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2014 Chevrolet Silverado Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado?
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The Top 10 Reasons Why You May want to Buy a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500:

The 2014 Silverado 1500 is one of the most popular full size pickup trucks in America. It is used for heavy lifting and hauling. Many customers also use it as a power commuter vehicle. The 2014 Silverado 1500 comes in 3 body styles: Regular Cab, Crew Cab and Double or Extended Cab. The Regular cab comes with a 6.5 or 8-foot cargo beds. The Crew cab comes with 5.75 or 6.5 short cargo beds. The Double or extended cab comes with a 6.5 standard cargo bed. [ For the 2015 model see - Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Pros and Cons ]

Top Reasons to Buy A 2014 Silverado 1500 - the Pros

1. Trim Levels
The 2014 Silverado 1500 is available in 5 trim levels. They are 1WT, 2WT, LT, LT Z71 and High Country. These trim levels offer customers with a wide variety of options to choose from and purchase the desired model. These trims offer an increasing set of features and functions starting with the work trim (WT) model. The standard features on the higher trims are offered as optional features on the lower trims.

2. Engine Performance
The 2014 Silverado 1500 excels with a powerful V6 engine. These pickups offer 285-horsepower, enough to haul 7,200 pounds of cargo. The regular cab model weigh less than its previous incarnation by nearly 250 pounds. The 2014 Silverado 1500 definitely matches the performance and power offered by its nearest competitors such as Ram 1500 and Toyota Tundra.

3. Safety
All 2014 Silverado 1500 models offer superior safety features such as traction control, stability control, antilock disc brakes, front airbags and side airbags. The OnStar service is standard on 2014 Silverado 1500 vehicles. The OnStar service features automatic crash notification, stolen vehicle notification, roadside assistance and remote door unlocking. The 2014 Silverado 1500 earned a 5 star rating all government crash tests.

4. Interior Design
The quality of materials used to build the interiors has improved significant over the previous models. There are several cup holders, bins and USB ports throughout the inside, to cater the demands of all passengers. An 8-inch touchscreen is designed to act as a command center inside the vehicle. It provides a menu based user interface and voice activated controls.

5. Trailer Brake Controller
The 2014 Silverado 1500 comes with an integrated trailer brake controller. The trailer brake controller is integrated with the anti-brake system (ABS). You do not need to purchase third party trailer brake controls. The 4 wheel antilock disc brakes provide sensors at each wheel to detect potential lockups. The brakes are designed to prevent any heat buildup and skids on wet weather conditions.

6. Six-Speed Automatic Transmission
The 2014 Silverado 1500 is designed with a superior electronically controlled transmission with overdrive function. The transmission is available in 3 modes. These are Tow/Haul mode, Powertrain Grade Braking and Cruise Grade Braking. The Tow/Haul mode provides more acceleration with a trailer or heavy cargo. The Powertrain Grade Braking mode offers uniform downhill speeds with improved vehicle control. The Cruise Grade Braking downshifts automatically while going downhill.

7. Driver Alert Package
The 2014 Silverado 1500 offers a driver alert package with many features to prevent potential collisions. The lane departure warning system warns the driver when the vehicle moves out of the designated lane. The forward collision alert notifies the driver when the vehicle approaches a vehicle in the front. The driver seat vibrates in case of accidental lane departures. The 2014 Silverado 1500 offers front and rear parking assistance.

8. Exterior Accessories
The 2014 Silverado 1500 provides an infinite number of external accessories. An optional vehicle appearance package is also available for purchase. A retractable cargo assistance step is available for many models. A bed net made of heavy-duty shock cords is available to protect the cargo. The 2014 Silverado 1500 also features a bed rug and a bed liner to protect the cargo.

9. Technology
The 2014 Silverado 1500 is a technology powerhouse. It comes with a remote starter, which starts the parked vehicle. A rear seat entertainment system is available for rear passengers. It plays a single DVD on two LCD monitors. A wireless headphone helps passengers enjoy movies without distracting front row passengers. The vehicle also features a 3G wireless connection, essentially making it a mobile hotspot.

10. Fuel Efficiency
The 2014 Silverado 1500 compares very well with its peers with its fuel consumption. The EPA estimated mileage is 18 mpg for city roads and 24 mpg for highways. The truck ranks 4 out of 17 when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Reasons You May Not Want to Buy a 2014 Silverado 1500 - the Cons

1. Starter Function
Many drivers report that the 2014 Silverado 1500 has troubles with the engine starter function. Sometimes, it requires multiple attempts to start the vehicle in cold weather. You might want to work with the dealer to replace the starter if needed.

2. No Rear Climate Control Ducts
The 2014 Silverado 1500 does not come with rear climate control ducts. This leaves the rear cabin hot when the outside temperature is high. This may not be a big problem depending on the weather conditions.

3. Exterior Look and Feel
The new 2014 Silverado 1500 features a heavy-duty look on its exteriors. This may not sit well with drivers used to previous models of Chevy. The 2014 Silverado 1500 has been completely re-modeled. It may take a while for hardcore fans of Silverado 1500 to get used to the new looks.

The 2014 Silverado 1500 is a solid performer on the road, on all terrains. It shows no fatigue while hauling more than 7,000 pounds of cargo. The truck is a favorite among pickup drivers. The vehicle comes with unmatched technology and a great V6 engine. The price, availability of trims and decent fuel efficiency make this truck second to none. A number of gizmos and controls provided by Chevy certainly contribute to the attraction of purchasing a 2014 Silverado 1500.
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