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2022 BMW X6 Pros Vs Cons

Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2022 BMW X6? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

Having a midsize body, the 2022 BMW X6 boasts powerful capabilities and sporty tendencies on the road. Featuring four doors and five seats, this sports activity coupe offers an exciting drive for urban families. Besides having easy power and fast acceleration, this two-row model offers a 12.3-inch infotainment system with an abundance of applications. A sloped roof and the Active Kidney Grille strongly emphasize the X6's aerodynamic design. This athletic BMW car comes in premium exterior colors, such as Marina Bay Blue and Toronto Red.

What's New for 2022?

Having third-generation architecture, the 2022 BMW X6 includes plenty of familiar features and technologies from the previous year. The sDrive40i edition has been eliminated from the latest lineup. Drivers won't find any noticeable changes to the iDrive 7.0 infotainment console, which is packed with the signature ConnectedDrive Services. However, remote over-the-air updates improve the accuracy and other information in the patented multimedia console.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2022 BMW X6 – The Pros

1. Raw Power

The 2022 BMW X6 xDrive40i model gets up to 335 horsepower from the 3.0-liter M TwinPower Turbo engine block. Arranged into an inline-six geometry, the turbocharged powerhouse dishes out a maximum of 331 pound-feet of torque. The xDrive50i edition taps into 523 hp and 553 lb-ft from the 4.4-liter M Performance TwinPower Turbo engine. When installed on the X6 M trim, this V-8 powertrain delivers an astounding 600 hp and 553 lb-ft. Two turbochargers and a high-output injection system optimize combustion in this signature eight-cylinder powerhouse.

2. Quick Acceleration

Driven by the eight-speed Sport Automatic Transmission System, the 2022 X6 base trim rips from 0 to 60 mph in only 5.3 seconds. Such superb linear acceleration on the track is optimized by the Launch Control, Sport Mode and Drivelogic technologies. The more powerful M50i model accelerates from a standstill to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. It takes the high-end M trim only 3.8 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph on a closed course. Standard across the X6 lineup, the Electronic Throttle Control instantly induces the turbocharged powertrain to operate at threshold levels.

3. Racing-Style Performance

The optional Dynamic Handling Package equips the 2022 X6 with several racing-inspired mechanical technologies. Featuring the Active Roll Stabilization function, the exclusive Adaptive M Suspension Professional System virtually eliminates body roll during sudden turns. With proper leverage from the Integral Active Steering, the driver will confidently negotiate sharp curves on the track. Tuned for on-road handling, the signature Servotronic Power Steering Assist technology is also at hand. Air curtains and the Air Breather System are some other installations that obviously draw heavy inspirations from racing cars.

4. Advanced Braking

Incorporating blue-painted calipers for bold styling, the 2022 X6's exclusive M Sport Brakes deliver on-demand deceleration after a quick run on paved surfaces. Monitoring the road conditions in real time, the Dynamic Stability Control adjusts the vehicle's braking system as needed. Nosedives, plows and other unpleasant maneuvers during a hard stop will be mitigated by the Dynamic Brake Control and Brake Fade Compensation. Rain and other moisture will not interfere with the car's braking capabilities thanks to the standard Brake Drying technology. Additionally, the conventional anti-lock brakes include the advanced Cornering Brake Control function for navigating curved roads.

5. Custom Driving Settings

Standard on the 2022 BMW X6, the Driving Dynamics Control allows the driver to choose one of three modes. The Sport Mode quickly sharpens the response from the turbocharged engine and automatic transmission system. Maximum fuel efficiency is attained on the highway thanks to the ECO PRO Mode. Delivering a good blend of power and fuel economy, the COMFORT Mode is suitable for urban driving. By engaging the Manual Shift Mode, the driver will precisely adjust the shifting points in the eight-speed gearbox.

6. Resilient and Adaptive Chassis

An integral rear suspension system with multi-link components supports the 2022 BMW X6. Resisting excessive lateral and vertical motions, a double-wishbone front suspension system is standard on this luxury crossover SUV. Tuned for sporty handling, the M Chassis and M Suspension System respond to high G-forces, yaw rates and other related parameters. Calibrated by the proprietary Dynamic Damper Control, the rear-axle air suspension is another M-tuned component that ensures a proper posture on the road. The DDC function softness or stiffens the suspension system based on the driver's unique preferences.

7. First-Class Ergonomics

Adopting the trademark Power MultiContour design, the 2022 X6's front seats deliver a high level of ergonomics for any kind of drive. A memory system recalls the preferred positions for these power-adjustable seats. Likewise, the electric steering column may be accurately adjusted by the driver for the perfect position. Having a 40-20-40 layout, the rear seats could be quickly split and folded for a desirable cargo configuration. The Advanced Vehicle & Key Memory and Comfort Access Keyless Entry deliver a high level of utility for families with discerning tastes for luxury.

8. Year-Round Comfort

A four-zone automatic climate control system is installed inside the 2022 BMW X6 M model. Using active charcoal, the integrated air filter removes any unpleasant odors from the entire cabin of this lavish crossover SUV. Heating elements are incorporated into the M trim's front seats, central armrest and steering wheel. Featuring two glass panels and a wind deflector, a panoramic moonroof welcomes sunlight and fresh air into the posh cabin. Having an anti-trapping feature for enhanced safety, the one-touch power windows also encourage natural forms of ventilation.

9. Great Connectivity Options

Using the signature My BMW App on a compatible smartphone, a driver could remotely manage the 2022 X6. This user-friendly application includes the Vehicle Finder, Remote Engine Start and several other remote capabilities. Other advanced security functions are available from the Connected Package Professional, such as the On-Street Parking Information. With access to the BMW TeleService, the driver could easily schedule an auto service appointment for this high-end BMW crossover SUV. Over-the-air software updates, Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth are appropriately integrated into the signature iDrive 7.0 multimedia platform.

10. Signature Safety and Security Features

The 2022 BMW X6 rolls into the market with the standard Active Driving Assist, a signature suite that may prevent accidents on the road. With help from the City Collision Mitigation, the driver might evade an accident on urban streets. The optional Active Driving Assist Professional comes with more advanced crash-prevention technologies, like the Cross-Traffic Alert Front. Similarly, the patented Active Guard bundle includes the Front Collision Warning and other collision-mitigation features. Activated by the SOS button in the cockpit, the Emergency Request technology is part of the BMW Assist eCall service.

Reasons Not to Buy a 2022 BMW X6 – The Cons

1. Sloped Roof Limits Interior Space and Visibility

The 2022 BMW X6's aggressively sloping roofline limits the interior space in the second row. This high-end crossover SUV only offers up to 35.7 inches of legroom and 57.7 inches of shoulder room for the rear passengers. By comparison, the wider first row offers 2.3 inches of additional shoulder room. Having a standard cargo volume of just 27.4 cubic feet when fully occupied by passengers, this lavish BMW model isn't suitable for families that pack large bags and luggage. The sloped roofline also obstructs the driver's visibility through the rear window.

2. Confusing Infotainment System

Running on the patented iDrive 7.0 software, the 2022 BMW X6's infotainment system may pose some challenges for new users. Despite having a highly sophisticated design, the signature multimedia platform will frustrate some drivers who aren't familiar with BMW's exclusive digital applications and services. The patented iDrive Controller only adds to the frustration for novices inside the cockpit. Additionally, beginners might be confused and overwhelmed by the split views and other virtual widgets on the 12.3-inch touch screen.

3. Unimpressive Sound System

For its high-end design, the 2022 BMW X6 base edition has a rather basic audio system with only 10 total speakers. BMW hasn't tweaked and revamped the HiFi sound system in the latest generation. This entry-level audio system comes with a digital amplifier that doesn't generate sufficient output for a unique entertainment experience. Buyers seeking better acoustics must dish out more money on the M50i edition, which includes the Harman Kardon Surround Sound System with 16 speakers and a powerful amplifier. All models include a complimentary 12-month trial to the SiriusXM 360L Platinum Plan for awesome entertainment.


Offering turbocharged engines and a handful of racing-style hardware, the 2022 BMW X6 delivers superb value in high-end luxury and sporty performance. Urban drivers will appreciate the car's advanced safety features, such as the Active Driving Assist and Parking Assistance Package. The Connected Package Professional delivers an array of services and apps for smartphone users inside the upscale cabin. This lavish BMW crossover SUV also has premium interior materials, such as the SensaTec textile and genuine leather for the ergonomic seats. A four-zone HVAC system, panoramic moonroof and ambient lighting system are among the top amenities inside this BMW sports activity coupe.

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