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2022 Chevrolet Trax Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Chevrolet Trax Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: LS vs LT
Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

Compare the 2022 Chevrolet Trax Trims - LS vs LT. What is the difference between them?

With Chevrolet, you don't have to choose between thrift and luxury! The LS trim offers unbeatable value for your money, while the LT packs all the bells and whistles that will fulfill every craving. Plus - even after adding several upgrades of your choice - these cars won’t exceed a price tag of $25K… so go wild with confidence!

Compare the LS and LT: What's the Difference?

Chevy chose an evergreen look with their LS model, featuring adjustable side mirrors, Daytime Running Lamps to light up the road ahead, and timeless halogen reflector headlamps. These classic components still exude sophistication in today's market.

On the LT, side mirrors are heated. When activated by the rear defogger, these heaters quickly melt away ice, frost and snow from vehicles after spending some time outside. On cold mornings when cars have been sitting outside for some time, these heaters come in handy. Furthermore, LT features halogen projector-beam headlamps which are slightly above LS models', plus LED Daytime Running Lamps and tail lamps which work together to give it a modern appearance.

Other components included in the LT but not LS are skid plates, roof-mounted side rails and deep-tinted glass. On the LT these skid plates are painted silver to provide extra protection when driving over uneven terrain or when its wheels kick up rocks. Side rails add to the sporty appearance of the Trax and can be paired with available cross rails if anyone plans on loading cargo up there. Deep-tinted glass has become almost a standard feature of SUVs as it provides shade and privacy for rear seat passengers and cargo areas - though this type of tinted glass is an optional extra on LS models only.

When looking at the interiors of these trims, there are noticeable differences. While the LS has a 12-volt power outlet for charging purposes, the LT boasts both a 12-volt outlet and 120-volt outlet - perfect for powering small household appliances on long road trips, camping outings or tailgate parties. Furthermore, the LT also features an under seat cargo shelf to hide whatever's behind from sight when not in use; this can easily be taken out and put away when not required.

One more storage feature on the LT is its compartment beneath the front-passenger seat. A bin has been cleverly constructed into this area and can slide out when someone needs access. Perfect for keeping smaller items like flashlights, maps, and emergency tools out of sight but still accessible when necessary - this area makes for convenient storage.

Seating options differ between the LS and LT models, with cloth upholstery and manually adjustable front seats in both cases. The LT also features power adjustment of its driver's seat as well as manual adjustment; both models can also be heated for added comfort. Furthermore, the LT comes standard with deluxe cloth/leatherette seat trim which offers more refinement than just plain fabric itself; customers may opt for full leatherette covering which looks almost exactly like genuine leather but is much stronger and easier to maintain than genuine leatherette does.

On long road trips, the LT is equipped with cruise control - helping maintain a set speed and reducing fatigue while driving on the highway. Unfortunately, this feature isn't standard on the LS; however, it is an optional extra on the entry-level trim level.

Further, the LT has remote start which enables users to start their engines remotely. Doing this makes the climate system work more efficiently during hot and cold months when getting inside early makes for a much more comfortable cabin experience. Unfortunately, remote start is only available on LS models.

With the Trax, whether you go for the base model or its higher trim counterpart, you're guaranteed to get a powerful yet efficient engine under your hood. Offering an impressive 155 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque, this 1.4-liter turbocharged unit is just what city slickers need – so don't forget that exploring offroad trails isn’t always necessary with superior performance like this.

Chevy has coupled the engine with a six-speed automatic transmission. If anyone wants to take over shifting, they can use the Driver Shift Control feature. All-wheel drive is optional on both trims and can improve performance when roads get slippery - making it ideal for those living in cold climates. With all-wheel drive, adjustments are made automatically rather than requiring drivers to decide when front-wheel drive should be used and when all four wheels should receive power.

Both cabin trims feature solar-absorbing glass and windshields to help keep the Trax cooler in summertime. LS and LT models only have manual climate control, which while not fancy may get the job done just fine. Chevy even built in a rear heat duct to the SUV so people in back can warm up quickly too - an innovation worth noting.

From a technology perspective, the Chevy Trax offers plenty. Both LS and LT models come standard with a seven-inch color touchscreen that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for voice commands to be accepted via compatible phones. Bluetooth also allows two devices to be connected directly to the infotainment system - an ideal feature given how many different devices there are nowadays. Drivers can utilize voice commands, the touchscreen itself or steering-wheel mounted controls to customize their experience with the system.

The Chevrolet Trax offers an impressive range of connectivity options, with two USB ports and an auxiliary input jack available to the driver and front passenger. To take convenience to the next level, this model also works Wi-Fi out of the box - perfect for streaming movies or online gaming while on your travels.

With the Trax, you don't have to worry about finding new stations when venturing across different parts of the country. Instead, enjoy standard access to SiriusXM Satellite Radio – with more channels than ever! Keep entertained on those long road trips and get in touch with all kinds of great music from around the world.

Power door locks, power windows and remote keyless entry come standard on this model. Behind the steering wheel there's a 3.5-inch Driver Information Center that displays important data like speed, fuel range, tire pressure and more. Plus it includes an electronic compass to help drivers determine their direction when uncertain.

As previously noted, the LT offers customers more customization options. Instead of being limited to 16-inch wheels, customers can opt for 18-inch ones that will stand out more. Standard 16" wheels are painted aluminum while optional 18" ones can either have a glossy black finish or black with red accent stripes.

For those looking to accentuate the style of their LT, two packages stand out: Midnight Edition with black belt line moldings, skid plates and bowtie emblems as well as 18-inch gloss black wheels. Redline Edition goes even further with 18" black wheels featuring red accent stripes, all-season blackwall tires, black mirror caps and a black grille surround.

If someone wants to enhance the level of sophistication in the LT's cabin, they have two choices. One is the Premium Seat package which includes heated front seats and leatherette upholstery; alternatively, customers may opt for the LT Convenience package which includes a six-way power adjustable driver's seat, leather wrapped steering wheel, as well as keyless open/start functionality.

From a safety perspective, the Trax offers basic features. It has tire pressure monitoring system, three-point seatbelts in all positions and electrical stability control. Furthermore, there's a rear vision camera to assist drivers when backing up.

However, it lacks the standard driver-assist technologies that have become increasingly commonplace in the industry. If customers desire these features, then they would have to upgrade to the LT model. The LT offers three available systems - side blind zone alert, rear cross traffic alert and rear park assist - which provide extra eyes when it's hard to see other vehicles and provide audio or visual cues when it's safe to switch lanes or back up.

Final Thoughts

When price is your top priority, the LS is the ideal trim. It features an advanced infotainment system with smartphone connectivity, Wi-Fi capability and SiriusXM radio that may be enough to keep people contented. Furthermore, this model comes equipped with all-wheel drive for extra traction when needed.

For those seeking additional amenities in their next vehicle, the LT is your best bet. It includes features typically only found on more expensive models such as heated side mirrors and remote start, tinted windows and cruise control, plus heated front seats with leatherette upholstery for an upscale feel.

Although not necessary, appearance packages on the Trax LT can add some flair. While the Trax doesn't particularly stand out with its style, adding either Midnight Edition or Redline Edition package could be a bold step that would significantly improve its visual appeal.

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