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2017 Ford Expedition EL Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2017 Ford Expedition EL?

Are You Considering a 2017 Ford Expedition EL? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The 2017 Ford Expedition EL is a large, truck-based SUV that can seat up to eight people. Because of the SUV’s remarkably spacious cabin, it proves to be a great option for large families and work crews. Plenty of high-tech features are now available, including Ford’s new Sync 3 infotainment system. Opt for the 4WD system if you plan to travel in bad weather.

What’s New for 2017?

Ford didn’t make any major changes to the Expedition EL for the 2017 model year.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2017 Ford Expedition EL – The Pros

1) Can Tow a Load

The 2017 Expedition EL is more than just a people hauler. It also has the ability to pull a trailer. In fact, it is just as capable as a full-size pickup truck. When equipped with the available towing package, you will be able to pull more than 9,000 pounds. This is a major advantage for the drivers who need to tow a camper or track car.

2) Punchy Acceleration

There is no denying the fact that the 2017 Expedition EL is a big, heavy vehicle. Nevertheless, its turbocharged six-cylinder engine proves to be a strong performer. It pumps out a solid 365 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. The SUV takes around 6.5 seconds to hit 60 mph, which is surprisingly quick.

3) Optional 4WD System

There are a lot of drivers who will benefit from the optional 4WD system. When driving the Expedition EL in bad weather, the 4WD system helps ensure the maximum traction. If you happen to encounter any deep snow or mud, take advantage of the 4WD system’s low-range gearing. It has no trouble handling a normal off-road trail.

4) Class-Leading Ride Quality

Although the 2017 Ford Expedition EL has a truck-like frame, its ride quality is outstanding. The shock absorbers do a great job of keeping the ride smooth. While a four-wheel independent suspension comes standard, an adaptive suspension is optional. You will love how plush the SUV feels on the open highway.

5) Easy to Drive

Upon first sitting behind the wheel of the new Expedition, some drives may be a bit concerned about its large size. However, it is an easy vehicle to drive. Because of the steering system’s responsiveness, you will eventually begin to feel a sense of confidence. This is especially true when traveling on the interstate.

6) Plenty of Space

In contrast to some three-row SUVs, the 2017 Expedition EL provides ample room for every passenger. Because of its extended wheelbase, even your third-row passengers can stretch out their legs. Furthermore, you can cram a lot of extra equipment in the SUV’s large cargo area. By folding the rear seats, you can expand the storage space to 130 cubic feet.

7) Brawny Appearance

The 2017 Ford Expedition EL is a tough-looking vehicle. Its bold grille and powerful stance will quickly catch your attention. LED fog lights and running boards come standard. Featuring a two-tone paint job and unique exterior trim, the King Ranch model, packs a lot of style. Some of the available exterior colors include Bronze Fire, Ruby Red, and White Gold.

8) Reasonably Equipped Base Model

If you decide to stick with the base model, you should remain satisfied. The Sync voice-control system helps prevent driving distractions. Satellite radio will keep you entertained while on the road. Every driver can make use of the rear parking sensors. Some of the other standard features include Bluetooth technology, rear audio controls, and a 4.2-inch display.

9) Worthy Options

Featuring an 8.0-inch touch-screen display, the Sync 3 infotainment system is destined to be a popular upgrade. Keep children occupied by opting for the dual-screen entertainment system. Music fans can take advantage of the amplified Sony sound system. Some of the other cool goodies consist of retractable running boards, ventilated front seats, and a power tailgate.

10) Safe Ride

A five-star safety rating proves that the Ford Expedition EL is a secure vehicle. Ford also offers a few safety innovations to help keep you safe. While a rear-view camera comes standard, the optional blind-spot monitor dramatically improves your awareness on the road. Meanwhile, trailer sway control comes in handy when pulling a load.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2017 Ford Expedition EL – The Cons

1) Not Great On Gas

With a highway fuel economy of 21 mpg, the Ford Expedition EL delivers decent fuel economy for its size. Nevertheless, it only returns 14 mpg in the city. The heavier 4WD version will consume even more fuel in stop-and-go traffic.

2) Hard to Park in Crowded Areas

Unsurprisingly, the new Ford Expedition EL is often hard to park in urban areas. Many times, you may need to park further away from your destination to find a suitable spot. Parallel parking along a busy city street may also prove to be a chore.

3) Can Be Pricey

The 2017 Ford Expedition EL costs more than the regular Expedition. When fully loaded, the Expedition EL can easily surpass $70,000. This may be a bit more money than the average car shopper is willing to spend. Consider a three-row crossover if you don't need the SUV's truck-like capabilities and extra space.


Regarding passenger comfort, the 2017 Ford Expedition EL stands at the top of the class. A powerful engine and stout frame enable it to tow a sizable load with no difficulty. You will also benefit from the SUV's ultra-spacious cabin. Furthermore, the 2017 Ford Expedition EL can be equipped with several luxurious features.