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2014 Chrysler 200 Pros vs Cons

Buy a 2014 Chrysler 200

The Top 10 Reasons Why You May want to Buy a 2014 Chrysler 200:

The 2014 Chrysler 200: An Overlooked Gem
Unlike the uninspiring Chrysler Cirrus of yesteryear, the 2014 Chrysler 200 is able to stand toe-to-toe with any sedan in its class. The Chrysler 200’s elegant styling and well-designed interior helps to make it one of the best values on the car market. On the road, the 200 is able to deliver a very nimble driving dynamic without sacrificing ride quality. The inside of the sedan is also packed with an abundance of comfort-enhancing goodies. The sleek convertible model treats the driver to a very invigorating open-air experience.

What’s new for 2014?
The exterior appearance of the 2014 Chrysler 200 is virtually identical to the previous model year. However, all trims now receive Chrysler’s exclusive six-speed automatic gearbox. The upgraded transmission helps to make the Chrysler 200 a much smoother performer in all driving situations. The enhanced efficiency of the transmission also helps the sedan to obtain the best possible gas mileage.

Ten Reasons to Buy a 2014 Chrysler 200

1) The Chrysler 200 has very distinctive styling cues. This helps to distinguish it from any other vehicle roaming the streets. This is a very beneficial trait for the drivers who do not like blending into the crowd.

2) Unlike the Honda Accord and Nissan Altima, the Chrysler 200 has the distinction of being one of the few family sedans that offer a convertible model. Although the drop-top version only has two doors, the spacious back seat is very accommodating. Available with a retractable steel roof, the 200 can transform from a coupe into a convertible in only 30 seconds.

3) Sedans such as the Ford Fusion use a turbocharger on its top-of-the-line engine. Unfortunately, turbochargers experience a reduction in performance during hot weather. On the other hand, the Chrysler 200’s award-winning Pentastar engine does not use a turbocharger to develop its abundance of horsepower.

4) The Chrysler 200 is very efficient. Most drivers will be satisfied with the base engine’s fuel economy of 31 miles-per-gallon on the highway. Even the 283-horsepower Pentastar engine is able to deliver nearly 30 mpg while traveling on the freeway.

5) Chrysler has really taken the 200’s interior to another level. Not only are all of the interior controls very easy to operate, but the components also exude a top-tier level of quality. The high-quality materials should last for many years to come.

6) The 2014 Chrysler 200 is available with a number of creature comforts. The driver will certainly benefit from Chrysler’s innovative Uconnect infotainment system. Some of the other noteworthy features include a 6.5-inch touch-screen interface, a Boston Acoustics sound system, and navigation.

7) The convertible version of the Chrysler 200 is notably sportier than the rest of the lineup. The black grille and racy wheels help it to exude an aggressive flair. While the Chrysler 200 convertible is not a true sports car, the beefy Pentastar motor makes it a very fun machine to drive on the open road. Meanwhile, the overall comfort of the 200 convertible makes it a very capable long-distance traveler.

8) Many test drivers complained about the sluggishness of the outdated four-speed automatic transmission. The smoothness of the six-speed gearbox has fixed all of those issues. The new transmission delivers timely gear shifts with no delays in response.

9) A fully-equipped Chrysler 200 Limited will be less expensive than a comparable Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. This is a very intriguing attribute for the drivers who are looking to save some cash without sacrificing quality.

10) The Chrysler 200 is a great daily-driver. Whether the owner is picking up their kids from school or commuting to work, the 200 will get the job done with no fuss.

Reasons You May Not Want to Buy a 2014 Chrysler 200

1) For some reason, Chrysler does not offer a rear-view camera on the 200. While the car does offer great visibility, some drivers may prefer the luxury of a rear-view camera system.

2) The 2014 Chrysler 200 does indeed deliver agile driving dynamics. However, the sedan does not have a sports-tuned suspension setup. Some car enthusiasts like the enhanced road feel that is provided by a sports-tuned suspension.

3) Although it is unlikely to be a deal breaker for most people, the 2014 Chrysler 200 does not offer all-wheel drive. Motorists who live in snowy areas may find that the front-wheel drive setup does not provide enough traction.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced everyday driver, the 2014 Chrysler 200 sedan is certainly worth a test drive. While the four-cylinder engine will satisfy most people, the Pentastar V-6 is the engine that offers the best combination of efficiency and muscular performance. Unlike most convertible cars, the Chrysler 200 convertible provides a very livable rear seat.