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2022 Chevrolet Tahoe vs Nissan Armada

2022 Chevrolet Tahoe vs Nissan Armada

2022 Tahoe vs Armada - How Do They Stack Up? Which is Better?

If you're in the market for an SUV that is packed with features, offers plenty of space, and has power to spare - look no further than the 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe or Nissan Armada. Both powerful three-row SUVs come loaded with amenities making them worth their high price tags; we'll review what sets them apart from one another so you can decide which model best fits your needs.

The Powertrain

Chevrolet has equipped the Tahoe with three engines of impressive power. Offering 355 horsepower, 383 pound-feet from its 5.3-liter EcoTec V8 engine as standard, drivers can upgrade to 6.2 liters for an invigorating 420 hp and 460 lb.-ft torque boost!

The Duramax 3.0-liter turbo-diesel packs a mighty punch - with its 460 pound-feet of torque and 277 horsepower, it offers immense power for the discerning driver wanting to get the most out of their full size SUV. And yet, amazingly thanks to its advanced technology this engine also provides an impressive 28 miles per gallon on highways - 8 more than comparable V8s – making it perfect those looking maximize efficiency without compromising on performance.

Chevrolet has equipped all of their vehicles with 10-speed automatic transmissions, as well as two unique suspension systems. The premium smooth ride suspension offers excellent cushioning and a comfortable drive on roads big or small; while the adaptive air ride system uses electrically controlled air springs to adjust stiffness effortlessly according to road conditions (as well as raising/lowering itself for improved aerodynamics!). With this combination under the hood, your Chevy will be ready for anything that comes its way.

Magnetic Ride Control is a game-changing feature for select Tahoe's, harnessing the power of electro-magnetism to make split second adjustments that dramatically improve traction and steering precision. This fundamentally changes how your vehicle handles - ultimately enhancing performance on any terrain.

Four-wheel drive is optional while rear-wheel drive is the standard drivetrain to have. Towing capacity is very high at 8,400 pounds, and several mechanisms can make it easier and safer to tow cargo. Multiple trailer views can be included with the advanced trailer system along with pre-departure checklists, trailer tire pressure monitoring, and hitch guidance.

The Nissan Armada matches up nicely with the Tahoe having a towing capacity of 8,500 pounds and numerous mechanisms that can enhance the driving experience when hauling heavy loads. An auto-leveling suspension is standard with the Armada while the trailer sway control is optional. Tow/Haul mode comes with downhill speed control to make it safer to descend steep slopes. Along with an all-around view monitor, which helps drivers to clearly see what they're doing when trying to line things up?

The Nissan Armada and the Chevrolet Tahoe are rivaling forces in the world of large SUVs. Both possess powerful motors; however they differ in terms of capability: while Armada is furnished with a 7-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode as well as a 5.6-liter V8 engine capable of delivering 400 horsepower and 413 pound-feet torque respectively; meaning this behemoth has some serious power under its hood! As for Chevy's offering - two formidable V8s ensure an impenetrable performance on any terrain.

For any terrain, the Nissan SUV has you covered with its 4x4 capability and two-speed transfer case. With just a few clicks of a button it can be switched between 4HI, 4LO or Snow mode for easy accessibility no matter what conditions arise. Even if one wheel slips on wet pavement or uneven surfaces, this system is designed to instantly redirect power where traction makes the most impact – giving drivers added peace of mind each time they get behind the wheel.

The 2022 Nissan Armada brings moderate fuel efficiency to the table, but falls short when compared to rivals like a Tahoe with a diesel engine. On average it can only achieve 14 mpg in cities and 19 out on highways - not quite cutting-edge for its class.


Drivers of the Tahoe and Armada will feel unstoppable with their immense power and size. However, this strength comes with a caveat - tight spaces require extra attention behind the wheel. Be confident yet aware when piloting these beastly vehicles on roads both large and small.

The Chevy Tahoe and Nissan Armada may have just a few inches difference in length and width, but the interior space of both models tells an entirely different story. With its cavernous third row seating complete with 25.5 cubic feet of cargo capacity which can increase to 122.9 when you lower the second and third rows - it's no wonder why so many people opt for a SUV like this one.

With an interior space of 92.6 cubic feet, the Armada offers plenty to fit in all your necessary cargo - but if more is what you're looking for, the Tahoe has room up its sleeve with a massive 16.5 cubic foot hold behind its third row alone! Whether you need extra breathing room or prefer that little bit extra storage capacity, both vehicles have something special to offer every type of driver.

Legroom in these three-row SUVs is good enough, but again, the Tahoe comes out ahead, having 44.5 inches and 42 inches of legroom in its first and second rows, respectively. Even its back row feels spacious, coming with 36.7 inches of leg room which is much more than what many other three-row vehicles can provide.

In noticeable contrast, the Nissan Armada only has 28.4 inches of third-row leg room which might become a reason for adults not to enjoy riding back at the back. Having 41.9 and 41 inches of first- and second-row leg room, space isn't a concern for riders in the middle and front of the cabins.

The Nissan Armada offers a truly luxurious cabin, with ten-way power adjusting driver's seat and eight way passenger seats both boasting two-way lumbar support. Plus the options to add extra heating or cooling features ensures an even greater level of comfort. To finish it off, choose from four elegant upholstery materials – cloth, leatherette, leather and quilted leather - for complete satisfaction behind the wheel.

With the 2022 Tahoe, you can get comfortable thanks to its power-adjustable steering column and a variety upholstery options including cloth, leather, or perforated leather. Need more flexibility? Select models of the Tahoe come with a power release for both rows that adjusts your seating even further! Though it was not possible in many cases this year, some versions may include heated seat features too - so settle into luxury at an affordable price.

These vehicles offer the height of modern tech, with all models featuring a sleek eight-inch touchscreen as minimum along with an extensive catalogue of features, from reliable Bluetooth connectivity to seamless access for Android and Apple users through CarPlay and Auto. And that's just scratching the surface - SiriusXM satellite radio means you never have to worry about losing signal again while on long drives.

With the latest trim of its lineup, Tahoe is loaded with even more features than before. For starters, passengers can stay connected and charged on-the-go thanks to wireless charging systems in all trims and two USB ports per row. And when it comes to enjoying a high tech driving experience - Mid & higher level models are equipped with impressive 10.2” touchscreens that feature Google's cutting edge programs such as Assistant & Maps for easy access to offers comprehensive information without leaving the wheel.

Upgrade your ride with distinctive 10.2-inch touchscreen and optional 12.2-inch driver information center displays! These eye catching digital screens will make driving more personal, displaying all sorts of data from safety notifications to diagnostic readings - plus the base trim offers a generous eight inches for great visibility too.

Six speakers are included with the first trim of the Tahoe while the others offer nine or ten Bose speakers, with the more advanced system having Center Point technology to enhance audio quality.

The Armada's digital center is extraordinary, boasting a 12.3-inch touchscreen that commands attention. Standard specs include navigation technology, and compatibility with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto as well as Bluetooth & voice recognition - adding to the convenience of having Wi-Fi capability available on board.

Rev up the entertainment system in your Armada with four speakers at base trim, six for Mid-level trims and a 13 speaker set - including subwoofer - at higher end models! Enjoy loads of connectivity options as you charge wirelessly or plug into five USB ports. For an ultimate audio experience, upgrade to tri-zone entertainment complete with two eight inch monitors and wireless headphones accompanied by remote control capabilities.


This type of vehicle should come with the improved safety equipment as expected by the buyers, which is why both of these SUVs satisfy their customers' needs in terms of safety. The Tahoe contains a full set of driver-assist technology, including automatic emergency braking and a following distance indicator. All trims have lane departure warning and lane keep assist, and most have blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. An option is available to get reverse automatic braking, which could be very helpful in some situations. A rearview camera is standard along with a 360-degree monitoring system.

The exception lies in Tahoe lacking standard adaptive cruise control. It's unfortunate that this option isn't offered across the entire lineup like it is with the Nissan Armada.

The Nissan Armada boasts an impressive array of features, including a driver alertness program and blind spot intervention for its base trim. For those looking for extra safety elements on their SUV journey, higher trims can offer intelligent rearview mirrors that act as video feeds thanks to the rear-facing camera along with all-around monitors capable of reading traffic signs and reminding drivers when they are approaching. With these incredible tech advancements included in your ride, you'll be sure to drive safely without missing a beat.

Which Has the Best Value?

On the lookout for an expensive ride? The Armada and Tahoe are two great options, with starting prices of $49,500 and $50,500 respectively. But if you're looking to really treat yourself - consider splurging on a Platinum or High Country trim; these luxurious high-end vehicles cost up to $68,900 and 71$100.

With its sleek 22-inch wheels, refined exterior and sophisticated cabin, the High Country gives you an upgraded driving experience. But if ultimate luxury is what matters to you most then look no further than Armada Platinum - with features that elevate your ride beyond expectations. However compared to these two vehicles, it’s also worth noting that size does matter; The Armadas smaller frame might be a deciding factor for some drivers.

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