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2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500?
Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is a powerful truck that also has style. Because it has several trims and options, each customer can customize the truck according to his or her needs and preferences. Is it a wise move to buy a Silverado 1500? Here are 10 reasons why the Chevy Silverado would make a good purchase and a few reasons why it wouldn't.

What's New for 2020?

Chevrolet has made many new changes to the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. First, a 3.0-liter turbo-diesel engine is now being offered. In addition, adaptive cruise control is available. This brings the truck more in line with what comparable vehicles offer.

A key new feature that could be a game-changer for some drivers is the Advanced Trailering System. It comes with up to 15 different camera views, and it can provide people with up-to-the-minute data about vehicle performance.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – The Pros

1. Multiple Powertrain Options

Five engines are available on the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Starting things off is the 4.3L EcoTec3 V6, which has 285 horsepower and 305 pound-feet of torque. This engine comes standard on the WT, Custom, and Custom Trail Boss trims. The 2.7L turbo has a bit more power, bringing with it 310 horsepower and 348 pound-feet of torque. This engine is standard on the LT and RST.

The mid-level options are the 5.3L EcoTece V8 and 6.2L V8. The 5.3L has 355 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque, and it can either come with dynamic or active fuel management. The dynamic fuel management model comes standard on the LT Trail Boss, LTZ, and High Country. With 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque, the 6.2L engine works in conjunction with a 10-speed automatic transmission. The 6.2L engine, like several others, is available on select trims for anyone who wants to upgrade or modify the truck's powertrain.

The addition to this collection is a Duramax 3.0L turbo-diesel I-6. What's notable is that it can get up to an estimated 33 mpg on the highway while having a respectable 277 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque.

2. Excellent Towing Capabilities

Towing capacity depends on the engine and exact Silverado model. The 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 does the best in this category, giving the Silverado a best-in-class maximum towing capacity of 13,400 pounds. The Duramax is another solid performer with towing, being able to pull a maximum of 9,300 pounds.

3. Functional Bed

The bed on the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 has a smart design. Made out of high-strength steel, it's durable and resilient. It's wider and longer than the beds on many other types of trucks, giving people the space they need to carry their cargo. 12 tie-downs come standard, and nine removable tie-downs can be included. Lighting is available around the cargo box and around the hitch, and a 120-volt outlet is available as well.

4. User-Friendly Infotainment

The base models of the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 come with the Chevrolet Infotainment 3 System. It operates through a color touchscreen that measures either seven or eight inches, depending on the model. This system has Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth connectivity, and voice commands are accepted when using compatible phones. Accessing various menus is simple, and it doesn't take long to make adjustments to the music or find a contact to call.

On the higher trims, more advanced features are included. The touchscreen gets upgraded to a color, high-definition display, and in-vehcile apps can be used. Built-in navigation provides turn-by-turn directions, taking into account any traffic concerns.

5. Good Leg Room

Leg room in the front is a generous 44.53 inches. In the back of the double cab, it's still pretty respectable, at 35.24 inches. In a crew cab, that jumps up to 43.4 inches, which is a great size that taller passengers will truly appreciate.

6. Keeping an Eye on the Road

A rear vision camera is standard so that drivers can better see what's behind them while backing up. Guidelines can be projected onto the display to assist with parking.

Several other cameras are included to improve safety. For instance, the auxiliary trailer camera can be placed inside a trailer or behind it to let people see what would otherwise be hidden, and the bed view camera is useful for checking on cargo.

All together, there can be 15 camera views that provide unique perspectives. Four views focus in on the hitch, helping with alignment. Six camera views let drivers know how things are going while on the road. Five available parking views that display the front, sides, and back of the truck are key when maneuvering the Silverado into tight spots.

7. High-Tech Safety Features

The truck can be limited in some ways if its owner ever wants to control things with a teen driver. Based on a particular key fob, the truck can activate certain safety features and provide an in-vehicle report card after the trip is complete.

Driver-assist features, such as rear cross traffic alert and automatic emergency braking, are available on most trims. With these mechanisms in place, the Silverado can send alerts so that drivers can be aware of potential issues. The Silverado can also take corrective action, if necessary, to avoid an accident.

8. So Many Trims

There are eight trims on the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. The WT is pretty sparse in terms of enhancements, but it does come with a more attractive price tag. Likewise, the Custom is more affordable priced, but it does come with nice aesthetic elements on the exterior. The LT is a step up, with chrome details and LED headlamps and daytime running lamps.

The RST has its own style, and one might say that it has some swagger to it. It has body-color bumpers and gloss black mirror caps, and it comes with a power tailgate. Other trims that are more unique are the LT Trail Boss and Custom Trail Boss. These are ready to blow past the road and head out into uncharted territory.

Exemplifying the potential of a fully loaded truck is the High Country trim. It has exclusive details, like a special grille and two-town finish that features bronze and chrome. Assist steps that extend from wheel to wheel illustrate how this truck was carefully designed.

9. Easy Access in the Back

The truck can come with two different power-tailgate options so people can quickly pack up or unload their gear. The first option is a power release tailgate, and it can be lowered using a button the gate, a button inside the cabin, or the key fob. An upgrade is the power-up/-down tailgate. It can be operated just as the power release tailgate can be, but the difference is that it can lift itself back up and close securely.

For those situations when someone just has to grab an item out of the back, there are CornerStep footwells. These are big enough to fit work boots, and they have a textured surface to prevent slipping.

10. Go Off-Roading

Four-wheel drive is an option on the Silverado 1500. It would make sense to select this option if the truck might ever find itself in slippery conditions, whether they involve snow, ice, or sand.

With certain configurations, the Chevy can be optimized for trails. The truck can come lifted by two inches, and it can have an Autotrac 2-speed transfer case. Further, it can come with an automatic locking rear differential and a metal underbody shield to protect the vehicle from flying debris and bumps in the road. With the Z71 off-road package, the Silverado comes equipped with off-road suspension with Rancho shocks and all-terrain tires.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – The Cons

1. A Rough Ride

The 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is a tough truck, and it drives like one. Some might say that there's a lack of finesse in the suspension. The ride can be fine on pavement, but it can be noticeably bumpy on uneven terrain.

2. Cabin Controls Not Very Modern

Other than the infotainment system, the other cabin controls feel dated. Not much innovation has happened in this area, and this is a missed opportunity to freshen up the feel of the cabin.

3. Basic Interior

Most trims of the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 come standard with a front bench, with bucket seats being offered on the higher trims. Many models do not feature heated front seats or a heated steering wheel as standard options. Some consumers might be surprised that many trims only have manually adjustable front seats rather than power-adjustable versions.

4. Cabin Feels Crowded

The truck has a large center stack. While that may be convenient in some ways, it can be a drawback because it takes space away from the passengers and makes the cabin feel a bit cramped.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

While most trucks come with many different options, the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 does well in several match-ups. With an upgraded engine, the Chevy can outperform the Ram 1500 in terms of horsepower. With a more efficient set-up under the hood, the Silverado outshines several trucks, including the Toyota Tundra, in the efficiency category.


Anyone shopping for a new truck should definitely consider the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. It's a good investment that will look great on the road. It can come with one of five different engines, depending on a driver's needs, and the interior ranges from having standard elements to being equipped with the latest in technology. When building the Silverado, Chevrolet made sure to include various models to generate broader appeal.

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