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2019 BMW 3-Series Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2019 BMW 3-Series?
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James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2019 BMW 3-Series? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

One of the most talked-about cars this year is the 2019 BMW 3-Series. Since this sports sedan made its original debut back in 1975, the 3-Series has been a fan favorite for BMW drivers. Those who have already driven the revamped 3-Series claim that it is a car that has been worth the wait. The all-new generation features more powerful engine options and redesigned shocks that aid in creating a sportier performance for the 3-Series, which has been lost in the middle of the pack for quite a few years. It seems, however, that 2019 is the 3-Series' time to shine.

What's New for 2019?

Quite a few changes have been made to this year's 3-Series. The new 2019 BMW 3-Series gets a 2.0-L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine for the 330i models, which is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Low gears have been shortened in order to create a more nimble driving performance, and the higher gears have been made taller so as to be more efficient. The turbocharged 2.0-L engine option has more horsepower than before, and the shocks have been revised.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2019 BMW 3-Series – The Pros

1. A Sportier Exterior

BMW is not exactly known for making serious changes to their vehicles, inside or out. For the 2019 BMW 3-Series, the manufacturer has changed its tune. The exterior looks a lot sportier than it used to with its new connected double kidney grilles. The headlights are encased in bulkier frames and have a more aggressive shaping to them. The rear fascia has also been redone with taillights that embrace the L-shaped curvature design that is becoming popular in sportier vehicles. Also, the body has been slightly enlarged for the seventh generation.

2. Precise and Sporty Handling Capabilities

Handling has never been sportier on the 3-Series, even though it has typically been one of this vehicle's biggest strengths. The all-new 3-Series reminds you that you are driving a sporty sedan that just happens to look like a luxury model. You can push the vehicle as hard as you want, and its performance will only get more refined. If you opt for the M Sport's lowered suspension, you can enjoy an even zippier performance without it impinging on the ride quality.

3. Offers Good Fuel Efficiency

As far as sport sedans go, fuel efficiency is not usually a determining factor in why someone buys a vehicle. However, drivers should take note that the 2019 BMW 3-Series offers a decent fuel economy for a vehicle in this segment. The 3-Series is rated for up to 23 mpg in the city and up to 33 mpg on the highway. While this is not a best-in-class figure, for the boost in performance you get from the revised powertrain options, it is a pretty fair trade-off.

4. Outstanding Acceleration

Acceleration on the BMW 3-Series has always been remarkably nimble. Although the base engine has a slower acceleration due to its lower hp, it still has plenty of get-up-and-go power. In fact, any vehicle trim in the line-up can get going pretty quickly. the 330i gets from 0 to 60 mph in about 5.5 seconds, and the 340i xDrive can make it there in just about a second less, which is extremely impressive for this class. IN other words, you can't go wrong with whichever trim you buy if you're looking for speed.

5. Confident Steering Abilities

Steering on the 2019 BMW 3-Series has been improved over what you got on previous years' models. The steering now takes on a more natural feel, and the amount of feedback from the wheel to the driver feels quite appropriate. There is a strong sense of accuracy as to how the wheels are tracking on even the most difficult road surface. Drivers should feel confident behind the wheel of the 3-Series with this level of refinement in steering.

6. Smooth and Reliable Braking

Braking on the BMW 3-Series feels equally as natural as the vehicle's handling and steering. There is nothing punchy or unpredictable about how the brakes will perform. Applying pressure feels secure, and the vehicle is able to come to an emergency stop from 60 mph in about 113 to 118 feet depending on which trim level you are driving and which tires you have equipped. You will be hard-pressed to find another sport sedan that is capable of reaching this short of a stopping distance.

7. The Utmost in Interior Comfort

BMW strives to provide plenty of lush creature comforts in its vehicles, and this can certainly be seen in the 2019 BMW 3-Series. The layout of the interior is riddled with comfortable and well-bolstered seats, chic upholstery that is finely stitched, and sensibly-placed controls. The interior truly speaks to luxury and upholds BMW's high-quality standards.

8. A Spacious Interior

Not only is the cabin beautiful to look at, but there is plenty of space. Leg, shoulder, hip, and head room can be found in abundance from any seat. Even taller passengers can fit comfortably into the rear seat thanks to the vehicle's spacious design, which BMW optimized for the year by widening the frame and extending the wheelbase.

9. Features Are User-friendly and Efficient

High-tech gadgetry can be found in abundance, but using it isn't difficult. Controls are all intuitively placed, and those fund on the touchscreen display are clearly marked and easy to follow. Graphic quality is crystal clear, and the processing speed is rapid. The focus is certainly on efficiency when it comes to the controls.

10. Child Safety Seats Are Easy to Install

Child safety seats are simple to install in the 2019 BMW 3-Series and can be put into any of the three rear seat areas. The lower LATCH anchors can be quickly accessed, as can the tether mounts. Since the rear seat is spacious, parents should have no issues with fitting rear-facing child seats into the vehicle.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2019 BMW 3-Series – The Cons

1. The Manual Transmission Option is Gone From the US Line-up

Sadly, there will be no more manual transmission options for drivers living in the United States. BMW seems to have finally followed other automakers in removing manual options from their line-ups, although, to their credit, BMW held out longer than most. Consumer demand seems to be the cause for this change, so most drivers will not mind the loss of the manual. However, it is a sad loss for those who crave that extra bit of power.

2. The Automatic Transmission Does Not Hold Gears

One of the more distracting and annoying elements of the new 3-Series is that the automatic transmission does not seem to hold gears well when you get sporty with your driving. The 8-speed automatic struggles while searching for gears, and it quite frankly just does not have the refinement that the now-gone manual transmission had, making the manual's omission from this year's line-up even more glaring and troublesome.

3. Not Much Small Storage Space

For being a luxury vehicle, you might expect to find more small item storage space scattered appropriately throughout the 2019 BMW 3-Series, but this just is not the case. While there are enough cup holders and good-sized storage bins on the front doors, everything else seems a bit lacking. Passengers will have to find other ways to store their cell phones and tablets while on the road.

4. Cargo Space is Limited

Cargo space has been improved over the outgoing 2018 model's max of 53 cubic feet on the wagon, but only slightly. This year, the 3-Series has a range of 17.48 to 18.4 square feet of cargo space with the rear seats in place. When taken down, these numbers max out at 52.97 to 56.5 cubic feet of cargo space. These aren't best-in-class figures, but at least they are improvements over last year's line-up.

How it stacks up to the competition:

2019 BMW 3-Series vs. 2019 Audi A4

A huge competitor for the 2019 BMW 3-Series will be the 2019 Audi A4. The A4 has, for quite some time, been the 3-Series' biggest rival. Its ride quality and driving performance are akin to what you get on the 3-Series, although its steering is not quite as refined as the 3-Series. The A4 definitely has the advantage in terms of small item storage space and also has an inventively designed cargo area.

2019 BMW 3-Series vs. 2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class is another strong competitor against the 2019 BMW 3-Series. The C-Class has received some upgrades for the model year, making it a bit more powerful than it was before. It has also added a lot of safety features to the standard packing. Still, its driving performance is not quite as pristine as that of the 3-Series, and the infotainment system is not as user-friendly.


Despite the loss of the manual transmission option, the 2019 BMW 3-Series features a lot of exciting changes. With more space and more power than ever before, the 3-Series should be a top contender in its segment this model year. It will be incredibly difficult for drivers to find a sedan that is sportier and more luxurious than the 3-Series, so this vehicle is best kept at the top of the to-be-test-driven list for those looking to buy a new sport sedan.

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