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2015 Chevrolet Sonic Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2015 Chevrolet Sonic?
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Should You Buy a 2015 Chevrolet Sonic? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

Looking for that new compact smell? Trying to find something practical, affordable, and fun to drive? Need to save a few Washington's at the pump? Here, we will go over 10 reasons you may want to purchase the new 2015 Chevrolet Sonic. We will also go over a few reasons why you may want to purchase something different. Then we will see how the Sonic stands against two of its biggest competitors.

Reasons to Buy a 2015 Chevrolet Sonic - The Pros

1) Performance

With sharp steering, sporty handling, and a composed ride, the 2015 Chevrolet Sonic is quite the pleasurable drive according to critics. This car is not just a "get where I'm going" kind of car. With turbocharged performance it is quick, nimble, and a blast to drive.

2) Acceleration and Power

When it comes to acceleration and power, the 2015 Sonic LS comes standard with a 1.8 liter four cylinder engine or an optional 1.4 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine in the LT, LTZ, and RS models. Both of which produce 138 horsepower. But don't let that fool you, this subcompact has enough pep in its step to merge and make passing maneuvers when you need to.

3) Transmission Options

The base model Sonic LS comes with a 5-speed manual or and optional 6-speed automatic. But the rest of the line has the 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic. Although the automatic will likely be more popular with its seamless shifting, the manual shifts well with a smooth clutch and short throws.

4) Handling and Braking

This front wheel drive subcompact feels remarkably agile around corners, while the RS model is even more nimble with a firmer independent front and semi-independent rear suspension. With front disk and rear drum brakes equipped with ABS, the 2015 Sonic has a braking distance of 48.1 meters.

5) Seating

The 2015 Sonic may be a subcompact, but its available seating for 5 has enough space you carry the whole family around. With enough leg and head room to seat four adults, the 2015 Sonic remains quite spacious for its small stature. This makes long road trips a feasible option.

6) Interior Features

Standard interior features include Bluetooth and the new version of the subscription based On-Star system. Also available is a rear-view camera, forward collision warning, a premium six speaker audio system, lane departure warning, Chevrolet's MyLink infotainment system, remote start, voice command recognition, and much more.

7) Cargo and Storage

The sedan models provide about 19 cubic feet of trunk space, while the hatchback models open up to about 14 cubic feet. Along with multiple small storage compartments, the Sonic provides ample space just about anything you need to move.

8) Safety

With 10 standard air bags, the 2015 Chevrolet Sonic received 5 stars in overall safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It also received 5 stars in frontal crash ratings and side impact ratings, with 4 stars in rollover rating.

9) Stylish Interior

Climbing into the drivers seat, the first thing you notice is the motorcycle-inspired gauge cluster, which is unlike anything found in any other car. There isn't any hand stitched leather in the Sonic, but the materials are of higher quality for a subcompact and the design gives the Sonic a more costly appearance without hurting your wallet.

10) Quiet Ride

The Sonic sports one of the best insulated cabins in its class, giving the driver and passengers a peaceful experience while muting engine and road noise.

As nice as the 2015 Chevrolet Sonic may seem, it may not be the right fit for some consumers. Here are 3 reasons this sporty little compact may not fit your style.

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Reasons Not to Buy a 2015 Chevrolet Sonic - The Cons

1) Fuel Economy

Although the Sonic has good fuel economy, 26 mpg city and 35 mpg highway, it is noticeably low for its class. Even with the smaller turbocharge engine, the Sonic was only getting 27 mpg city and 37 mpg highway.

2) Interior

Some critics disliked the hard plastic used throughout the interior trim of the vehicle, claiming that it takes away from the overall effect.

3) Base Model Power Failure

Though critics found the base model had adequate power, most recommend the turbocharged model due to better acceleration and fuel economy.

How does the 2015 Chevrolet Sonic stack up to the competition, like the Volkswagen Golf and Honda Fit? Let's point out a few differences in the base models for all three lines.

The Sonic LS comes with a significantly smaller price tag, starting at $14,425 MSRP while the Volkswagen Golf and Honda Fit LX Start at $17,995 MSRP and $15,525 MSRP respectively.

The Sonic LS comes in both sedan and hatchback models, while the Volkswagen Golf and Honda Fit LX only come as a hatchback.

The Sonic LS also has more driver assistance features than the Volkswagen Golf, a quieter engine than the Honda Fit LX, and a larger and simpler touch-screen display system than either of these competitors.

While the Volkswagen Golf and Honda Fit LX do not come with these features, the Sonic provides an auxiliary power outlet, front and rear reading lamps, remote trunk release, rear body air bag, and an emergency trunk release for a higher level of comfort and convenience.

With sufficient power and great handling, the Sonic has proven to be a very fun drive. Though some would say the hard plastics in the interior make it a little tacky, the comfort and cargo space more than make up for it while the higher level materials make it easier on the eyes. And although the Sonic does not have incredible fuel economy, it still averages around 30 mpg. Finally, with a 5 star safety rating, the Sonic provides peace of mind whenever you get behind the wheel.
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