The 2016 BMW 2 Series Compared to the Competition

Compared to the 2015 Lexus RC and the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the BMW 2 Series offers top performance. Its driving performance outclasses the competition. It is sportier than either of its competitors. The BMW 2 Series also beats on the Mercedes Benz C Class in overall safety. The 2 Series is offered in a convertible style. Neither of these competitors offers a convertible body style.


The 2016 BMW 2 Series offers sporty looks and performance. It comes with a great powertrain, luxurious cabin, and economical fuel mileage. The BMW 2 Series provides occupants with excellent safety, having earned top marks for safety from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.