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2020 Cadillac CT4 Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2020 Cadillac CT4 Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Luxury vs Premium vs Sport & V-Series

What 2020 Cadillac CT4 Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

Cadillac made a name for itself by being one of the best American luxury-car brands. The brand was officially founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1902. Over the decades, the brand has become known for their large sedans. In an era where small economy cars, SUVs and trucks rule the American roadways, there's still a market for the venerable sedan. The CT4 is one of Cadillac's latest full-sized, four-door offerings.

The CT4 is an all-new model for the 2020 production year. It is replacing Cadillac's outgoing ATS model. Many prospective buyers will no doubt have questions about what this sedan has to offer. It comes in four main trim levels. Each is only a modest increase in price of the previous model. Every trim level offers some new and exciting features.

There are a number of options and things to consider when purchasing a new 2020 Cadillac CT4. This guide will compare each trim level to the previous and next model. Major differences and key features will be highlighted. Hopefully, this will assist potential buyers to find the model that best suits their needs.

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Compare the 2020 Cadillac CT4 Luxury vs the Premium Luxury Trims. What is the Difference?

The base trim level of the CT4 is simply called the Luxury model. This moniker is Cadillac's way of letting buyers know exactly what they're in for. Even at the base level, drivers will be getting a high-quality luxury vehicle. Great care has been given to performance in addition to comfort. Good performance starts with a great engine. The base engine here is a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged model.

The Luxury model's stock engine produces a respectable 237 horsepower. There's a ton of torque on tap here too with a rating of 258 pounds-feet. Acceleration is brisk and the overall performance is quite athletic for a large sedan. Moving up to the Premium Luxury trim gives buyers the option of a 2.7-liter engine.

The 2.7-liter, turbocharged engine raises the horsepower rating up to 309 with 348 pounds-feet of torque. The base engine gets an 8-speed automatic transmission while the 2.7-liter comes equipped with a 10-speed system. Both trim levels offer the same great suspension system and anti-lock disc brakes.

The exterior features for these two trim levels are mostly the same. There are LED headlights and taillights on both models. The door handles and rocker moldings match the body color of the vehicles. Both trims get dual exhaust tips. The main difference on the outside comes from the wheels. The Luxury gets a set of 17-inch, bright-silver wheels. The Premium Luxury comes with 18-inch alloys with a sterling-silver finish.

The differences start mounting up more when looking at the interior of these two trim levels. The Luxury model comes with a 12-way adjustable driver's seat and an 8-way adjustable front-passenger seat. In the Premium Luxury model, both front seats get 12-way power adjustments as well as 2-way adjustable lumbar support. The upholstery in the Premium Luxury models comes with leather trim. The Premium Luxury also offers LED, ambient lighting on the inside.

The infotainment and audio systems are identical for these two trim levels. The systems are controlled via an 8-inch HD display. Drivers can access functions on the touchscreen or through voice commands. There are a few different connectivity options including one-touch Bluetooth pairing. The ever-popular Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps are compatible with the CT4's system. Cadillac's Sun and Sound package nets drivers the upgraded sound system and a sunroof.

There are a few optional upgrades that can be had on either trim level. The Luxury and Premium Luxury can have the sound systems upgraded. There is a 14-speaker premium system from Bose. This also comes with wireless charging.

When it comes to safety equipment, both trims come with the same number of airbags. Crumple zones and other safety features designed into the frame will be standard across the board. All trim levels come equipped with an HD, rear-view camera. Moving up to the Premium Luxury model comes with some extras in this category.

The Premium Luxury model offers Cadillac's Safety Alert Seat. Vibrations give the driver a tactile warning instead of just using sounds or flashing lights. These types of warnings would be much harder for a driver to inadvertently miss. This trim also comes equipped with Automatic Emergency Braking and a Forward-Collision Alert.

Compare the 2020 Cadillac CT4 Premium Luxury vs the Sport Trim Level. What is the Difference?

The Sport trim level is precisely what it sounds like. There are a number of nice upgrades here to increase the overall performance level of the CT4. Once again, the standard engine for the Sport trim will be the 2.0-liter turbocharged model. Just like the Premium Luxury trim, buyers will again have the option to upgrade this to the more athletic 2.7-liter model.

On the outside, there are some cosmetic changes to accentuate the sportier nature of this new trim level. The grille and fascias get a redesign. The taillights have a more aggressive look here too. This trim even gets a new spoiler and redesigned rockers. Both trim levels come with 18-inch wheels. The Sport model wheels come in a pearl-nickel finish.

One of the notable new additions to the Sport trim is the inclusion of Brembo performance brakes. Drivers will also receive an upgraded steering wheel with dimpled grips. Magnesium paddle shifters allow the driver to manually shift through the gears even though the Sport has an automatic transmission. Alloy driving pedals complete the race-car themed touches found in the Sport trim package.

Moving to the interior, the Sport trim gets 18-way adjustable seats up front. The upgraded seats come with sport bolsters this time around. Memory settings allow the driver to set specific configurations for the seats. They can then be instantly recalled. This makes it easy for multiple drivers to get things set up exactly like the want before taking off for a drive.

The infotainment and audio systems are the same in the Premium Luxury and Sport trims. The optional upgrades available for the Premium Luxury model still apply to the Sport trim. Both trim levels come with 2 USB ports for fast charging of smart phones and other mobile devices. All of the safety equipment that comes standard for the Premium Luxury makes a return for the Sport trim level.

Compare the 2020 Cadillac CT4 Sport vs the CT4-V Trims. What is the Difference?

The CT4-V model is the first trim level to come stock with the 2.7-liter engine. This was only an option on two of the three previous trim packages. This comes alongside of the 10-speed automatic transmission. All of the Sport trim features are added on to the CT4-V model. That makes it the best choice for sheer performance capabilities. It's also the best when it comes to luxury appointments and convenience features.

Some extra performance perks here come in the form of a performance suspension with Magnetic Ride Control. The shocks and ability to absorb road bumps are adjusted in real time. A change in terrain is seamlessly accounted for, giving the driver an always-smooth ride. This is an excellent feature to have in a luxury sedan where ride quality will be a top priority for most buyers.

The CT4-V also comes equipped with Cadillac's Performance Traction Management system. This system works in conjunction with the Cadillac Driver Mode Control. Mode Control offers the driver different settings such as Tour, Sport and Track. Tour is for normal, everyday driving. Sport Mode makes for a more thrilling experience. Track Mode is for the best performance available.

Likewise, the Traction Control has Three settings. These are Wet, Dry and Sport 1. These each change the traction and handling for different road conditions. This leads to excellent steering and handling dynamics no matter what terrain or pavement conditions the driver is facing. A limited-slip rear differential adds even further to the balance and excellent suspension dynamics of this sedan.

The CT4-V comes with the same 18-inch wheels as the Sport model. Buyers will have some extra choices here though. They can upgrade to 19-inch wheels. Both sizes come in a variety of different finishes that were unavailable on previous trims. Painted front and rear brake calipers from Brembo are available here as well.

On the inside of the CT4-V, the materials get upgraded to a higher quality. More leather trim and better upholstery is found throughout. The steering wheel is similar to the performance model of the Sport trim, but it now comes fully wrapped in leather. The seats get 18 power adjustments and now have 4-way lumbar settings.

The V-Series trim logo is found throughout the interior on spots like the floor mats. Cold weather and climate packages are now available for the CT4-V trim. The cold-weather package comes with heated front seats and an auto-heated steering wheel. The climate package has these plus ventilation for the front two seats.

The infotainment system now comes with all of the top features. Drivers will also get the upgraded sound system when choosing the V trim. There are some extra connectivity options and wireless charging is now standard. Owners can also opt for an additional navigation system with the V trim package.

All of the previously mentioned safety features come standard on the CT4-V models. There are a few extras that can be tacked on as options here too. A distance indicator helps drivers to maintain a safe gap between vehicles. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and a Blind-Zone Monitor give drivers better awareness of their surroundings. An advanced version of the Adaptive Cruise Control is available as well.

2020 Cadillac CT4: Which Trim to Choose?

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Every trim level of the 2020 Cadillac CT4 is a fine vehicle. If someone is on a tighter budget, but still in the market for a luxury car, the base model would be an excellent choice. The Luxury trim still offers plenty of comfort, style and great performance. Every CT4 trim level provides an elegant interior and a smooth, quiet ride quality.

For those looking for a more aggressive, athletic driving experience, the Sport trim is probably the way to go. The performance enhancements and race-car-like additions make it a blast to drive. Still, one would need to also upgrade the engine in the Sport trim to get the best performance that the CT4 has to offer. It comes standard with the 2.0-liter option.

If money is absolutely not a factor, then the CT4-V is going to be the best choice. This trim level comes already equipped with the most powerful engine and all of the Sport features. The best infotainment-system options are included. A lot of the extra safety features and driver aids are standard for the CT4-V. It's really the best of what Cadillac has to offer and still comes in at a lower cost than many competing import models.

Which trim level is the best choice largely depends on an individual's priorities. For the majority of drivers, the Premium Luxury will be the way to go. It offers excellent performance even if it's not quite on par with the Sport model or CT4-V. Most of the best features are included with this trim. It ultimately strikes a great balance between cost and available features.
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