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2020 Ford Escape Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2020 Ford Escape Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: S vs SE vs SEL & Titanium

What 2020 Ford Escape Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The Ford Escape range has been a standout in the compact crossover market for a considerable amount of time. The high-quality design of the exterior has driven much of this while the range has consistently boasted a variety of attractive interior features.

Throughout this history, however, the range has undergone a variety of design changes and overhauls, with the 2020 Ford Escape being no different.  While there is an extensive number of similarities between the new range and its predecessors, there are almost as many differences.

The majority of this is because there’s been a change in manufacturing the range, with the Escape now being reminiscent of the 2019 Ford Focus, which is made on the same platform. As a result, there has been quite a large change in stylish with the Ford Escape, although this could be a positive development for people who thought the compact SUV’s design was getting stale.

However, it hasn’t just been the exterior that’s gotten an overhaul with the new release. Instead, there are quite a large number of changes to the 2020 Ford Escape that should attract quite a large number of people. Instead, drivers will be able to take advantage of a larger amount of comfort, with the luxury offered by the exterior being felt inside the compact SUV.

While the Ford Escape has always been quite a stylish compact SUV, there’s much more of this on show. This could make it a much more appealing vehicle for the majority of SUV enthusiasts. However, the exterior of the car is only the icing on the cake; there are also quite a substantial number of features that many drivers should enjoy.

Interior room is one of the more notable aspects of this, with there being a large amount of it to enjoy, especially compared to the previous edition of the vehicle. This can be seen across the front and rear seats, so drivers and their passengers will be able to take advantage of it.

There should also be more cargo space available with the compact SUV, which can be attractive to a variety of people. While there’s still less of this than many other vehicles in the class, the 2020 Ford Escape does have much more than previous editions while also outperforming some others in the class.

Alongside all of these improvements has been a change to the trim levels. While these aren’t major, they could play a role in many driver’s decisions. The primary difference here is the re-introduction of a Hybrid trim, which could be a wise investment for quite a large number of people.

The majority of the changes that can be seen will improve the 2020 Ford Escape’s handling and drivability in the city, although this has meant that it’s not as off-road friendly as it may have been. However, the vehicle does offer a certain amount in this regard, though it sorely lacks when compared to many other compact SUVs on the market.

Each of these changes makes the vehicle somewhat more European-inclined, which is predominantly because it uses the same platform as the European model of the Ford Focus. This could be either a positive or negative for many drivers, although it should be something that draws in a modicum of interest.

As a result of the quite extensive changes between the 2020 Ford Escape and previous generations, a large number of people may struggle to choose which trims to buy. The four variants that are on offer provide quite a significant amount of benefits, although this will come at quite a significant cost.

Despite this, each has quite a significant amount of value for money, although this will vary from trim to trim. As a result, the differences between these levels should be looked at closely to determine which one would be the right choice for a particular buyer. Depending on whether a buyer is looking for a more eco-friendly option, there are a few trims that stand out from the rest.


Compare the 2020 Ford Escape S Vs SE Trim Levels.  What’s The Difference?

Despite being the base model of the compact crossover SUV, the 2020 Ford Escape S boasts a significant number of features. While there’s a certain amount of style and luxury to take advantage of in the exterior, the majority of people should enjoy the vehicle’s interior. This is predominantly because there are a variety of systems and built-in controls that enhance the feeling of luxury.

One of the first things potential buyers will notice is that the vehicle includes a cloth trim across the interior. While this isn’t the most luxurious fabric on offer, the style that’s used here is much more appealing than many people might think. However, the features that come as standard with the Escape S are what the majority of people will be drawn toward.

The first of these is a manual driver seat with a six-way control, with the front passenger seat taking advantage of a four-way design. The steering wheel is also quite noticeable, as it features both audio and cruise controls while also being made of Urethane, which should make it somewhat comfortable to use.

When it comes to infotainment, there are a few notable features to focus on. Perhaps the most prominent of these is a 4.2-inch LCD that features SYNC technology. With this tech being built-in, drivers should be able to navigate between controls quite quickly and easily. Alongside this is an instrument display of the same size, which may be beneficial to some drivers.

Rounding out these infotainment features is a six-speaker audio system, which is somewhat standard considering the 2020 Ford Escape’s class. A manual climate control system is also available as standard, which can be quite a benefit, although it does have its limitations.

There are also quite a large number of additional safety and drivability features to appeal to many drivers. Included in this is an emergency braking system that utilizes pre-collision assistance software, automatic headlights featuring high-beam tech, and a rear-view camera. However, there are a few other features on offer here, each of which help make up the standard Ford Co-Pilot360 package.

Some of the most prominent of these is a blind-spot monitoring system that includes cross-traffic alerts and a lane-keeping assistance program. While these are somewhat standard among many compact crossover SUVs, they can still be a notable benefit for many drivers.

Upgrading to the 2020 Ford Escape SE brings a variety of extra features, although these do come at a high cost. While minor style tweaks form a certain part of this, the majority of the changes are focused on the interior of the vehicle, as well as a few tweaks to the engine.

One of the first notable differences that many people will notice is that the driver’s seat is now heated and features a ten-way power seat design, compared to the six-way with the previous trim. The front passenger seat, however, doesn’t receive a similar treatment. However, there are several other areas that have also been improved.

One of the largest of these is the climate control system, which is now automatic. Alongside this, the 2020 Ford Escape SE features heated mirrors, LED signature lighting, and much more. The infotainment system has also been upgraded considerably. Instead of the 4.2-inch display, the trim comes with an 8-inch touchscreen that makes use of SYNC 3 technology.

Despite this, the 4.2-inch cluster display remains unchanged. However, the audio system that comes as standard has also been improved with the SE trim, with the radio now coming with SiriusXM and Satellite stations as standard.

Many drivers may also want to take advantage of the 2020 Ford Escape SE Sport upgrade, which provides quite a large number of extra features for a relatively modest price increase. This brings with it a few large changes, with the first of these being seen in the engine. Both the S and base SE run on a 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine, although the SE Sport has two options available, with these being much larger.

The first of these, which is the standard engine with the trim level, is a 2.5-liter Hybrid that features Atkinson-Cycle. Drivers can also take advantage of a 2-liter Eco Boost engine, although this mightn’t be as powerful as the 2.5-liter. As a result of this, the SE Sport model features much more horsepower than many of the other trims on offer.

However, this isn’t the only notable change here. Instead, there are a few changes to the interior that could make the option worth investing in. The first of these is that the instrument cluster is now considerably larger, coming in at 12.3-inches while also being fully digital, which could be advantageous to many drivers.

Alongside this, the 2020 Ford Escape SE Sport features a leather-wrapped wheel, which helps to mirror the style upgrades seen on the exterior of the vehicle.

Compare the 2020 Ford Escape SE Vs SEL Trims.  What’s The Difference?

The 2020 Ford Escape SEL has quite a large number of additional features when compared to the SE, although the Sport package that’s available for the previous trim sets itself firmly in the middle between them. As a result, there aren’t as many differences between the SEL and the SE Sport.

While many people would expect that these changes are all positive, this isn’t the case. This is primarily because the engine receives somewhat of a downgrade, with the two models only sharing the 2-liter EcoBoost. However, the Escape SEL typically features a 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine as standard, with the two-liter being an optional upgrade.

This could be quite a noticeable drawback for many people, although that’s not where the only drawbacks may be seen. One of the other more notable differences is seen in the instrument cluster, which reverts back to the 4.2-inch system that was included with previous trims.

Despite this, the 2020 Ford Escape SEL trim does have a few areas where it outshines each of the previous levels. Similar to each of the other models, there’s quite a large style improvement at the exterior of the vehicle, which is mimicked in the interior. This is predominantly seen in the ActiveX trim that comes as standard with the option.

Alongside this are a few notable features that improve the vehicle’s usability, such as a liftgate that’s foot-activated and a remote start system, both of which can be quite beneficial. Alongside this is the inclusion of a reverse sensing system, which can be useful given the SUV’s size.

One of the last notable features that come as standard with the 2020 Ford Escape SEL is a heated steering wheel. Though not the most significant benefit, it could be quite attractive for some drivers.

Compare the 2020 Ford Escape SEL Vs Titanium Trim Levels.  What’s The Difference?

The 2020 Ford Escape Titanium model has quite a high price when compared to each of the other trims, although there are a few significant additions and changes to bring a large amount of value with this. The most notable of these will be seen in the engine, with the Titanium trim having quite a significant amount of horsepower.

This is primarily because the model switches out the 1.5-liter engine for a 2.5-liter Hybrid. Alongside this, it also includes iVCT Atkinson-Cycle technology, which is quite a notable improvement from the previous trims. Alongside this are a few differences in the interior of the vehicle, the majority of which will be quite appealing.

Many of these are focused on increasing the comfort of the vehicle, with some large additions being a dual-zone climate control and a leather trim. These also help to improve the overall luxury of the car. The 2020 Ford Escape Titanium trim also includes the 12.3-inch cluster display and SYNC3 8-inch touchscreen display as standard.

Alongside this is an upgrade in the sound system, which now features ten speakers. There’s also an ambient lighting system that could be quite attractive. One of the only other features that come as standard here is an upgrade in the parking assistance system, which is another useful advantage.


Which Trim to Choose?

Each of the trims available for the 2020 Ford Escape has a variety of benefits, although they also have a large number of drawbacks. However, the SE Sport may be the better-recommended option, as it provides a delicate balance between luxury and usability without being priced too high.

As a result, it could be a more cost-effective choice of trim. Despite this, the 2020 Ford Escape Titanium trim does make quite a solid case for itself, as it’s one of the more stylish compact crossover SUVs on the market. While it’s an expensive option, the features that come as standard could more than make up for this cost.
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