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2019 Buick Encore Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2019 Buick Encore Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: 1SV vs Preferred, Sport Touring & Essence

What 2019 Buick Encore Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The Encore has a lot of potential for any buyer in the Subcompact SUV category. This compact and economically minded vehicle offers quality and reliability as an added incentive to buy. It has enjoyed high regard in the automotive community as one of the best options for buyers. While many competitors in this category may match up in some areas, few deliver so consistently across all areas.

The Encore has been around for a while, but the 2019 model has eliminated trim levels and spread the options from them around in the remaining four. Buyers are faced with the choice between the 1SV, Preferred, Sport Touring and Essence. There are two engine options available, but all Encore trims seat five with no alternative seating configurations. The Encore also comes with an above average warranty compared to rivals.

This guide will discuss every trim level and all available packages and upgrades to help the buyer with the decision making process. There are many combinations of options available across the four trim levels.

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Compare the 2019 Buick Encore 1SV vs Preferred Trims. What is the difference?

The Buick Encore 1SV is the base trim for the Encore. It has one powertrain configuration. The 1SV is equipped with the 1.4 liter turbo charged four cylinder engine and front wheel drive. The engine gets great marks for fuel efficiency with 26 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. The 1SV also comes standard with Stabilitrak traction control. All Encore vehicles have a six speed automatic transmission.

The Encore 1SV has LED daytime running lights. It also comes in four different available exterior colors and standard Ebony cloth seating with leatherette accents. The standard exterior paint color is white with an additional charge for Satin Steel, Ebony Twilight and Deep Azure. It also comes with 18" aluminum wheels with a 10 spoke design.

The 1SV also has advanced quiettuning technology as a standard feature. The interior of the Encore is fully protected from unwanted outside noise for the comfort of the passengers.

The cargo space of the 1SV is enhanced with a fold flat front passenger seat to allow cargo up to eight feet long. It also offers a folding rear bench seat and cargo hatch underneath the front passenger seat.

The standard technology features of the 1SV are very impressive. The 1SV offers an eight inch touch screen with the Buick infotainment system. The 1SV also includes a rear view camera and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. The 1SV also offers keyless entry and engine start.

The only available upgrade to the 1SV is the built in 4G WiFi Hotspot.

While the 1SV offers a stripped down version of the Encore, buyers can step up to the Encore Preferred trim level for a very small increase in cost. The Preferred comes equipped with all of the features of the 1SV and throws in standard cargo cover and floor mats for good measure.

The main reason buyers will step up to this trim level is the optional equipment available.

The Encore Preferred edition offers buyers access to the AWD system for $1,500. The AWD system increases vehicle traction ability and has a minimal effect on fuel economy.

The Encore Preferred also increases the buyer's exterior color options to eight. All of the new color options come at an extra charge. The colors include Quicksilver, Winterberry Red, White Frost and Coppertino. The Preferred also adds one interior color. The Preferred interior is available in Shale cloth with Ebony accents.

Additional options on the Preferred edition include a moonroof and remote start. The Preferred edition also offers buyers access to the Safety Package. This option adds blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert along with a 120 volt charging outlet for rear seat passengers.

There are also three optional dealer installed accessory packages. The buyer can opt for the interior protection package which includes premium floor mats and a cargo mat. They can also get the active package which includes a rear hitch that can increase cargo space outside the vehicle. The active package also comes with rear cargo tray. Finally the buyers can get the road trip package which adds a roof rack and all weather cargo mats. The interior protection package is not available in combination with the other available dealer installed packages.

Compare the 2019 Encore Preferred vs Sport Touring Trims. What is the difference?

The Preferred includes standard and optional features for a small increase in price. The Sport Touring is also a minor increase in price compared to the Preferred. It includes the standard features of the Preferred edition and also includes the previously optional remote start in the base price. The Sport Touring edition is also outfitted with a rear sport spoiler and fog lamps. It features trim level exclusive 18" Midnight Silver aluminum wheels.

Still optional is the AWD system and the 4G WiFi Hotspot.

The Sport Touring edition of the Buick Encore is also the lowest trim level that offers access to the souped up turbo charged four cylinder engine. The optional upgraded engine will only run buyers $250. The engine is basically the same as the base engine, but incorporates auto start/stop technology and variable valve timing. The additional technology increases horsepower from 138 to 153. The fuel efficiency is also upgraded with the FWD Encore Sport Touring edition getting an estimated 27 mpg in the city and 33 on the highway.

The Buick Sport Touring Edition offers additional optional upgrades. It can be equipped with a Bose seven speaker premium audio system and navigation capabilities. Buyers can also get an auto dimming rear view mirror, and they still have access to the three dealer installed packages. The safety package available on the Preferred edition is also available.

Compare the Encore Sport Touring vs Essence Trims. What is the difference?

The Sport Touring edition offers buyers access to the souped up engine and expands the buying options for the buyer while adding some exterior styling.

The Buick Encore Essence is a slightly more moderate increase in price compared to the lower trim levels. It also comes equipped with lots more standard features and offers access to all of the features available with the Encore.

The Encore Essence has all of the standard features of the Sport Touring edition and also includes the previously optional auto dimming mirror and safety package.

The Encore Essence also includes standard leather seating in both of the previously available colors. It offers an additional interior color called Brandy, which is not available in combination with Quicksilver or Winterberry Red exteriors.

The Essence also offers two 18" wheel options. Both are aluminum. The standard option is a ten spoke design with Technical Gray finish. The upgraded wheel option is a chrome, seven spoke design.

The Essence also comes equipped with heated steering wheel, heated front seats, memory settings for the driver seat and a universal home remote.

Buyers can decide whether or not to add the 4G WiFi Hotspot, AWD, upgraded engine, seven speaker Bose premium audio system and navigation that are optional on lower trim levels.

The Essence also offers an upgraded safety package called the Safety Package II. It includes forward collision alert, rain sensing wipers, front and rear parking assist and lane departure warning. This package also includes an in vehicle air ionizer.

The final package available bundles the navigation, exclusive chrome wheels and power moonroof. It is called the Experience Buick package.

The buyer also gets access to the dealer installed packages available at lower trim levels.

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Which Trim Level to Choose?

While the 2019 Buick Encore is a small vehicle, it offers buyers great cargo capacity and fuel efficiency in one package. The standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not even optional features on some of its competitors.

The difference in trim levels for the Encore is confusing because many of the options on the lower trim levels are still additional options on the upper trim levels instead of becoming standard equipment. Buyers can use this structure to their advantage by adding only features they want so they are not paying for things they don't need.

With the Buick Encore 1SV, Preferred and Touring trim levels only separated in price by $2,600, the best choice is the Touring. It adds the ability to upgrade to the advanced engine, which adds needed power and acceleration and also increases fuel efficiency significantly. For most buyers the small difference in price will not be much of a burden when considering the added value and fuel economy.

Buyers willing to forgo the added benefits of the superior engine will have a tough time choosing between the 1SV and the Preferred. The difference in available options between the two is significant for a very small difference in price. Most buyers will likely choose the Preferred between these two options.

The Essence is an advanced vehicle and offers a lot of technological ammenities. It is more removed from the other trim levels with a higher base price and more upgrade options. There is still reason to consider this trim due to the fact that a lot of the features available are optional and can be added or not to fit the needs of the buyer. If buyers are interested in loading up on features and premium options, the Essence offers the top level of luxury.

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