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2021 BMW 5-Series Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2021 BMW 5-Series?

Should You Buy a 2021 BMW 5-Series? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

When it comes to luxury cars, you want the best of the best. The 2021 BMW 5 Series stands out as one of those coveted and sought after vehicles thanks to its incredible value, smooth driving capabilities and advanced safety features that provide unparalleled protection for years down the road. To save you time searching through all your options in this market segment - here are our top ten reasons why investing in a BMW 5 series should be at the front of your list. Plus helpful details on what makes this refined sedan so special; from exceptional performance features right up till tips before taking that final test drive- uncovering everything there is know about owning a powerful German engineered machine has never been easier.

What's New for 2021?

With its latest release, BMW has proven that it’s still a powerhouse in the auto industry. The 5 Series now offers modern updates like an enhanced infotainment system with 12.3-inch screen and upgraded safety package for extra protection on the road. As if this wasn't already impressive enough, they've outdone themselves by adding plug-in hybrid technology – demonstrating their commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation within their sector.


Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2021 BMW 5-Series – The Pros

1. All About Performance

The 2021 BMW 5 Series is an impressive machine that rewards those who put a high value on performance. Starting with the 530i, which features a 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo engine yielding almost 250 horsepower and more than 250 pound-feet of torque - enough to get your heart racing in this powerful vehicle! But there's more: upgrade to the 540i for some serious punch thanks to its 3 liter twin turbo engine producing 335 hp and 330 lb.-ft of torque. And then comes the M550i; it takes things up another level featuring 4.4 liters of V8 power generating an incredible 525hp plus 550lb.-ft., making every drive feel like you're at Formula 1 levels.

2. Plug It In

The BMW 530e is a hybrid that can provide you with freedom and flexibility on the go. With 288 horsepower, there's no shortage of power or torque - 257 pound-feet to be exact — allowing for smooth rides even when away from an outlet. For those who want more convenience out of their charge time, installing a 240-volt outlet will cut down charging times significantly: just several hours until full.

3. Ready to Hit the Trails

The BMW 5 Series may appear to be delicate and refined, but it is actually made for conquering challenges. xDrive provides optimum traction no matter the situation - whether on a dry road or in treacherous conditions like snow and ice – this AWD system ensures that power is shifted around instantaneously when needed so you can keep going with confidence. For most models of the 5 series, all-wheel drive capability with advanced xDrive technology comes as an optional upgrade; only the M550i already has this feature included right out of the box.

4. The M Model Shines

The M550i offers more than just performance, though its powerful engine is a major selling point. (From a standstill, this model can reach a speed of 60 miles per hour in roughly three and a half seconds.) The M550i comes with special bumpers, exterior badging, exclusive 19-inch wheels, and a unique spoiler. Inside the cabin, the M550i has Dakota Leather seats and a sleek anthracite headliner. The leather-wrapped steering wheel has a sport design, and the components under the hood - such as the suspension, brakes, and differential - are some of the finest that can be found in the industry.

5. Luxurious Seats

Many drivers spend a lot of time behind the wheel, and fortunately, they'll be very pleased with how comfortable the seats in the BMW 5 Series are. Base trims of the 5 Series have perforated SensaTec upholstery, a material that is soft and sophisticated. Front seats can move in 16 ways and come with lumbar support and side bolsters. There's even a memory function so that the driver can push one button and have the seat move into his/her favorite position.

On the higher trims, BMW has put in leather seats, and the front seats can be adjusted in 20 ways. Not only can they move back and forth and change their angles, but they can also be adjusted in terms of the amount of shoulder and thigh support they provide. In select trims, the memory function is included in both the front seats rather than just in the driver's seat.

6. Advanced Tech

The BMW 5 Series just upped the ante on infotainment systems. Drivers can now access an array of features with two 12.3 inch displays: Live Cockpit Professional located behind the steering wheel and a touchscreen mounted centrally in front of them! Talk about luxury - drivers are able to customize their experience by controlling it via voice commands, manual controller or through its Bluetooth and smartphone compatibility offering up endless possibilities like streaming music, making phone calls/texts as well as accessing apps you love so much right at your fingertips.

7. Comprehensive Safety Package

The BMW 5 Series is like an extra set of eyes on the road. It comes equipped with a range of safety features that alert drivers to potential dangers, such as objects in their path and vehicles in blind spots. Even if accidents happen despite these warnings, there are still measures taken by the car itself--the seatbelts tighten up immediately to brace for impact while at the same time windows close automatically so passengers remain protected from debris or flying glass shards. Plus its Automatic Collision Notification feature ensures help can arrive ASAP when needed most.

8. Good-Sized Trunk

The BMW 5 Series epitomizes luxury, but it's also practical - capable of seating up to five passengers and offering 14 cubic feet of storage. Perfect for those long weekend getaways or spur-of-the moment road trips that require a little extra gear.

9. Stylish Exterior

The 5 Series shows it class with its exterior features. It has a kidney grille that immediately identifies the car as a BMW, and its strong front bumper and narrow, slightly angled headlights work together to make a great first impression. Some trims use 18-inch wheels and others have 19-inch ones. There can be chrome exterior trim, metallic paint, and elegant accents on the vehicle. Sitting low to the ground, the 5 Series has a wide stance and looks just as athletic as it really is.

10. Smartphone = Key

With the Digital Key program and the BMW app, people can program their smartphones to act as their 5 Series keys. Smartphones can be used to lock and unlock the doors and even to start engines, all in a similar fashion to how some advanced key fobs work. Making this feature even better is the fact that more than one smartphone can be set to act as a car's digital key. Someone can let his/her friends or family members borrow the car without having to exchange a physical key back and forth.


Reasons Not to Buy a 2021 BMW 5-Series – The Cons

1. Be Prepared for the High Cost

If you're hoping to experience the undeniable luxury of a BMW 5 Series, be sure to brace for its hefty price! The base model might start at $54K but if additional features like xDrive or the mid-level 540i tickle your fancy then expect that number to soon skyrocket. And should you wish only the finest in indulgence, allow us introduce you: meet M550i - decadent and commanding over seven figures on your wallet.

2. Electric Model Has Small Trunk

If the plug-in hybrid model sounds intriguing, just know that its electric battery takes up some space. Rather than take any cubic feet away from the cabin, BMW has chosen to use some of the trunk space to store the battery. The hybrid version of the 5 Series has a trunk volume of around 10 cubic feet, which is pretty small by most standards.

3. Synthetic Isn't the Real Thing

While BMW's 5 Series offers a slew of luxurious features, it falls short in one important area - genuine leather seats. Instead, the model comes with SensaTec – an imitation material that can't match real leather for comfort and durability. Plenty of other vehicles offer the same level of luxury at more reasonable prices; could this be considered a missed opportunity from BMW?

Final Thoughts

For those who demand a superior driving experience, BMW's 5 Series has it all. From the 530i to the M550i and more in between, there is something for every taste – ensuring that everyone behind the wheel enjoys maximum satisfaction from their journey. And with several options featuring All Wheel Drive technology paired with cutting-edge systems and components, this model range truly stands at the forefront of automotive excellence.

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