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2019 Chevrolet Colorado Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2019 Chevrolet Colorado Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Base vs WT & LT vs Z71 & ZR2
Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

What 2019 Chevrolet Colorado Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

There was a time when full-sized trucks ruled the road. Small and mid-sized trucks seemed on their way out. This trend has started to shift and mid-sized, pickup trucks are making a serious comeback. Among the many excellent trucks in this category stands the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado. It's rugged, reliable and can do anything you could possibly need a mid-sized truck to do. One great thing about a Chevy Colorado is that it provides a lot of perks and features that you normally only find on cars. It offers a ton of features and options overall, making it easy to customize a Colorado for your specific taste and needs. The Colorado has one of the lowest base prices in this class of trucks. If you just want a basic work vehicle with no frills, it can do that too and at a great price. This truck gives you a number of options to configure the body to suit your needs. You can get a regular, crew or extended cab depending on how many passengers you wish to cart around. You can get a longer bed for hauling more cargo as well. The Colorado comes in 2WD or 4WD versions. You also get your choice of three different engines. These are the base 2.4L, 4-cylinder engine; a 3.6L, V-6; or a 2.8L, turbo-diesel, 4-cylinder model. For 2019, the Chevy Colorado gets five different trim levels. These are the Base, WT, LT, Z71 and the ZR2. Each model is an excellent choice for a mid-sized truck. Each move up to the next trim package provides a number of new features and benefits. To find out which one is right for you, please read on. We will be comparing each trim package to the level before and after it.

Compare the 2019 Colorado Base vs LT Trims. What is the difference?

The Base model of the Colorado comes equipped with the 2.5L, 4-cylinder engine. This gets you around 200 hp and 191 lb-ft of torque at 4400 rpm. This engine is paired with a 6-speed, automatic transmission system. It's a 2WD model with the power going to the rear wheels.

When you move up to the WT trim, you get an upgrade to the 3.5L, V-6 engine. Horsepower is increased to 308. The torque goes up to 275 lb-ft at 4000 rpm. This gets you a serious boost in acceleration and overall performance. You can tow and haul more with the WT too. The WT also comes standard with 4WD, making it a better driver in bad weather or over rough terrain.

On the inside of the Base model, you get bucket seats with power, 4-way adjustment for the driver's seat. The infotainment system is great for a basic truck model. They give you Chevrolet's Infotainment 3 System with a 7-inch touchscreen. You can connect various devices via BlueTooth or USB port. This system also has connectivity with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

For the WT model, you get the same infotainment system. A 6-speaker sound system comes standard in both trims. There isn't any different in the seats or upholstery choices here either. The Base comes with rubberized vinyl floor coverings. The WT gives you carpeted floors.

When it comes to safety, both trim levels feature Chevrolet's StabiliTrak. This is an electronic system for traction control and stability. You also get an additional traction-control system, six standard airbags and a rear-vision camera. A teen-monitoring system and tire-pressure monitoring system round out some of the notable safety features. There are no differences between the Base or WT.

Most of the features are the same on both of these trim levels. Keep in mind that Chevy makes it easy to add on various options too. The real difference between the Base and the WT is in the standard power trains used. For much more power and better performance, the WT is the real winner here. If your truck is more for commutes than work and you're on a budget, the Base trim is still a viable option.

Compare the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado WT vs LT Trims. What is the difference?

The Chevrolet Colorado LT comes with all of the features of the LT except for a few areas in which the features are upgraded. You also will get 17-inch aluminum wheels and remote, keyless entry. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather on the LT trim. The 4-way adjustable driver's seat is upgraded to a 6-way adjustable version. Both models come equipped with the same engine and 4WD.

While there isn't too much of a difference in performance between the WT and LT, you do get an upgraded transmission with the LT. Instead of the 6-speed, the LT comes with an 8-speed system that features a tow/haul mode. This makes it a bit better for various work duties. Chevy also throws in two black recovery hooks and trailer-assist guidelines.

On the inside of an LT, you get a slight upgrade to the infotainment system. Both feature the same great connectivity options. The LT provides a larger, HD color touchscreen. This version is in HD with brighter and crisper graphics that are easier to view. Audio is upgraded to HD radio and you also get SiriusXM Radio trial. The upgraded system is also capable of providing a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot.

The LT gives you a couple more safety features. You can opt for OnStar service in the LT. The rear camera is now in high definition for easier viewing. On the outside of the LT, some of the body parts will now be colored to match the rest of the body. These include your exterior mirrors, door handles and rear bumper.

The LT is a nice step up with some additional features and cosmetic flourishes. The biggest difference in performance is the upgraded transmission system. This makes a big difference when hauling or towing. You get more comfort and even better functionality with the LT for a reasonable increase in price.

Compare the Colorado LT vs Z71 Trims. What is the difference?

Just like before, if you move up to the Z71, you get all of the features and perks of the previous model. The huge difference here is that the Z71 gets some serious off-road capabilities. The suspension system is upgraded with off-road fun in mind. You get gas-charged shocks and a hill-descent control system. There is also a transfer-case shield to protect it from rocks, dirt and other debris you might pick up over off-road terrain.

Both models here still feature the same engines and transmission systems. Both come in 4WD as standard. The front seats in the Z71 now have power lumbar control. The steering wheel is heated and you get automatic climate control. You also get some recharge ports throughout the truck for your compatible mobile devices. Chevy equips the Z71 with its EZ Lift and Lower Tailgate for easier loading and unloading of your cargo.

The interior fit and finish is much nicer on the inside of the Z71 than before. Your front seats will now have a heating options. The rear bench seat can now be folded down for some extra storage space. A lot of extra controls are added to the steering wheel for the Z71. This makes it really easy to operate your audio system and other features without taking your hands off of the steering wheel.

Both trim packages give you the same great safety features. The Z71 adds in a Rear Park Assist. If you're driving in reverse at 5 mph or slower, the vehicle will give you warnings if you get too close to a nearby object. That certainly makes parallel parking a lot easier and safer too.

When it comes down to it, most drivers will be fine with the LT package. It can handle most utility functions that the average owner will need out of their truck. For those who need the best of performance and off-road capability, the Z71 will be their best choice. There are some nice comfort and luxury upgrades with the Z71, but you can add most of these as options to the LT package.

Compare the Colorado Z71 vs ZR2 Trims. What is the difference?

The ZR2 ups the game once again by giving you all of the features of the Z71 or upgrades to those features. You also get a bunch more luxury, safety and utility-based features. This model has been tweaked even further to be an off-road beats. The ground clearance and track width are improved. Chevy even gives it a cosmetic boost with their Off-Road Appearance Package.

The ZR2 appearance upgrades include a unique grille, hood and fascia. You get a spray-in bed liner with the ZR2 logo. The rear bumper gets changed out for a black one. All-terrain blackwall tires and wheel flared for the front and back are added in as well. A trailer hitch and trailer brake control are included for even more functionality from your truck.

On the inside of your ZR2 you now get leather-trimmed seats. The infotainment system gives you a few new functions including voice-commands and Cloud Connections. This allows you to save settings and personalize things to your liking. The main console now features an additional, 4.2-inch screen for driver information.

The interior of the ZR2 is where you'll find a ton of additional features. Some more of these include an overhead console for storage. There are more small storage spaces throughout the truck. Both visors get illuminated mirrors on the ZR2. The interior lighting gets an all around upgrade. You also now get a rear-window defogger. The ZR2 even features a remote starter.

The ZR2 adds on some anti-theft features that were not previously standard for any trim level. The remaining safety features are mostly the same as those of the Z71 trim. The upgrades to the off-road capabilities make the ZR2 one of the best off-road trucks on the road today. If you want to use and abuse your truck over rough terrain, this is the model to get.

Final Thoughts

For most buyers, the LT trim package will be your best bet. It offers the upgraded engine and amazing performance. It can haul and tow with the best of them. It is very capable as a work vehicle but also comfortable and luxurious enough for a daily driver. It can handle light off-road duties too. It comes packed with some of the best features that Chevrolet has to offer.

The one exception to this is if you absolutely need the best off-road performance available. In which case, you'll need a Z71 or ZR2. It doesn't get much better than those two trim levels for some off-road fun. For everyone else, you won't be disappointed with an LT. If there are one or two extra features from the Z71 or ZR2 that you love, you can always add those on to your LT are a minimal cost.

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