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2023 Chevrolet Trailblazer Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2023 Chevrolet Trailblazer Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: LS vs LT, Activ and RS

What 2023 Chevrolet Trailblazer Trim Should You Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The 2023 Chevrolet Trailblazer is just one of the many compact SUVs that car shoppers have to choose from. While the Trailblazer definitely faces some tough competition, it still proves to be a worthwhile option. Automotive reviewers praise this SUV for its affordable cost and generous number of modern features. Attractive styling sweetens the deal.

Although the Trailblazer may not be as large as Chevy's midsize Blazer, it is nearly just as accommodating. Even rear passengers will have 39.4 inches of leg space. Good fuel economy also helps make the Trailblazer a great everyday family hauler. Here’s an overview of how its four available trim levels compare.


Compare the LS vs LT Trims. What is the difference?

The base LS trim’s bargain-basement pricing will win over some people. Chevy lists it with a starting MSRP of less than $22,000. Luckily, this entry-level trim offers more than just basic transportation.

Powering the Trailblazer LS is a tiny 1.2-liter, boosted three-cylinder engine. A turbocharger enable it to press out 137 horsepower. Features, such as a continuously variable transmission and lower grille shutters, help enhance fuel efficiency. Drivers can trust the SUV to return a combined 30 mpg on regular gas. However, acceleration will be a bit slower than average.

Along with the LS trim's optional push-button AWD system comes Chevy’s more potent 1.3-liter engine. This slightly larger turbo three-cylinder engine elevates performance by producing 155 horsepower. When taking the Trailblazer for a test drive, its stronger acceleration and extra passing power will be evident. Chevy also improves responsiveness by pairing the upgraded engine with a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Fuel economy with the bigger engine and all-wheel drive is only a tad lower. According to the federal government’s estimates, owners should be able to average a combined 28 mpg.

The Trailblazer LS isn’t a hardcore off-road machine. However, it can handle a rural adventure. Even the front-wheel-drive version comes equipped with a Snow mode. This is a nice perk for folks who may occasionally encounter wintry road conditions.

Most car shoppers will find the base LS trim to be quite stylish. It comes standard with painted 17-inch aluminum wheels and cheaper halogen headlamps. Chevy also offers the Trailblazer LS in a total of eight paint colors, including Vivid Orange Metallic and Blue Glow Metallic.

On the inside, the LS trim provides just enough amenities to ensure a comfy commute. Cloth bucket seats come standard. Drivers will also appreciate the SUV’s tilt/telescopic steering wheel, which features integrated audio controls. Like the backseat, the passenger seat folds flat to create extra cargo space.

Among the SUV’s most attractive features is Chevy’s easy-to-operate Infotainment 3 system. It provides a standard 7.0-inch color touchscreen. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make smartphone integration an effortless task. Twin USB ports and a six-speaker stereo unit with satellite radio are also found on the LS trim. When traveling, the gauge cluster’s digital compass will help you to stay on the right course.

Another big highlight is the onboard Wi-Fi hotspot. It supports multiple devices at once, thus allowing every passenger to gain access to the internet. Unlike most competitors, the Trailblazer comes standard with an advanced Teen Driver safety system. It does more than just give parents the power to regulate the vehicle’s top speed. The system can monitor the youngster’s driving habits and provide a report card.

The Trailblazer LS enhances security by equipping every trim with Chevy Safety Assist. This is a system of six advanced safety technologies. When traveling in busy urban areas, drivers will appreciate having Front Pedestrian Braking. Meanwhile, the forward collision alert system can prevent rear-end accidents by automatically engaging the brakes when needed. Lane-keeping technology and high-beam assist add more assurance.

Don’t ignore the benefits of the SUV’s rear-seat reminder system. When chauffeuring around small kids and dogs, distracted drivers will appreciate the extra peace of mind. A class-leading 10 airbags envelop the cabin to shield passengers from impacts.

For around $500, buyers can upgrade the LS trim with a Driver Confidence & Cruise package. Aside from a traditional cruise control system, this package also brings some highly beneficial safety features. While a blind-spot monitoring system with lane-change alert keeps drivers aware of nearby traffic, rear parking assist helps pilot you in and out of spaces.

Folks who live in freezing areas may want the LS trim’s optional engine block heater. It helps the vehicle to warm up faster during the winter.

More amenities are on the Trailblazer LT’s list of standard items. In contrast to the LS trim, the front-wheel-drive LT trim can be upgraded with Chevy’s stronger 1.3-liter engine. Even with the stronger engine under its hood, the Trailblazer LT still manages to return a combine 31 mpg. Cruise control becomes a standard feature. All-whhel drive remains an option.

When comparing the LT trim to the base LS trim, prospective buyers will notice a few exterior upgrades. A cooler-looking set of 17-inch black aluminum wheels enhance the SUV’s overall appearance. Tinted rear windows help block out the sun’s intense UV rays, thus helping passengers to enjoy a more relaxing drive. LED fog lights, roof rails, and upgraded exterior mirrors with built-in defrosters further differentiate the Trailblazer LT.

There are more perks on the inside. Front-seat heating modes make cold-weather driving a bit more comfortable. Remote keyless entry with push-button ignition is another nice convenience. A power driver’s seat is also found on the LT trim.

Folks who don’t mind spending more money should consider the LT trim’s Adaptive Cruise Control Package. In contrast to the Trailblazer LT’s standard cruise control feature, this more advanced system can maintain a safe following gap by automatically adjusting speed. A leather-covered heated steering wheel and upgraded driver information screen also come in the package.

The LT trim offers a Convenience package as well. While the package’s automatic climate control system seamlessly maintains the set cabin temperature, an auto-dimming rearview mirror minimizes headlight glare. Other aspects of the package consist of a bigger 8.0-inch infotainment screen and additional USB ports.

Chevy’s available Sun and Liftgate Package further increases the SUV’s total cost. It adds a panoramic sunroof and an upgraded rear liftgate with hands-free functionality. Like the base LS trim, the LT trim offers a Driver Confidence Package.

Compare the LT trim vs Activ. What is the Difference?

Outdoorsy drivers who like exploring the wilderness will be interested in the Trailblazer’s slightly more capable Activ trim level. To help the SUV to deliver a better performance on rugged terrain, Chevy equips it with a beefier off-road suspension and a functional front skid plate. Sport terrain tires also help boost the SUV’s trail capabilities.

Keep in mind that the Activ trim does not come standard with all-wheel drive. However, it is powered by the stronger 1.3-liter turbo engine. A standard tow hitch receiver prepares the SUV to pull trailers.

Some exclusive exterior styling cues help set apart the Trailblazer Activ. Unlike the lower trim grades, it comes equipped with LED tail lamps. Dual exhaust outlets make the SUV’s rear fascia look more aggressive. Unique wheels further distinguish this more rugged trim. An available Summit White roof brings a two-tone appearance.

While the Activ trim is not significantly more upscale than the LT trim, it does give rear passengers a center armrest. A leather-covered shift knob and simulated leather upholstery spawn a more luxurious atmosphere. Chevy also upgrades this trim with a standard heated steering wheel.

A tempting Technology Package with the Chevy Infotainment Plus system is optional. It equips the SUV with a premium Bose audio system. This seven-speaker unit includes an enclosed Richbass subwoofer for deeper bass. Active Sound Management helps quell unwanted noise.

The Technology package also improves safety by equipping the Trailblazer Activ with glowing LED headlights and an HD backup camera. Adaptive cruise control and a wireless charger for mobile phones are included as well.

Compare the Activ vs RS Trim Levels. What is the difference?

The range-topping RS trim isn’t quite as rugged as the Activ trim. However, it does offer a traction-improving AWD system. Chevy’s stronger 1.3-liter engine is also a standard feature.

Some people consider the Trailblazer RS to be the range’s most attractive trim. Its exclusive 18-inch machined wheels will attract some attention. A racier grille accentuates the RS trim’s sporty character. Like the Activ trim, it is equipped with dual exhaust finishers. Red interior accents help the SUV’s cabin to stand out.

The RS trim offers the same optional packages as the Activ trim.


Final Thoughts

Drivers looking to cut costs will find the base Trailblazer LS to be a solid option. Not only is the LS trim a budget-friendly pick, but it also provides enough features to please modern drivers. Chevy’s Infotainment 3 system has impressed a lot of car reviewers. The system is responsive, simple to use, and provides today’s hottest multimedia features. Chevy Safety Assist also equips the SUV with multiple accident-avoidance technologies.

The LS trim’s standard engine is not the most potent. To get the LS trim with Chevy’s most muscular 1.3-liter engine, buyers must select the optional AWD system. Fortunately, fuel economy isn’t drastically reduced when selecting all-wheel drive.

Priced about $2,200 above the base model, the LT trim comes loaded with a few more extras. Highlights include a power driver’s seat, remote ignition, and front-seat heating modes. Of the available options packages, the Driver Confidence Package is arguably the most worthwhile. It adds blind-spot awareness and rear park-assist.

The overwhelming majority of outdoor lovers are likely to pick the Trailblazer Activ. Its off-road upgrades will give drivers more assurance when traveling through the rural backcountry. Appearance upgrades and simulated leather upholstery also help make the Activ trim worth the money.

Even the range-topping RS trim has a listed MSRP of less than $26,000. It receives the lineup’s upgraded engine as standard equipment. Many drivers will also be drawn to the RS trim’s sportier exterior styling details. Remember, none of the available packages come standard on the RS trim.

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