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2015 Dodge Durango

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Why Buy a 2015 Dodge Durango?
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Should You Buy a 2015 Dodge Durango? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

U.S. News ranks the 2015 Dodge Durango is ranked at number five for the most affordable large SUVs, and all it takes is a test drive to see why. The ranking is based on test drives, reliability and safety ratings. Dodge has long been known for its reliability, expert-handling, and low maintenance costs and the Dodge Durango is no exception. The Dodge Durango is an excellent towing vehicle, especially if you opt for the more powerful V8 engine.

This SUV provides plenty of room for the entire family, and can sit seven people comfortably. There are mixed reviews about the third row of seats, and you may want to consider keeping the kids in the back row. Leg room becomes less ample towards the back of the cabin, but the overall design and comfort-level remains top-knotch. The front seats are where the vehicle really shines, and the Tri-Zone automatic climate control is sure to keep the whole party comfortable regardless of the weather.

Top Ten Reasons to Buy a 2015 Dodge Durango - The Pros

1 It's a Comfortable Ride:

The Dodge Durando doesn't sacrifice comfort for power or ruggedness. The interior is as comfortable and roomy as many of the higher-cost luxury cars on the market. With several trims to choose from, you can sit back and relax with the base cloth upholstery, or upgrade to more expensive leather upholstery. The second-row options include the ability to add captain's chairs and heated second-row seats. This makes it a great commuting car, and can help those first few passengers that get in the car stay warm.

2 Enjoyable to Drive:

SUVs have garnered some negative attention for maneuverability, but the Dodge Durango aims to fix all that. The SUV corners well, is a smooth ride and reviewers note the surprisingly low amount of wind noise on the highway. Entertainment options are plenty with an MP3 player, auxiliary audio input and an AM/FM stereo on the base model. Satellite radio and a CD player is available as an option. Higher trim packages include a premium sound system, complete entertainment system, and an HD radio.

3 Good Towing Capacity:

Even the base-level 2WD version of the Dodge Durango offers good towing power. It has rear wheel drive for additional stability, a V6 cylinder engine and 290 horsepower. The car comes standard with automatic, automatic with manual mode, and an 8-speed automatic transmission.

4 Plenty of Trunk Space:

The Dodge Durango has a good cargo capacity. Cargo volume from the first seat to the back of the cabin falls in at 84.5 cubic feet. Volume up to seat two comes in at 47.7 cubic feet, and seat three comes in at 17.2 cubic feet. The seats can be folded up to take full advantage of the available cargo space. The cargo space is typical for its class, but it doesn't provide as much space as some of its rivals.

7 Can Fit the Entire Family:

This car can fit the entire family and comes with seven seats and plenty of options for strapping cargo to the top of the vehicle, using a trailer, or the available trunk space. For those that enjoy camping, fishing, or a a trip to the beach, this SUV provides more than enough room to store all of your equipment and supplies.

5 Ample Gas Mileage:

The SUV combines power with fuel efficiency. On the highway, it gets up to 25 MPG. In the city, expect to get approximately 18 MPG. More powerful trims may result in lower gas mileage, but for its class it is average.

6 Good Price Range:

The average cost paid for the Dodge Durango is from $30,691 to $43,210. The Dodge Durango is an affordable SUV that should fit well within most families budgets. Safety and security features are similar across most trims, so you don't have to sacrifice what matters to save some money.

7 Can Fit the Entire Family:

This car can fit the entire family and comes with seven seats and plenty of options for strapping cargo to the top of the vehicle, using a trailer, or the available trunk space. For those that enjoy camping, fishing, or a a trip to the beach, this SUV provides more than enough room to store all of your equipment and supplies.

8 Lots of Options:

The Dodge Durango is loaded with options. Depending on the package and the options you select, you can add a back-up camera, anti-theft system, cruise control, fog lamps, and auto-off headlamps. Additionally, there are options to include a trip computer to better track your mileage on long trips, keyless entry, and a rear parking aid. All of these features are sure to make the drive safer and more enjoyable.

9 A Beautiful Exterior:

The exterior options feature include running boards, sun-moon roof and power tilt-sliding sunroof. Standard all-terrain tires are provided and give this SUV a smooth ride over a variety of road conditions. The SUV also comes with an optional full-size spare, so that you can get safely on your way in case you get a flat.

10 Good Safety Ratings:

The Dodge Durango has all of the standard safety features you would expect. Driver, passenger, side head, rear head, and side air bags are included. It features four-wheel ABS brakes, brake assist and electronic stability control. The only safety feature that isn't standard is daytime running lights. The SUVs traction control can help you maintain speed and direction even in rainy and icy conditions.

Reasons you may not want to buy a 2015 Dodge Durango - The Cons

1 Gas Mileage:

While this SUB gets good gas mileage, it may not be very economical for the solo traveler. The most benefit is gained when you regularly tow large loads, or have a large family you need to tow along with you.

2 Third Row Seats:

The third row of seats is not as spacious as some other models. Test drivers complain that the third row is really only suitable for children, and that it won't be comfortable enough for adults. This may be an issue on long-distance treks with a large number of adults.

3 City Driving Issues:

Fuel economy can suffer greatly in city driving conditions. At 18 MPG maximum, this may not be a very economic car for those who run errands and need to get quickly and efficiently across town.

4 Not Tuned for Speed:

The transmission on the Dodge Durango is tuned for fuel efficiency and not speed. While it certainly has passing power, the SUV is not as fast as some of its competitors.

5 GPS Traffic System:

In test drives, the GPS system has been slow to respond in certain situations. It has some difficulties with real-time traffic updates, but future software updates available from the dealership should resolve most issues.


Overall, the Dodge Durango is an enjoyable, comfortable and safe drive. Many of the drawbacks are consistent with other cars in its class. When it comes down to it, the 2015 Dodge Durango offers a good compromise between power, size, speed and safety.

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