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2016 Ford F-250 Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD?

Should You Buy a 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD is designed to handle a demanding workload. While the base model’s main purpose is to haul hefty loads, the higher trims enable the driver to enjoy a bit of luxury as well. When equipped with the FX-4 Off-Road package, no obstacle will stand in the way of the 2016 Ford F-250. For the truck shoppers who need a lot of interior room, the crew cab model is one of their best options.

What’s new for 2016?

There are not any major changes for the 2016 model year. However, buyers can now opt for LED warning strobe lights.

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD - The Pros

1) Hardworking V-8 Engine

While the available diesel engine gets most of the attention, the base V-8 engine is a reliable performer as well. The 6.2L motor can produce an effective 385 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque. In terms of towing abilities, the V-8 engine is not too far behind its diesel counterpart. A heavy-duty transmission comes standard.

2) Mighty Power Stroke Diesel

The 6.7L Power Stroke diesel engine is an absolute beast. When it comes time to perform, the diesel engine never experiences stage fright. A turbocharger helps the Power Stroke engine to pump out 440 horsepower and an incredible 860 pound-feet of torque. Its towing capacity stands at 14,000 pounds. However, the use of a fifth-wheel setup allows the truck to pull even more weight.

3) Four-Wheel Drive

Although a 2WD platform is available, the 4WD version is clearly the most capable. When facing deep mud and snow, the 4WD system enables the truck to remain mobile. If extra traction is not needed, the driver can easily switch back to the 2WD mode. This helps to conserve fuel when traveling on the highway.

4) Durable

This truck has been built to last for a very long time. To ensure that the Power Stroke diesel engine does not disappoint customers, Ford put it through a grueling durability test. Even after 250,000 miles, the engine was still purring like new. All versions of the 2016 Ford F-250 are designed with an extremely strong frame.

5) Off-Road Reinforcements

Some drivers may need to travel in an extremely rugged environment. Fortunately, Ford offers a special FX-4 Off-Road package. Not only will the 2016 Ford F-250 be fitted with all-terrain tires, but the undercarriage will also be reinforced by adding a set of skid plates. Rugged shock absorbers also help the truck to handle the tough terrain.

6) Electronic Locking Rear Differential

The electronic locking rear differential will be a must-have feature for a lot of drivers. By locking the rear axle, the truck will be able to obtain the maximum amount of traction. This is especially important when traveling on a patch of loose dirt. To activate this nifty feature, the driver can simply flip a switch.

7) Tailgate Step

As many trucks owners already know, loading cargo can require a lot of work. Luckily, Ford makes the task a lot easier by offering a convenient tailgate step. This allows people to avoid the hassle of climbing onto the bed. Due to a 350-pound capacity, the tailgate step will be able to accommodate most truck owners.

8) Comfortable Ride

Although the 2016 Ford F-250 is a heavy-duty driving machine, it still provides the passengers with a high level of comfort. Even when traveling on secondary roads, the cabin remains very quiet. The suspension system also excels at keeping the ride smooth. While the standard seats are quite cozy, the King Ranch trim provides heated and ventilated seats.

9) Plenty of Storage Options

Numerous storage areas can be found throughout the 2016 Ford F-250. This is a major benefit for the people who have to keep track of a lot of items. The under-seat compartments can actually be locked, which keeps valuables hidden away from thieves. Even the large center console can be locked shut.

10) Luxurious Models

Plenty of luxurious goodies are available on the higher trim levels. A high-powered Sony sound system provides the necessary entertainment on long journeys. Meanwhile, the navigation system will help drivers to find their way around. Leather upholstery and a MyFord Touch infotainment system are also available.

Reasons you may not want to buy a 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD - The Cons

1) Gulps Fuel

The F-250 is obviously not designed for efficiency. Although the EPA does not provide an official fuel economy rating for this truck, the light-duty F-150 will deliver significantly better gas mileage.

2) Lack of a Manual Gearbox

All versions of the new Ford F-250 come with a six-speed automatic transmission. Although the automatic gearbox is very sturdy, some drivers will still desire the versatility of a manual gearbox.

3) The Interior Is Becoming Dated

Over the last few years, only a small number of changes have been made to the interior. Trucks such as the Chevy Silverado 2500 HD benefit from an updated interior.

How the 2016 F-250 AWD stacks up to the competition:

The 2016 F-250 Super Duty 4WD only has a few direct competitors. The Chevrolet Silverado and the Ram 2500 continue to battle with the F-250. The new Nissan Titan XD is also a viable option. However, the Ford F-250 remains relevant due to its outstanding durability.


By now, a lot of truck shoppers know what to expect with the F-250 Super Duty 4WD. The heavy-duty truck is a solid workhorse that serves its intended purpose. While the base XL model is basically a work truck, the Platinum model is a fairly luxurious vehicle. Adventure seekers will find the FX-4 Off-Road package to be a required upgrade.

Should You Buy a 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty 2WD? Here are the pros & cons:

Why Buy a 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty 2WD?

When it comes time to haul a load, a pickup truck is the go-to vehicle. For the drivers who plan to haul extremely heavy loads on a regular basis, the 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty 2WD is a great choice. It is a solid workhorse that never seems to run out of energy. While the base V-8 is very strong, the brawny diesel motor enables the truck to do some serious towing. Meanwhile, the Platinum trim surrounds its passengers with luxurious features.

What’s new for 2016?

The 2016 Ford F-250 does not receive many changes for the 2016 model year. However, prospective buyers can now outfit this pickup truck with LED warning strobe lights.
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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty 2WD - The Pros

1) Affordable Base Model

Some truck shoppers will not be able to afford to top-of-the-line models. However, the base model is certainly a less expensive alternative. In fact, the base XL trim can be purchased for less than $35,000. Aside from its strong towing capacity, the base model comes standard with a locking tailgate and large tow mirrors. A two-speaker audio system provides just enough entertainment.

2) Strong V-8 Engine

Although the V-8 engine is cheaper, it definitely does not suffer from a lack of power. The 6.2L engine pumps out 385 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque. The engine allows the big pickup truck to accelerate just as quickly as the average family sedan. Its towing capacity stands at an impressive 15,900 pounds.

3) Diesel Muscle

The Powerstroke diesel engine has enough muscle to make the Earth shake. Due to the engine’s durable design, it will deliver an effortless performance for many years to come. With a total output of 440 horsepower and 860 pound-feet of torque, the diesel-equipped Ford F-250 is a relentless pulling machine. The truck can tow up to 16,600 pounds.

4) Heavy-Duty Automatic Transmission

In order to handle the extra workload, Ford equipped the 2016 F-250 Super Duty 2WD with a strong automatic transmission. Durability remains one of the transmission’s best qualities. When cruising around on a daily basis, the six-speed gearbox performs very smoothly. Meanwhile, a special tow/haul mode helps the transmission to deal with heavy loads.

5) SuperCab Model

While the regular cab version will satisfy most buyers, the SuperCab model is for the drivers who need to haul around a crew. Instead of struggling to squeeze behind the front seat, the rear passengers can simply enter through the SuperCab’s full-size doors. Everyone in the truck will be rewarded with ample room. The SuperCab model is a great vehicle for taking a road trip.

6) Regular Unleaded Gas

Drivers who select the base V-8 engine will not have to fork out extra money for high octane fuel. The engine runs perfectly fine on regular unleaded fuel. Furthermore, there are absolutely no performance gains from using premium gas. Considering the fact that premium gas is far costlier, the truck’s total cost of ownership will be much cheaper.

7) Luxury Features

The higher trim levels offer a great deal of luxury. Drivers will love the sound quality of the powerful Sony audio system. During the peak of winter, the heated seats will provide an additional layer of warmth. Some of the other neat features include the MyFord Touch infotainment system, high-grade leather upholstery, a power-sliding rear window, and navigation.

8) Tough Appearance

Featuring a massive grille and a chiseled bumper, the Ford F-250 Super Duty has an extremely tough-looking appearance. A set of flared fenders give the truck an even more muscular profile. Due to its large size, the 2016 F-250 will not be overlooked on the highway. The King Ranch model accentuates the Ford F-250’s brawny appearance by adding a set of 20-inch wheels.

9) Quiet Ride

While some owners may opt to install an aftermarket exhaust system, a lot of drivers will enjoy the truck’s ultra-quiet ride. Road noise is a non-factor with the stock tires.

10) Easy to Drive

Some people are intimated by the F-250’s large size. However, the truck is actually very easy to drive. The 2016 Ford F-250’s communicative steering system gives the driver total control on the road. Meanwhile, safety features such as parking sensors and a rear-view camera help out in tight situations.

Reasons you may not want to buy a 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty 2WD - The Cons

1) Guzzles Fuel

If driven without a load, the F-250 Super Duty may be able to deliver decent gas mileage on the open road. However, the truck’s heaviness will ultimately hurt its efficiency when traveling within the city.

2) Costly Higher Trim Levels

In order to obtain more creature comforts, prospective buyers will have to pay extra. The luxurious Platinum model will cost at least $57,000.

3) No Manual Transmission

Some drivers enjoy using a manual transmission. Unfortunately, the 2016 Ford F-250 2WD is only available with an automatic transmission.

How the 2016 Ford F-250 2WD stacks up against the competition

Both Chevrolet and Dodge produce similar pickup trucks. Nissan has also stepped onto the scene with the new Titan XD. However, Ford’s reputation for building extremely functional trucks gives the F-250 a big advantage.


In terms of hauling capabilities, the 2016 Ford F-250 is far more capable than the average truck. The F-250 Super Duty 2WD is essentially the F-150’s big brother. While the base model enables the buyer to save a tad bit more money, the King Ranch and Platinum trims can match the extravagance of a luxury sedan. Despite the truck's large proportions, it is still quite easy to drive.
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