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2015 Ford Focus

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Why Buy a 2015 Ford Focus?
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2015 Ford Focus

Over the last 15 years, the Ford Focus has become one of the most popular vehicles in the world. Available as a hatchback or sedan, the 2015 Ford Focus rewards the driver with a smooth performance on the road. While the base engine provides enough gusto for most drivers, the high-performance ST model is a legitimate “hot hatch”. The car’s excellent safety rating and affordable price tag make it a solid choice.

What's new for 2015?

The big news is the arrival of a new EcoBoost engine. If desired, prospective buyers can also accentuate their ride with a new Sport package. Some of the other noteworthy improvements include a revised interior and a few exterior styling tweaks.

Top Ten Reasons to Buy a 2015 Ford Focus - The pros

1) Great Price

With a starting price of about $18,000, the Focus should attract a lot of interest from budget-minded car shoppers. Due to the fact that the base S model comes equipped with so many standard features, the new owner will be able to save a lot of money. Even the performance-inspired ST model can be purchased for less than $26,000.

2) Strong Engines

Direct-injection technology helps the base four-cylinder engine to pump out an impressive 160 horsepower. Most people will find the engine’s performance to be very satisfying. Ford also offers a new turbocharged engine that has been tuned for efficiency. Drivers can stick with the standard manual transmission, or opt for the Powershift automatic transmission.

3) Excellent Fuel Efficiency

All versions of the Focus should deliver excellent fuel efficiency. Even the base engine is rated at 40 mpg on the highway. Despite the ST model’s muscular performance, it still manages to return 32 mpg on the open road. A special electric-powered Focus is also available.

4) High-Performance Version

Drivers who crave excitement should take a strong look at the Ford Focus ST. Equipped with a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, the Focus ST pushes out an exhilarating 252 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. The powerful hatchback is also fitted with a number of performance-enhancing goodies, including a sports-tuned suspension and a six-speed manual transmission.

5) Stylish

In terms of styling, the Focus is one of the most appealing vehicles in its class. While the base model is attractive, the optional Sport package will certainly appeal to younger drivers. A restyled front fascia gives the 2015 Focus an even more refined appearance than the previous model. The new Focus is also available in several exciting colors.

6) Great Handling

The Focus was engineered to provide a very smooth ride. When equipped with the optional sports-tuned suspension system, the Focus carves the road with precision. Drivers will also love the responsiveness of the electric steering system.

7) Superb Safety Rating

Stamped with a five-star safety rating, the Focus promises to provide its passengers with the utmost protection. All trims come standard with a rear-view camera. Some of the optional safety features include a blind-spot monitoring system and a lane-keeping assist system. It is also important to note that the Focus has one of the best braking systems in its class.

8) Versatile Design

While the 2015 Ford Focus is considered a compact car, it still provides enough room for most families. When the rear seats are folded down, the hatchback model provides a whopping 44.8 feet of cargo space.

9) Useful features

A number of impressive features come standard on the 2015 Focus. Some of the standout features include a rear-view camera, blind-spot mirrors, and Ford’s Sync infotainment system. Buyers can also upgrade their ride with LED running lights, a thunderous Sony audio system, and rear parking sensors.

10) High-Quality Interior

Fortunately, the Focus is designed with a very high-quality interior. The user-friendly controls help the driver to remain focused on the task at hand. Ford made a concerted effort to keep road noise to a minimum.

Reasons you may not want to buy a 2015 Ford Focus - The Cons

1) No AWD Option

The Ford Focus comes standard with a front-wheel-drive system. While the sedan should be able to navigate through light snow, an AWD system would make it a more capable machine.

2) Some Models Don’t Offer an Automatic Transmission

Although a new EcoBoost engine is offered on the SE model, it can only be obtained with a manual gearbox. An automatic transmission is also unavailable on the performance-focused ST model.

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3) No Performance Exhaust System

A performance exhaust can definitely enhance a vehicle’s fun factor. Unfortunately, Ford has engineered the Focus to be as quiet as possible.

How it stacks up to the competition:

Some of the competing vehicles include the Kia Forte, the Mazda 3, and the Honda Civic. However, the Volkswagen GTI is one on the Focus ST’s main rivals. Vehicles such as the Subaru Impreza are available with an all-wheel-drive package. In terms of overall value, the Focus can challenge any car in its class.


The 2015 Ford Focus is a affordable vehicle that delivers an outstanding driving experience. The car’s excellent safety profile makes it a class-leader.

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