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2022 BMW X1 Pros Vs Cons

Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2022 BMW X1? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The 2022 BMW X1 is an appealing compact luxury SUV. It’s an outstanding choice for anyone who wants to experience BMW engineering at a competitive price. Not only is the new X1 practical, but it also offers crisp handling. Class-leading interior room also makes this crossover an excellent pick for most families. Let’s dive into the reasons why you should give some serious thought to buying a new X1.

What’s New for 2022?

The BMW X1 returns for 2022 with no noteworthy mechanical or styling updates. It also offers the same options packages as before.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2022 BMW X1 – The Pros

1. Peppy and Engaging Powertrain

All variants of the 2022 BMW X1 come equipped with the very same powertrain. Motivation comes from BMW’s well-liked TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder engine, which squeezes out 228 horsepower and muscular 258 lb-ft of torque. Because maximum torque is available at a low rpm, the X1 accelerates effortlessly from a stop. Testers have clocked this SUV with a respectful 0-60 mph time of 6.3 seconds. An efficient eight-speed automatic transmission also helps promote a smooth performance.

2. Sporty Driving Feel

Agile handling helps elevate the BMW X1’s driving character. A rather lightweight body and athletic chassis help give this small cross a secure feel. Drivers can weave through traffic with ease. Activating the sport mode tightens up the steering for more control. Folks who desire even more fun should opt for BMW’s M Sport package. It equips the X1 with a performance-tuned transmission and an optional sport suspension, thus making the crossover more engaging to drive.

3. Performs Well in the Snow

The 2022 BMW X1 comes standard with front-wheel drive. However, BMW’s highly recommended xDrive AWD system is available as an option. It’s virtually a bare necessity for folks living in cold-weather states. When the road conditions become dicey, this advanced AWD system will boost the driver’s confidence by improving traction. The SUV has a ground clearance of 7.2 inches, so it performs better than an AWD-equipped sedan in deep snow. Luckily, fuel economy doesn’t drop drastically when adding all-wheel drive.

4. Delivers a Rather Efficient Performance

Drivers looking to save money at the pump will be happy with the 2022 BMW X1. It’s far more economical than a larger, truck-based SUV. Whether commuting to the workplace or taking a weekend excursion, owners can look forward to enjoying an efficient performance. According to the federal government’s latest fuel economy ratings, the front-wheel-drive X1 will return 24 mpg town/33 mpg freeway. Opting for BMW’s xDrive AWD system lowers efficiency to 23 mpg town/31 mpg freeway.

5. Most Affordable BMW Model

The new X1 is currently BMW’s lowest-priced model. It has an affordable starting MSRP of less than $36,000. This means drivers can enjoy the luxuriousness of a BMW without having to pay a premium price. Many people consider the X1 to be a budget-friendly alternative to the top-rated BMW X5, which starts at more than $59,000 before adding any extras. A few upscale interior touches come standard, including SensaTec synthetic leather seats and an Anthracite headliner.

6. A Small SUV With Big Space

Although the X1 is a compact vehicle, BMW did a great job of maximizing its interior space. This crossover is rated to accommodate up to five people. There’s enough legroom to satisfy four adult-sized passengers. Families will be able to ride without feeling cramped. Travelers can also take advantage of the X1’s expansive cargo area. It provides a rewarding 27.1 cubic feet of storage space. Drivers will have no trouble hauling strollers, backpacks, and camping gear.

7. M Sport Package Enhances Interior and Exterior Styling

As previously mentioned, BMW’s M Sport package offers a couple of extra performance upgrades. It also gives the SUV a more powerful look. Along with the M Sport package comes a muscular body kit and performance wheels. A lowered ride height also promotes a more athletic stance. Furthermore, this package gives buyers access to a special Misano Blue Metallic paint color. To create a more exciting atmosphere on the inside, BMW adds sport seats.

8. Standard Active Driving Assistant

Active Driving Assistant bundles together several of today’s most sought-after safety innovations. It comes standard, thus eliminating the need for buyers to pay extra. If the driver fails to react to an oncoming obstacle when traveling at city speeds, the automatic emergency braking system will intervene. Meanwhile, lane departure warning helps prevent you from drifting into the path of another vehicle. Automatic high beams and low-light pedestrian detection are also featured in Active Driving Assistant.

9. Interior Controls Are Easy to Use

The 2022 BMW X1 does not force drivers to deal with any complicated features. Many drivers will appreciate the SUV’s classic gauge cluster. From the speedometer to the fuel gauge, everything is easy to view. Physical buttons and knobs also enable drivers to adjust the climate control system without difficulty. Even operating BMW’s iDrive infotainment system proves to be a hassle-free task. It does not take long for users to become familiar with the unit.

10. Extremely Quiet Vehicle

This SUV’s hushed interior makes it feel more luxurious. Few models in the segment are as quiet. When traveling at highway speeds over 70 mph, there’s only a tiny amount of wind noise to be heard. BMW obviously made it a point to use top-notch insulation materials. Even the X1’s engine remains quiet during normal driving.

Reasons Not to Buy a 2022 BMW X1 – The Cons

1. Does Not Feel as Upscale as Some Other Luxury Models

Most people will have no issues with the X1’s overall fit and finish. However, many of its competitors feel more upscale on the inside. To cut costs, BMW designed the cabin with a greater amount of plastic trim pieces. Drivers who desire a higher degree of luxury should step up to the more expensive BMW X5.

2. Stiffer Than Average Ride Quality

Don’t expect the 2022 BMW X1 to offer the segment’s softest ride. In comparison to some of today’s other compact luxury crossovers, it feels a bit stiff. This is a result of the SUV’s sportier suspension tuning. Passengers will likely experience more bumps when traveling on old, battered roads. Run-flat tires also cause the new X1 to have a harder ride.

3. iDrive Infotainment System Is Somewhat Dated

The X1 does not receive BMW’s latest iDrive infotainment system. It comes equipped with the automaker’s older version. While this interface is simple to operate, the graphics on its touchscreen aren’t quite as sharp. Android Auto integration also is not built into the interface. This may disappoint drivers who use an Android phone as opposed to an iPhone.

4. Does Not Offer a Blind-Spot Monitor

The 2022 BMW X1 has the key qualities of a safe vehicle. Unfortunately, it still does not offer a blind-spot monitor. This popular safety innovation gives drivers better awareness by detecting out-of-sight vehicles. Many of the X1’s rivals offer a blind-spot monitor.

5. Standard Front Seats Could Use More Support

According to some test drivers, the X1’s front seats could use more support. Its firmer cushions can cause passengers to experience more stiffness on long-distance drives. Some people actually prefer the optional M Sport seats.


Drivers seeking a value-packed luxury SUV should test drive the 2022 BMW X1. It’s a good pick for drivers who desire a small yet practical crossover. BMW’s most affordable model also delivers a peppy and efficient driving experience. To boost the SUV’s fun factor, opt for BMW’s M Sport package. Not only does this package enhance performance, but it also adds racier interior and exterior treatments.

Before buying a new X1, don’t ignore its potential deficiencies. For starters, this SUV is not built to withstand extremely rough terrain. It also has a stiffer than average ride.

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