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The Top 10 Reasons Why You May want to Buy a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro:

2014 Chevrolet Camaro: The Muscle Car of the Future and Present

For over 40 years, the Chevrolet Camaro has remained one of the most exciting muscle cars in the world. The 2014 Chevrolet Camaro continues to add to its legendary history. While some drivers will prefer the powerful rumble of the small-block V-8 engine, there are others who will appreciate the versatility of the 323-horsepower V-6 motor. On the other hand, the all-new Camaro-Z/28 is specially engineered to deliver the handling and performance of a true track machine. The available drop-top version is currently one of the best looking convertible coupes on the market. [ For the 2015 model see - Chevrolet Camaro Pros and Cons ]

Ten Reasons to Buy a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro - the Pros

1) The 2014 Chevrolet Camaro is a very capable daily-driver. With the ability to obtain up to 30 miles-per-gallon on the highway, the V-6 version proves to be very fuel efficient. However, the SS trim’s gas mileage rating is still very livable. Very few high-powered muscle cars are capable of returning 24 miles-per-gallon on the freeway.

2) The 2014 Camaro provides a very exhilarating driving experience. Whether you prefer the adrenaline rush of the six-speed manual gearbox or the convenience of the automatic transmission, you are destined to have a very memorable driving experience. The Camaro offers an impeccable road handling ability without sacrificing the ride quality. True muscle car fans will be delighted with the rear-wheel drive setup.

3) For drivers who prefer the sensation of the wind blowing in their face, the Camaro convertible will definitely satisfy their desires. Whether the driver is cruising along the beach strip or headed to the movie theater, they are destined to draw a crowd of admirers. The Camaro convertible is also available with a number of high-tech features including a heads-up display, rear-view camera, and navigation.

4) Perhaps the number one reason to buy a Camaro is the car’s amazing curb appeal. The available 20-inch rims give the Camaro an aggressive stance that everyone will notice. Although the base version is very attractive, the optional RS package gives the Camaro an even sleeker appearance. The roar of the deep exhaust note will instantly cause heads to turn.

5) The 2014 Chevy Camaro ZL1 is arguably the best bargain in the sports car world. You will be hard-pressed to find another street machine that offers so much performance for less than $60,000. The supercharged 6.2-liter, V-8 engine screams with excitement with every gear shift. Although most drivers will prefer the Camaro ZL1 in the form of a coupe, there are others who will enjoy the open-air experience of the convertible.

6) If you are seeking a purposely-built track machine, look no further than the new Camaro Z/28. The sizzling sports car includes all of the necessary racing goodies such as a race-inspired suspension system, carbon-ceramic brakes, limited-slip differential, transmission cooler, and special performance tires. Amazingly, the big 7.0-liter motor has an impressive 7,000 rpm red-line. The Z/28 is actually able to outperform exotic sports cars that carry price tags of over $200,000.

7) Unlike some of its competitors, the Chevy Camaro has been proven to be very safe. The Camaro’s five-star safety rating helps to give the driver an extra sense of security when driving on the road. Its impressive safety profile also helps to reduce the cost of car insurance. The driver ‘s safety is bolstered by Chevy’s praiseworthy StabiliTrack system. Every driver will certainly appreciate the rear-view camera system.

8) The Chevy Camaro is one of the best bargains on the car market. While there are some other options in its price range, they lack the ability to keep a smile on your face. The Camaro’s revered styling and outstanding on-road performance help to keep it at the forefront of the segment.

9) Over the past few years, the Camaro has experienced very few problem areas. This means that prospective buyers will be obtaining a dependable vehicle that will last for many years to come. The cost of ownership is also very affordable.

10) The Chevrolet Camaro is a true American sports car. Unlike some of the newest cars to hit the market, the Camaro has a long-standing history that dates back to the muscle car era of the 1960s.

Reasons You May Not Want to Buy a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro - the Cons

1) The Camaro may not make the best family vehicle. Some parents may grow tired of ushering the kids in and out of the rear seat.

2) The power output of the Chevy Camaro may be a tad too much for a teenaged driver to handle. Even the base model pumps out over 300 horsepower.

3) Due to the fact that the Camaro is designed with a rear-wheel drive platform, the vehicle may not handle as well in snowy weather.

What’s new for 2014?
Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Camaro’s retro-futuristic design, Chevy decided to only make a few minor tweaks to the exterior styling. Chevy Camaro fans will notice that the car’s front fascia has been slightly revised. The upper grille’s narrower design helps to give the Camaro a more aerodynamic appearance. The enhance the muscular image of the Camaro, the SS trim now includes a functional hood scoop.

In the rear, the Camaro’s popular taillight design has been replaced by a more refined set of rear tail lamps. The LED-based design of the new taillights helps the rear fascia to exude a more modernized appearance. The new LED headlights enable the Camaro to look more polished than ever before.

The big news for the 2014 model year is the reemergence of the legendary Camaro Z/28. Drivers who love the thrill of driving on the track will adore the race-inspired driving dynamics of the Camaro Z/28. As a testament to the coupe’s track capabilities, many of the components have been derived from Chevy’s racing division.

If you are looking for a very fun and inspiring muscle car, the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro certainly fits those qualifications. The car’s excellent safety profile and variety of different trim packages make the Camaro suitable for a variety of different drivers.

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