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2020 Fiat 500X Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

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2020 Fiat 500X Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Pop vs Trekking vs Sport & Trekking Plus

What 2020 Fiat 500X Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

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The 2020 Fiat 500X is a subcompact crossover SUV. This little crossover has four doors and a rear hatch for the cargo area. Like all Fiats, the 500X has plenty of European flair with its unique Italian styling. The stylish exterior is one of the things that really sets this crossover apart from the competition.

The Fiat 500X comes in four different trim levels. All four are powered by a turbocharged 1.3-liter engine. This four-cylinder power plant is quite peppy. It cranks out around 177 horsepower. It boasts plenty enough power and torque for some great acceleration. Each of the four trim packages has something unique to offer.


Compare the 2020 Fiat 500X Pop vs Trekking Trim Level. What is the Difference?


The Pop and Trekking trim packages both come equipped with the same previously mentioned, turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine. They both share the same 9-speed automatic transmission as well. Another great feature that is shared by every trim is the standard all-wheel drive. Performance and handling isn't too different between these two models.

The Fiat 500X all-wheel drive kicks in automatically to provide excellent traction, even on slick pavement. It also gives the 500X great handling in general. The Pop and Trekking trim levels both get around 30 mpg on the highway and 24 mpg in the city.

On the outside of the 500X, the Pop and Trekking come equipped with 17-inch aluminum wheels. The wheels feature a silver-painted finish. These are outfitted with a set of all-season tires. Fiat throws in a spare tire for both models as well. The 500X comes in a wide array of colors. The Pop model gives buyers the choice of twelve while the Trekking gets an extra two colors.

Both trims get dual-function halogen headlights. The Trekking also has automatic headlights that kick on when needed. The Trekking models also add on fog lamps and cornering lamps as well. The trekking trim package gives buyers the extra option of having black roof rails or a rack with adjustable crossbars installed. Last of all, the Trekking model has its own distinct fascia design.

On the inside of the 500X, both trims get six-way, manually adjustable seats up front. These front seats are bucket seats with a high-quality cloth upholstery. Leather-trimmed upholstery is optional for the Trekking trim level. In the rear, both models have 60/40 fold-down seats. This gives the driver more options when it comes to cargo hauling.

The rear seats also have three head restraints. This is a nice safety feature that limits the movement of a passenger's head in the event of an accident. This, in turn, lowers the chances of whiplash and other injuries. All models also have the LATCH system to anchor child seats down for their safety.

Even at the base Pop level, every 500X offers power windows and locks. These two trims get the standard Fiat air-conditioning system. Both trims have remote-entry that works when the holder of the key fob gets within a specific distance of the vehicle. They also both have remote-start, which is an excellent feature for those cold, winter mornings. The driver can start the vehicle and allow it to warm up before ever stepping out into the harsh weather.

The Pop and Trekking trim packages come with Fiat's Uconnect 4 infotainment system. It has a large, 7-inch, full-color display. The display offers crisp, clear and easy-to-see graphics. The audio system features six speakers. The driver and passengers will be able to listen to their favorite music with crystal clear sound quality and plenty of volume. Fiat offers a one-year free trial to SiriusXM radio for Trekking owners.

The Uconnect 4 system offers Bluetooth technology and voice-command operation. There are two USB ports up front and one in back for connection and charging of your smart devices. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity is available with this infotainment system too. The Trekking trim package gives buyers the option of adding on a GPS navigation system.

The Fiat 500X Pop models use sunscreen glass for all of the windows. This helps to negate some of the UV rays from the sun. The Trekking model has tinted windows for even better UV blocking and less glare. The Pop has a 3.5-inch black-and-white display on the instrument cluster. The Trekking, and all higher-up trims, upgrade this to a color monitor.

The interiors are well crafted at every level of this vehicle. Only premium materials are used, and the fit and finish is excellent. There are a number of decorative flairs, such as a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear-shift knob. The instrument panels have an attractive bezel that matches the body color of your Fiat 500X. The Pop trim level gives buyers the option to add on a dual-pane power sunroof.

When it comes to safety, Fiat has loaded every trim level with a good amount of features. Every trim gets a tire-pressure monitor. This enables the driver to see when the air pressure is at a dangerous level in one or more tires. Every trim package gets four-wheel anti-lock brakes.

All models of the 500X come with advanced, multistage airbags up front. There is a front airbag specifically for the driver and one for the front passenger. The driver also gets an additional airbag for knee protection. There are supplemental side airbags up front and side curtain airbags to cover both seat rows.

The 2020 Fiat 500X has a number of advanced systems for all trim levels. Vehicle Dynamics Controls and Electronic Stability Control provide great balance, stability and traction for the car. Electronic Roll Mitigation, as the name would suggest, mitigates the likeliness of a rollover.

One key difference in the safety category is that the Trekking offers an optional Advanced Driver Assistance Group package. This includes a number of extra driver assists and safety features. There's a Blind-Spot Monitor with Cross-Path Detection. There is also a Forward-Collision Detection system that works even while the car is traveling at full speed.

The Trekking trims also have the option for Front and Rear Parking Assist. Last of all, this trim can have a Lane-Departure Warning system added on. Both trims get your standard Hill-Start Assist and a rear-view backup camera. All models of the 500X also come with a standard car alarm to keep would-be thieves at bay.


Compare the 2020 Fiat 500X Trekking vs Sport Trims. What is the Difference?


When moving up front the Trekking to the Sport trim, the first thing buyers will notice is the difference in appearance. The front and rear fascias are unique for the Sport model. The new designs give the Sport trim a more aggressive look. The Trekking models feature a lot of bright chrome accents on the exterior, while the Sport trim is a little more subdued.

The Sport models feature dark-gray accents in place of the shiny chrome. The Trekking has body-colored mirrors and door handles. The Sport swaps these out for dark gray as well. Both have rear spoilers that are painted to match the body color of your Fiat 500X. The Sport models get larger, 18-inch wheels compared to the 17-inch set on the Trekking. The Sport also gives buyers the option for 19-inch wheels.

Both the Trekking and Sport models offer automatic headlights. There are halogen headlights and LED taillights for both. Fog lamps, cornering lights and daytime running lights are all standard here. The Sport model curiously doesn't have the option for the roof rails or roof rack with crossbars that the Trekking has. This is likely so that it doesn't break up the lines and sporty design of this trim package.

The Trekking and Sport models once again share the same turbocharged engine. The horsepower and fuel-economy ratings are the same. Most of the mechanical features are identical for these two trims. This includes the transmission, suspension systems and all-wheel drive. The Sport trim is really more about cosmetics than actual function. Both cars will give the driver good performance and handling.

On the inside of the Sport trim, the seats are upgraded to sport bucket seats with cloth upholstery. The upholstery has its own unique design for this model. There's also an option to upgrade again to leather-trimmed upholstery. The seats still share the six-way manual adjustment setup that the Trekking offers.

The Sport trim gets a special steering wheel and sports pedals of the sort you would normally find on performance vehicles and track cars. The steering wheel even has race-car inspired paddle shifters. This allows the driver to shift through the gears manually even though it's an automatic transmission system.

Most of the remaining interior convenience features of the Trekking make a return for the Sport model. The infotainment system and audio systems are the same. Both have the option for an upgrade that adds on a navigation system. The standard alarm system of the Trekking can also be found on the Sport models. All of the same standard safety equipment and options are the same for both trim packages.


Compare the 2020 Fiat 500X Sport vs Trekking Plus Trims. What is the Difference?


Now we come to the Trekking Plus trim package. Once again, we have the same engine, transmission and suspension system. We still get the same 39.8 cubic-feet of cargo space. We once again have the same performance and fuel-economy ratings. The Trekking Plus, like all of its predecessors, has all-wheel drive.

On the outside of the Trekking Plus, there are now 17-inch machined-aluminum wheels. The wheels have a matte black finish this time around. A set of 18-inch wheels is optional. The Sport model gets all-season performance tires, while the Trekking Plus reverts back to the plain all-season models. One can, however, add on the performance tires as an option.

The Trekking Plus upgrades the halogen headlights into a set of LED lamps. This goes for the fog lights and taillights as well. Daytime running lamps are back once again. The Trekking Plus also adds on LED lights around the license plate. This trim level goes back to the chrome accents and body-colored mirrors and other pieces found on the regular Trekking model. Gone are the dark-gray accents of the Sport trim.

The door handles on the Trekking Plus now have a satin-silver finish. The security alarm returns for this model. The safety features and options from the Sport model are almost identical to those found on the Trekking Plus. One change is that the previously optional parking assist features now come standard for the Trekking Plus.

On the inside of the Trekking Plus, we see some major upgrades. The seats get power adjustments for the first time. They also move up from a six-way setup to an eight-way adjustable setup. The new seats also get four-way power lumbar support. The upholstery is upgraded to cloth with leather trim. The front seats now come with a heating feature as well.

The Trekking Plus gets the Uconnect 4 infotainment system, but with a few enhancements. It automatically has the navigation system this time. It also features a larger touchscreen display. The audio system gets a boost here as well. The speaker total is now eight instead of six. All of the connectivity features and other perks of this infotainment system make a return for this trim level.


Which Trim to Choose?


Every trim level of the Fiat 500X is an excellent vehicle. Anyone looking for a stylish crossover won't be disappointed with any of these models. With that said, there are two trim levels that will work out the best for most buyers. These are the Trekking and the Trekking Plus.

There is very little price difference between the Pop and Trekking models. For most drivers, moving up to the Trekking will be worth the small increase in cost. For just a little bit more, the optional driver-assist package adds even more value with some excellent safety and convenience features.

Since every trim shares the same engine and performance, there is little reason to select the Sport model over the Trekking. All of the additions are simply cosmetic. Of course, if the Sport-model appearance really catches your eye, then it may still be the best choice for you.

Last of all, we have the Trekking Plus. This will be the selection of the discerning driver who wants the best of what Fiat has to offer. You get all of the top convenience features here. The seat improvements and upgraded infotainment system alone will make this an appealing choice for many consumers.

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