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Exterior Paint Colors

2019 Ford Ecosport Colors - Exterior & Interior Color Options

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2019 Ford Ecosport Color Options
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Ford Ecosport Exterior Paint Colors for 2019

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2019 Ford Ecosport Shadow Black Exterior Paint Color
Shadow Black
2019 Ford Ecosport Canyon Ridge Exterior Paint Color
Canyon Ridge
2019 Ford Ecosport Smoke Exterior Paint Color
2019 Ford Ecosport Lightning Blue Exterior Paint Color
Lightning Blue
2019 Ford Ecosport Ruby Red Exterior Paint Color
Ruby Red
2019 Ford Ecosport Moondust Silver Exterior Paint Color
Moondust Silver
2019 Ford Ecosport Race Red Exterior Paint Color
Race Red
2019 Ford Ecosport Blue Candy Exterior Paint Color
Blue Candy
2019 Ford Ecosport Diamond White Exterior Paint Color
Diamond White
2019 Ford Ecosport White Platinum Exterior Paint Color
White Platinum

2019 Ford Ecosport Color Options 

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So, you've chosen the 2019 Ford Ecosport as your next automobile purchase. You probably based your decision on the abundance of cargo space, easy-to-use technology, or on the vehicle's affordability. The Ecosport's color options, however, are definitely a bonus. Depending on which trim level you buy, you can take your pick of eight exterior paint options and several interior color and upholstery choices. No matter what you choose, you are guaranteed to be rolling in style.

2019 Ford Ecosport Exterior Colors

Starting out on the base S trim, you can select between six different exterior color options: Shadow Black, Smoke, Lightning Blue, Moondust Silver, Diamond White, and Race Red. Lightning Blue and Race Red are the sportier color options while the other four embody contemporary elegance.

Both the SE and Titanium trims add four more colors: the athletic-looking orange of Canyon Ridge, a dark crimson Ruby Red, the stunning and pristine White Platinum, and a lighter blue option called Blue Candy. While Canyon Ridge and Ruby Red do not have an additional cost, Blue Candy and White Platinum both come with an extra charge. The few hundred extra dollars that you pay for either of these color options is worth it if you crave the sporty blue of Blue Candy or the regal elegance of the White Platinum.

On the line-topping SES trim, all color options except for Race Red and Blue Candy are available. White Platinum and Ruby Red each come at a slight up-charge.

2019 Ford Ecosport Interior Colors

As you might reasonably expect, there are a limited number of interior color options to choose from on the 2019 Ford Ecosport, but each option does pair well with any of the available exterior paint hues. On the S trim, you can only get a Medium Light Stone cloth upholstery. This color is also available on both the SE and Titanium trims.

However, if you prefer something darker, there is an Ebony Black option for each trim. On the SES trim level, Ebony Black comes as the standard interior color and is the only color that is available. It has an upscale appearance that gives a sportier edge to the Ecosport than the Medium Light Stone cloth.

2019 Ford Ecosport - Other Available Color Options

When customizing your vehicle, choosing the right wheels matters. Not only do they create unique appearances, but wheel size plays a role in ride quality. Along with exterior and interior color options, the 2019 Ford Ecosport has several different wheels to choose from. The base S trim comes with standard 16-inch black aluminum wheels that are low-gloss. If you go for the SES trim, you can stick with the 17-inch dark-finish aluminum wheels or upgrade to the 17-inch painted aluminum ones. Both give the vehicle the same ride quality since they are the same size, so this decision is going to be purely based on aesthetics.

On all trim levels, you can opt for a chrome wheel-locking lug nut kit that helps to prevent would-be thieves from stealing your wheels and tires. Not only does it give you some shiny chrome lug nuts, but it keeps your car safe from theft for a minimal cost. It is certainly a recommended purchase and only bumps the price tag up by a few dollars.

Stylish ebony cloth-and-leather seats accompanied by copper accents are included on the SES trim. This unique seating is more akin to what you will find in fancy sports vehicles and gives the impression that you are riding around in something even more expensive than the Ecosport.

While the base S trim has a front grille with black bars over black mesh, the SE trim level come with silver painted bars over the black mesh grill. This trim also has black painted roof rails and privacy glass windows on the rear doors. Meanwhile, the SES trim has a magnetic painted set of bars over the front grille, and the Titanium trim has stunning chrome bars that cover its grille. The Titanium trim also stands out from the others with its silver side rails on the roof rack.


Ford keeps their color and trim options to a select few, which makes choosing between them somewhat simple. Still, there is plenty for you to customize on the 2019 Ford Ecosport. Also, with this being a budget-friendly vehicle, you might find that you have some flexibility to play around with the different trim and color options that are available.

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