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2020 BMW X2 Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

What do you get with each? Find out below..
2020 BMW X2 Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: SDrive28i vs xDrive28i & M35i

What 2020 BMW X2 Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

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BMW. These three letters produce different thoughts to drivers. Perhaps it’s in the form of European luxury. It could be thoughts of performance as they cruise around the mountain roads of Germany. It might even be a mental note to reach a goal to purchase a BMW.

In any situation, owning a BMW is not like owning another car. Hand-crafting goes into many of its internal and exterior design features. Its performance is hard to surpass by both European and U.S. manufacturers. Furthermore, it knows it's place in the automobile world. This may be the reason why it refers to their vehicles by a simple letter and number instead of a name.

One of the more recent additions to the BMW family is the BMW X2. Released during the 2018 model year, the luxury subcompact SUV hasn't changed much since its first-generation release. The only major enhancement to the 2020 BMW X2 is a nine-inch infotainment touchscreen with built-in navigation.

There are three trim versions for the 2020 BMW X2. MSRPs start at $36K for the SDrive28i trim to $46K for the high-end M35i. The main reason for the jump in price involves where the vehicle will be utilized on a regular basis and the amount of power needed by the driver.

This guide demonstrates the key differences between the various levels of the X2 to help buyers decide on the BMW configuration that works best for their needs.

Compare the 2020 BMW X2 SDrive28i vs xDrive28i Trim Levels.  What is the difference?

There's a $2,000 price swing between the sDrive28i and xDrive28i. The reason for this is not due to a shift in the type of engine that's under the hood. Both vehicles feature a 2L, four-cylinder, TwinPower Turbo inline engine with 229 horsepower and 258 pounds per foot of torque.

In addition, each comes with an eight-speed STEPTRONIC automatic transmission. This is BMW's version of a standard transmission that allows the driver to shift between automatic and manual modes. All they need to do is tilt the shift lever one way or another.

There's not much difference in either performance or fuel consumption between the two trims. The top speed for both is 131 mph. While acceleration from zero to 60 is 6.6 seconds on the sDrive28i, it's cut down to 6.3 seconds on the xDrive28i. Both trims get an average of 27 mpg on a 16-gallon tank. Due to its slightly better performance, highway fuel efficiency is only one mpg less on the xDrive28i trim.

When looking at dimensions, both trims offer the same amount of comfort. Headroom is about what one would expect from other compact SUVs -- a bit over three feet. Shoulder room is expansive at an average of 55 inches.

The difference between the trims comes down to the type of drive system. The sDrive28i is a rear-wheel-drive system while the xDrive28i is an all-wheel-drive. After that, the performance features are identical.

Each trim comes with Hill Descent Control (HDC). This is a vehicle-assist system that permits a controlled descent down the rough terrain of a hill without the driver pressing down on the brake or manually downshifting. Both trims also come with Driving Dynamics Control that allows the SUV to go from comfort mode on highways to sport mode while off-road.

On the exterior, the only main difference is in the color names for the nine metallic finishes offered. Other than that, both trims come with 18-inch all-season tires that run flat. Another standard feature is privacy glass that allows the driver and passengers to see out while pedestrians and other drivers can't see in.

The interior of either the sDrive28i or xDrive28i on the 2020 BMW X2 is the same as well. Both come with SensaTec upholstery on the seats with a high-gloss black interior trim and pear gloss chrome highlights. They also come with an Anthracite headliner - another term for a dark grey roof lining.

Staying inside, there are no differences in connectivity with the two trims. USB connection and hands-free Bluetooth are standard for audio streaming, as is Apple CarPlay compatibility. Also included is the BMW ConnectedDrive Service for information and entertainment and their BMW Remote Services package.

Another feature in both trims is BMW TeleService. part of ConnectedDrive, TeleService identifies service issues through a series of sensors embedded throughout the chassis. This data is automatically transmitted to BMW to eventually alert the user and potentially setup maintenance appointments.

On the audio end, the trims come with AM/FM tuners, seven-speaker systems, and a 205-watt digital amplifier. The sDrive28i and xDrive28i are wired as receivers for satellite radio.

There are plenty of upscale standards that come with both trims on the 2020 BMW X2. Eight-way power front seats are one of these, as is advanced vehicle memory to recall recently used climate-control, mirror, audio volume, and seat settings. A precipitation-sensing windshield and park distance control are also similar comfort and convenience standards in the two trims.

As for safety, the sDrive28i and the xDrive28i don't have any differences. They come with programmable LED daytime running lights and a SOS button to contact BMW Assist eCall during emergencies. In addition, each features Active Driving Assistant4. This package contains daytime pedestrian protection, warnings for frontal collisions on the highway and in the city, and a lane departure warning. Each also has the ability to automatically activate high beams on dark roads or during inclement weather.

Overall, the decision to purchase the sDrive28i or xDrive28i trim on the 2020 BMW X2 depends on what is required. Drivers who want to use the SUV on city roads and the highway will find the sDrive28i sufficient. If the driver intends to spend more time off-road, then the xDrive28i is the right selection. Then again, the highway driver may want to pay the extra money and get the AWD trim should they want to experience something new.

Compare the 2020 BMW X2 xDrive28i vs M35i Trims.  What is the difference?

Where the differences between the sDrive28i and xDrive28i were barely noticeable, the ones between the xDrive28i and the M35i are obvious right off the bat. Hence, the reason for the $7,000 price difference between the two trims.

The contrast starts with the engine. The M35i has a 2L, four-cylinder, TwinPower Turbo inline engine like the xDrive28i. However, where that all-wheel drive model gets 228 hp, the one on the M35i generates 301 hp. The reason for this: The M35i is the sporty version of the 2020 BMW X2.

The increase in horsepower also means a bump up in torque and acceleration. Per foot, the M35i handles 331 pounds of pulling power. In addition, it takes just 4.7 seconds for this version of the 2020 BMW X2 to go from zero to 60 mph. Though there is a significant power increase, the average miles per gallon between the xDrive28i and the M35i is only reduced by one mile.

Another change is with drivability. This is noticed through the trim’s M Sport Differential. The equipment compensates for different rotational speeds on the rear wheels while on curves. The technology evenly redistributes the torque for tighter control. Other changes in handling include an M Sport Suspension package as well as M Sport Steering with speed-sensitive detection. This sensor permits ongoing use of the power steering option without needing to brake.

Due to its sport-mindedness, the M35i trim of the 2020 BMW X2 has a different exterior signature. First, there are only six paint finishes available. Second, the tires are one-inch larger to grasp rougher terrains. Third, power-folding side mirrors come standard in order to prevent potential damage from off-road debris.

Additional upgrades are part of the M Sport exterior design package. These include dual exhaust tips and a double kidney grill accented in cerium grey, a rear spoiler, and an aerodynamic kit to smooth the ride off of the highway.

After that, the differences in the M35i are minor. For instance, the trim comes with a universal garage door opener in case the driver doesn't bring the original. In addition, both the interior rear-view and driver's side-view mirrors automatically dim. There are no differences in the safety features.

If choosing between the xDrive28i and M35i, the consumer needs to look at the percentage of driving between city/highway and off-road. Should they want to take the 2020 BMW X2 on more rough terrain adventures, then it's best to go with the M35i for its powerful engine and increased stability. If drivers will only use the subcompact SUV for occasional trips off-road, then it's best to save the extra $7,000 and go with the xDrive28i.

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Which Trim to Choose?

When looking at the three trims offered on the 2020 BMW X2, the consumer needs to review their driving goals. That's because the choice comes down rear-wheel versus all-wheel drive and a moderately powerful engine to one that can take on hilly terrains. Furthermore, they need to determine the trim on their current budget, as there is a $10,000 difference between the sDrive28i and the M35i.

The choice between the xDrive28i and M35i was already mentioned. The $7,000 difference in MSRP is going to give the consumer an engine with more horsepower and several M Sport upgrades. However, if this version of the 2020 BMW X2 is going to spend more time driving to work or to children's events than on the side of the mountain, the extra features aren't worth the cost. At that point, it's better to go with the xDrive28i.

What about the differences between the sDrive28i and xDrive28i? There’s only one – the type of drive train. The sDrive is standard rear-wheel while the xDrive is all-wheel. Again, the consumer must look at their driving patterns. The xDrive28i is built for those who won't spend all of their time off-road but want to have the ability to do so every so often. The sDrive28i is designed for city and highway driving.

Overall, when selecting between the three trims, the xDrive28i is the best choice for a few reasons. One, it's only $2,000 more in MSRP than the xDrive28i. For that, consumers get all-wheel drive abilities.

Two, there may come a time a driver wants to go off-road. If they purchase the sDrive28i trim, it will cost them more money to convert the vehicle to all-wheel drive than the $2K to buy the xDrive28i trim.

Three, other than the M Sport packages, the xDrive28i has all of the comfort, convenience, connectivity, and safety features as the M35i. Besides the extra power and exterior/designs, there isn't much difference between the two. Both can access off-road surfaces with ease.

Of course, this guide is simply the first step to choosing the right trim for the 2020 BMW X2. It will take a physical examination of the three options and possible test drives to determine what the best one is for consumers. That's why it's important for buyers to bring this information when ready to make a purchase.
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