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2019 Ford Ranger Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2019 Ford Ranger Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: XL vs XLT & Lariat

What 2019 Ford Ranger Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The Ford Ranger returns to North America after an eight-year hiatus. The Ranger is a legendary model among Ford's many pickup trucks. First appearing in the mid-60s, the Ranger was a staple in Ford's lineup until its last version in 2011. The Ford Ranger often filled the role of a compact pickup truck. Various models were prized for their off-road capabilities. The 2019 model sits firmly in the mid-sized category. It's a versatile truck that's suitable for work or play.

Compact trucks have had high and low points in sales over the years. They enjoyed a boom in sales throughout the 90s. Trends frequently change in the automotive industry, however, and bigger trucks and SUVs began dominating the market. Many of the once-popular small trucks were cut from their manufacturer's lineups. Eventually, the Ranger went away as well. It lingered on in various forms in foreign markets where trends were different from those of North America.

The current trend has seen SUVs getting smaller and crossover vehicles taking a big share of the market. Suddenly, mid- and small-sized trucks are on the rise again. It may be the perfect time for Ford to bring back its venerable Ranger. Ford hasn't forgotten about the Ranger's off-road reputation either. They're offering a special 4X4, off-road package for this latest model. The 2019 Ford Ranger has a modern look, but it's still recognizable as a Ranger. It's an attractive truck that's sure to turn a lot of heads.

You can get a 2019 Ranger in 4X2 or 4X4 variations. It comes in two different cab configurations. Both offer a rear-seat area for passengers. The SuperCab gives you four doors and can carry up to four people. The rear doors are of the smaller, half-sized type. The SuperCrew offers four full-sized doors and can seat up to five people. A SuperCrew model will have a 5-foot truck bed. The SuperCab configuration gives you a 6-foot bed length.

All trim levels of the 2019 Ford Ranger share the same power plant. They come equipped with a 2.3-liter, 4-cylinder engine. The I-4 EcoBoost engine can generate up to 270 horsepower. The transmission system is an electric, ten-speed automatic with overdrive and an auto-manual feature. This means you can still manually shift through the gears if you prefer.

This iteration of the Ford Ranger will be a capable workhorse. When properly equipped, the Ranger should be able to tow up to 7,500 pounds. You will also be able to haul up to 1,860 pounds in the truck bed. Great steering dynamics and numerous features make the Ranger an excellent daily driver as well.

The 2019 Ford Ranger will be avaible in three different trim levels. Ford brands the trim package as the XL, XLT and the Lariat. Since all of the models share the same power train, the main differences come down to the utility, convenience and safety features. We will take a close look at each trim level and how it stacks up to the others.

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Compare the 2019 Ford Ranger XL vs XLT Trims. What is the difference?

The XL and XLT come in both cab configurations and with either bed length. You can get them in a 4X2 or 4X4 version as well. The XL comes in six different colors called Ingot Silver, Lightening Blue, Magnetic Metallic, Oxford White, Shadow Black and Saber Metallic. The XLT model adds on a seventh option called Hot Pepper Red.

On the outside of the Ranger, the XL features a black rear and front bumper. The XLT bumpers match the body color. Chrome bumpers are optional for both models. Halogen headlamps come standard on both trims. The XLT gets fog lamps added on. The XLT also gets a more decorative grill made of carbon mesh with some silver trim.

The outside mirrors are upgraded for the XLT. You also get a power-operated tailgate for this trim while the XL has a manual tailgate. The rear window on the XLT has a darker, privacy tint added on. A chrome accent package and an off-road package are optional for both trims. The XL comes with 16-inch steel wheels. The XLT gives you 17-inch aluminum alloys that are painted silver. Both vehicles have all-season tires.

Ford offers a soft- or hard-cover Tonneau for an additional fee. You can also add on a spray-in bedliner, mud flaps and an aluminum toolbox for the bed. Moving on to the interior, you get single-zone A/C for both trims. The XLT gives you the option for dual-zone temperature control. The XLT also offers a 4.2-inch infortmation screen. The XL and XLT have pre-collision assist with auto braking.

The XLT offers Ford's blind-spot info system. This gives you some warnings such as cross-traffic alert. The XL gives you basic, black-vinly floors while the XLT provides fully-carpeted floors. The seats are the same for these two trim levels. You get four-way, manual seat adjustments and cloth upholstery. The XLT provides for some extra storage space with a flip-up bench and storage area under the rear seats.

Ford's XL Ranger has a basic AM/FM radio. The XLT gets you an upgraded stereo. Both models have a six-speaker sound system. One USB port allows you to connect and charge your smart devices. A 4G WiFi hotspot keeps you connected while on the go. The XLT trim package gives you some added security with a remote, keyless entry system and an anti-theft alarm.

The safety features are the same for both the XL and XLT Ford Rangers. Airbags are installed to protect the driver and front passenger. Side airbags offer some protection to everyone including those in the rear seats. A rear-view camera helps you to clearly see vehicles, pedestrians or objects that are behind you. A tire-pressure monitoring system and anti-lock brakes are included for every trim package.

Compare the 2019 Ranger XLT vs Lariat Trims. What is the difference?

The Lariat trim level is the top-tier package offers by Ford for their 2019 Ranger. Right off the bat, you get an additional color choice for the exterior. Ford brands this color as White Platinum Tri-coat. You once again get the same engine, transmission system and suspension system that's found on the XL and XLT. Ford upgrades the wheels to 18-inch machined aluminum this time around. You still get all-season tires.

The Lariat upgrades your headlamps to superior, LED models. This trim comes equipped with LED fog lamps as well. The Lariat grill has a chromed-out bar across the front and chrome trim around the edges. The exterior mirrors, door handles and bumpers are all painted to match the body color of the Ranger. The mirrors get power adjustments and a heating feature added on. The rear window gets a defroster. The under-seat storage area found on the XLT has been added on for the Lariat as well.

Ford's Ranger Lariat comes stock with the dual-zone climate-control system. Ambient lighting is yet another nice addition to the interior features. You get carpet floor mats with the Ford logo on the Lariat trim. Intelligent access and push-button start are tacked on as well. The steering wheel will now be leather wrapped if you move up to this level. You get leather-trimmed bucket seats as well. The front seats now come with a heating feature. You even get eight-way power adjustments for the driver's seat.

The safety features are again identical to the previous trim level's offerings. The security features added on to the XLT are back for the Lariat as well. A terrain-management system is optional. This system gives you four different modes to select from. The modes are tailor made for specific terrain types and driving conditions. Trailer sway control is available on the Lariat. Ford installs four-pin wiring and ball mounting provisions on the rear bumper.

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Which Trim Level to Choose?

The Ford Ranger looks to be making an impressive comeback with three amazing trim levels for 2019. The base model is an excellent budget buy. Its bare-bones nature makes it a fine work truck or second vehicle. It could be a great truck for off-road fun as well. The XLT model gives you some added features for comfort and convenience. You don't lose any of the utility, performance or function here. You just get those extra bells and whistles to make regular or long commutes more enjoyable.

The Lariat trim package is full of comfort features and luxury appointments. It's a fantastic looking truck with plenty of power for work or play. With three great choices, it may be hard to decide which model is right for you. Keep in mind that Ford offers a lot of their features as options for each model. If there are just one or two things you can't live without, chances are you can add them on to the base model to stay within a budget.

Fortunately, the price differences between trim packages are not too great. Ford has done a fine job of giving you plenty of bang for your buck. Each trim level up adds on a ton of useful features for only a small cost increase. For most truck lovers, the XLT trim package will have everything you want and need for a great price. It's an excellent truck at an affordable price. This makes the XLT a fantastic value.

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