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2019 Dodge Charger Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2019 Dodge Charger Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: SXT vs GT vs R/T, Scatpack & Hellcat

What 2019 Dodge Charger Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The 2019 Dodge Charger is a full-size sedan with the heart of a legendary muscle car. Whether you're seeking a comfortable family car or desire a daily adrenaline rush, you can count on the new Charger to deliver. Stylish appearance upgrades make the Charger even more special. If you live an area where it snows a lot, take advantage of the available AWD system.

Just a few changes were made to the 2019 Dodge Charger. New performance technologies, such as line lock and launch control, have arrived. Some models also feature a new grille with air inlets for improved output.

To make it easier for car shoppers, Dodge has simplified the Charger's lineup for 2019. You now have a total of five trims to choose: Charger SXT, Charger GT, Charger R/T, Charger Scat Pack, and Charger SRT Hellcat. Let's find out the key differences between each trim.

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Compare the 2019 Dodge Charger SXT vs GT Trim Levels. What is the difference?

With a starting price of less than $29,000, the Charger SXT is the most affordable model. Most people will find it to be quite stylish. A dual-outlet exhaust system and projector headlamps with LED accents come standard. A more stylish set of 20-inch black wheels and black exterior trim come with the optional Blacktop appearance package.

Motivation comes from a Pentastar V6 engine, which pushes out 292 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheels. An eight-speed automatic transmission comes standard throughout the Charger lineup.

A good number of features are found inside the Charger SXT. Dodge's Uconnect infotainment system with a 7.0-inch touch screen is the interior's focal point. Dual USB ports help keep your electronic devices fully charged. Some of the other niceties include remote start, a six-speaker sound system with satellite radio, and a backup camera. A more powerful Alpine sound system is available as an option.

Dodge also offers an AWD version of the Charger SXT, which comes loaded with even more equipment. Upgraded cloth upholstery makes the cabin feel just a bit more luxurious. Everyone will be thankful for the Charger SXT AWD's onboard Wi-Fi. A larger 8.4-inch infotainment display, HD radio, and dual-zone automatic climate control are also found on the AWD version of the Charger SXT. An optional Cold Weather package gets you heated front seats and a heated steering wheel.

On the outside, there are a few styling treatments that separate the AWD-equipped Charger SXT from the standard SXT trim. The larger 19-inch wheels are bound to catch your attention. LED fog lights are featured as well. Meanwhile, heated mirrors help enhance visibility during the winter time.

Dodge does equipped the Charger SXT with some valuable safety technologies. Rain Brake Support helps keep the rotors dry on rainy days. Rear parking sensors make the sedan easier to maneuver in congested spaces. Dodge also offers a Driver Confidence package, which brings blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert. The available Technology package equips the Charger SXT with even more advanced driving aids, including forward collision warning and lane departure alert.

Under the hood of the Charger GT sits the same Pentastar V6 engine. However, a sports-tuned suspension enables the GT trim to offer tighter handling. In contrast to the Charger SXT, the Charger GT doesn't offer all-wheel drive.

You'll also notice the Charger GT's sportier exterior styling. A more striking set of 20-inch alloy wheels give the Charger GT a more aggressive stance. Meanwhile, the GT's performance hood makes it look more like a traditional muscle car. Sculpted side sills and a rear spoiler are also found on the GT trim. Sport seats give the interior a more exciting feel.

Compare the 2019 Charger GT vs R/T Trims. What is the difference?

In terms of exterior styling, don't expect to notice a big difference between the Charger GT and the Charger R/T. Power is what separates these two trims. Under the hood of the Charger R/T rests a stronger 5.7L, Hemi V8 engine. Dodge rates it to develop an entertaining 370 horsepower and 395 pound-feet of torque. Longtime muscle cars fans will love the V8 engine's more aggressive tone.

Like the Charger GT, the Charger R/T comes standard with a 8.4-inch touch screen. However, Dodge Performance Pages are included with the Charger R/T's infotainment system. This feature enables you to access performance data such as 0-60 mph times and oil temperature. A more powerful Harman Kardon premium sound system is also available in the Charger R/T.

Compare the Charger R/T vs Scat Pack Trim Levels. What is the difference?

In terms of sheer performance, the Charger Scat Pack is arguably the best bang for the buck. It comes equipped with a larger 6.4L Hemi engine, which pushes out a thrilling 485 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque.

Aside from the additional power, you'll also enjoy Launch Assist and Line Lock technologies. While Launch Assist helps improve acceleration off the line, Line Lock enables you to easily smoke the tires before heading down the racetrack. Brembo high-performance brakes and a limited-slip rear differential are also found on the Charger Scat Pack. For 2019, Dodge has installed a new grille on the Charger Scat Pack. It features dual air inlets, which help optimize performance.

Compare the Charger Scat Pack vs Hellcat Trims. What is the difference?

While the Charger Scat Pack is powerful, the Charger SRT Hellcat packs even more muscle. It comes equipped with a supercharged Hemi engine, which unleashes a total of 707 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. A special After-Run Chiller helps keep the supercharger as cool as possible. To further enhance road handling, Dodge upgraded the Charger SRT Hellcat's steering and suspension systems.

Although the Charger Scat Pack and the Charger SRT Hellcat may look similar, there are some subtle differences. Unique badges and painted brake calipers help the SRT Hellcat model to stand out. You can opt for an exclusive set of Brass Monkey 20-inch forged wheels and a satin black hood. Microsuede upholstery is offered as well.

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Which Trim Level to Choose?

The base Charger SXT's is a strong value. It's comfortable, efficient, and packed with great features like Dodge's Uconnect infotainment system. Not only does the AWD-equipped Charger SXT give you better traction in wintry weather, but it also comes standard with a few more upgrades.

While the Charger GT isn't more luxurious than the Charger SXT, it does have a sportier look. You can also take advantage of the Charger GT's performance-tuned suspension, which makes it a bit more nimble. This trim is a great choice for the drivers who desire better handling.

Some muscle car fans will be looking at the Charger R/T. Although the Charger R/T is not a bad choice, the more powerful Charger Scat Pack is a better value. You'll only be paying an extra $4,000.

If you have $67,000 to spend, don't hesitate to choose the supercharged Charger SRT Hellcat. It's among the fastest and most exciting full-size sedans in the world. A 22-mpg highway fuel economy rating makes the SRT Hellcat trim perfect for weekend road trips. Nevertheless, poor fuel economy in the city makes it less suitable for everyday commuting.

2019 Dodge Charger Key Features

Dodge's excellent UConnect infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto comes standard on every new Charger. In terms of simplicity and overall performance, this interface is hard to beat. You'll love Uconnect's user-friendly menu structure. Available Wi-Fi connectivity adds to the enjoyment of using the system. High-performance Charger trims feature an upgraded Uconnect system with Dodge Performance Pages. This cool upgrade promises to make your driving experience even more exciting. You'll have a lot of fun tracking your acceleration times and other performance data.

If you're more concerned about fuel efficiency opposed to tire-scorching performance, stick with the base V6 engine. It has the ability to return up to 30 mpg on regular unleaded. You can also choose from three different V8 engines. While the 5.7L engine will tickle the fancy of most drivers, the 6.4L engine is sure the capture the hearts of longtime muscle car fans. Atop the lineup sits the SRT Hellcat's supercharged V8 engine, which is among the most powerful in the world. However, fuel economy is quite poor in the city.

Folks who will be traveling with their loved ones should consider getting the various driver-assist technologies. While blind-spot monitoring makes lane changes safer, forward collision warning reacts to fast-approaching road hazards. When taking long trips on the highway, adaptive cruise control will give you an extra peace of mind. Real-world tests prove the Charger's safety technologies work very well. You'll rarely experience any false alarms.

Most music listeners will be pleased with the standard stereo's sound quality. However, upgrading to the stronger Alpine system is well worth it. A 506-watt amplifier sends power to total of nine speakers, including a subwoofer in the trunk. Expect to experience powerful bass notes. Although a 19-speaker Harman Kardon sound system is available, it may not be worth the extra money.

Like a traditional muscle car from the 1960s, the 2019 Dodge Charger sends power to the rear wheels. This is great news for the drivers who like to perform burnouts. Unfortunately, rear-wheel-drive cars don't typically do well in the snow. You'll find the AWD-equipped Charger SXT to be a great winter companion. Keep in mind that you can only get all-wheel drive with the V6 engine.

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