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2020 Ford Fusion Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2020 Ford Fusion Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: S vs SE vs SEL & Titanium
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James Murdoch

What 2020 Ford Fusion Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

Ford has consistently been a reliable brand that offers both a large amount of comfort and a significant performance level, with this being seen across the majority of its ranges. While there have been a few that have missed the mark slightly in the past, this hasn’t been the case with the Ford Fusion.

Since the range first debuted, it has been continually refined and updated to ensure that it meets the majority of drivers’ needs. This is especially true with the 2020 Ford Fusion range, which has four primary trims available that should match, if not exceed, many Ford fan’s expectations.

The majority of this can be seen in the engine power and interior features that each of the trims offers, all of which are wrapped in a stylish exterior that the majority of sedan lovers will appreciate. However, the wealth of trim levels that are available could lead to many people struggling to determine which 2020 Ford Fusion trim they’ll want to take advantage of.

The choice of trims is further compounded by the variety of engine options and additional package upgrades that are available which each level. Regardless of which trim you choose, you’ll be able to take advantage of quite a stylish design, with the 2020 Ford Fusion range offering a visually appealing design that the majority of drivers will appreciate.

Alongside this, the engine options that are on offer, which each should mean that buyers can capitalize on quite a significant amount of power. While these engine upgrades are only available for the higher-end trims, that doesn’t mean that the base Ford Fusion S is a slouch when it comes to power.

In contrast, each of the trims offers much more horsepower than many buyers would think for its size. Though you’ll be able to see more power on many others in the midsize sedan class, few are as affordable as the 2020 Ford Fusion range, which should mean that the choice could be one of the more cost-effective ones on the market.

Compared to the previous edition, the 2020 range features a variety of tweaks and upgrades that many Ford fans will appreciate. While many of these are focused under the hood and in the midsize sedan’s interior, quite a large number of them can be seen on the exterior.

Some of the more obvious of these include changes to the headlamps, taillamps, and fog lights, each of which have been swapped for LED lights as standard. Alongside this, the design of the lights has been altered quite significantly.

Coupled with the various other exterior changes that have been made, the 2020 Ford Fusion range offers a much sleeker and smoother look than many of the previous editions in the range. Depending on the trim that you choose, this exterior design can be much more refined and enhanced than you might think.

With the various other differences between each of the 2020 Ford Fusion trims, many people will naturally wonder which one comes out on top. While there are a variety of benefits to each level, there may also be a few notable drawbacks.

While each comes at a relatively affordable price, the value that can be seen with them can depend drastically on what features you put more emphasis on. As such, it’s worth taking a deep-dive into the differences between each of the four Ford Fusion trims that are on offer.

Compare the 2020 Ford Fusion S Vs SE Trim Levels.  What’s The Difference?


As the base model, the 2020 Ford Fusion S contains significantly fewer features than you might expect with each of the other levels. However, that doesn’t mean that it lacks in value for money, as there are a variety of technology features to take advantage of.

The majority of these are focused on safety and functionality, such as lane-keeping and hill start assist, as well as a pre-collision assistance program that also features pedestrian control. Alongside this, you’ll be able to capitalize on a rear view-focused camera, electronic stability control that utilizes AdvanceTrac, and a post-crash SOS system that alerts emergency services.

The last of these safety features include automatic high-beam headlights and a brake assistance system, both of which could prove to be quite useful for the majority of drivers. Also included as standard is a blind-spot system that provides a wealth of information for the majority of drivers, with Ford referring to this as the BLIS.

There are also rain-sensing wipers included, with these automatically turning on and off when needed. These should also detect how heavy the rainfall is, which dictates how fast they’ll go. As such, this can be quite a beneficial feature during the winter months, or if you’re in an area that has quite a large amount of rain.

While the majority of features focus on safety, that doesn’t mean this is the only area where the 2020 Ford Fusion S shines, as there are a few notable infotainment features that many drivers will find appealing.

The first of these is an adaptive cruise control feature that includes a stop-and-go system. Alongside this, drivers may be able to take advantage of a navigation system that’s voice-activated and includes both Travel Link and SiriusXM Traffic. However, it should be noted that these infotainment features are optional extras, which is a point that extends to the majority of trim levels.

Despite this, there are a few notable entertainment features that do come as standard, such as a stereo system that includes a CD player, four speakers, and MP3 capabilities. Similar to many other models, the 2020 Ford Fusion S features the FordPass Connect infotainment system and SYNC, which could be upgraded to SYNC 3.

The last of these features is a 4.2-inch display that’s available in an instrument cluster, and that’s highly configurable. The trim level also includes a few notable features designed for convenience, such as a push-button start, auto-dimming mirror for the rear, power lock doors, and map lights, and a dome lamp.

While each of these mightn’t be the most attractive feature themselves, they can be quite appealing when paired together. Comfort will also play a particular role in the S, especially when it comes to the driver’s seat. This is primarily because the midsize SUV features a six-way driver’s seat and a four-way passenger’s seat, although both of these are manual.

While there isn’t as much of a price hike from the S to the 2020 Ford Fusion SE, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be getting a variety of extra features with the upgrade. In contrast, there are a few notable features that the majority of drivers will find appealing, the first of which can be seen in the engine.

This is primarily because you’ll be getting the option of two engines with the SE, although both of these are noticeably smaller than the 2.5-liter you get with the S. Despite this, the Ford Fusion SE engines both feature EcoBoost technology, which not only makes their fuel consumption much better but should also help improve their handling and overall performance.

Though both of the options feature a six-speed transmission that boasts being automatic, the 2020 Ford Fusion SE has optional steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. While these will cost you a little bit extra to take advantage of, they could prove to be well worth it, especially when it comes to performance and handling.

Both models include FWD as standard, although only the higher-end trim features an optional AWD that features intelligent technology to capitalize on. The Ford Fusion SE also boasts a SYNC 3 infotainment system as standard, which was previously an optional upgrade in the lower-end trim.

However, this doesn’t mean that all of the differences between the S and SE trims are seen in the engine. In contrast, there are a few other notable extras with the more expensive model. While it includes the majority of features seen in the 2020 Ford Fusion S, it also offers a reverse sensing system that the majority of owners can utilize. This can be especially beneficial when driving in the city.

Alongside this, there’s an optional increase to the driver’s and passenger’s seats, which could bring them up to ten-way and six-ways seats, respectively, with these also featuring lumbar support. There’s also the option of having heated seats which, although slightly pricey, can be well worth it.

One of the last significant differences between the 2020 Ford Fusion S and SE is seen in the climate control features that they both offer. While the lower-end trim has a manual version, the higher-end level upgrades this to an automatic.

Infotainment is one of the only other areas where there are some changes. This is primarily because the Ford Fusion SE features an extra 4.2-inch LCD while also boasting SiriusXM as standard. An exterior temperature indicator rounds this off, although it mightn’t be the most significant draw for many buyers.

Compare the 2020 Ford Fusion SE Vs SEL Trims.  What’s The Difference?

Since there’s a large difference in price between the 2020 Ford Fusion SE and SEL, many people would assume that there’s a notable change in features. However, there mightn’t be as many as you might believe, especially when it comes to additions that come as standard.

Instead, the majority of these differences are seen in the optional extras that are made available with the higher-end trim. Alongside this, there are a few features that are available as optional extras with the lower-end trims that are no longer available with the SEL.

This is first seen in the engine; while both models feature a 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine, only the SE features a 2-liter optional upgrade, which could be quite a negative for people considering the more expensive option. Alongside this, the Ford Fusion SEL gets rid of the optional steering wheel transmission paddles, which is also a negative.

There’s also the removal of the intelligent AWD that came as an optional extra for the SE but doesn’t feature for the SEL. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any benefits to choosing the 2020 Ford Fusion SEL. In contrast, there are a few notable additions that many people may want to look at, with many of these being seen in the infotainment system.

Perhaps the largest of these is the inclusion of a premium audio system that features 11 speakers, which is quite a notable improvement on the lower-end trims. The ten-way and six-way driver and passenger seats that were optional for the SE now come as standard with the SEL, which could provide an enhanced amount of comfort.

The heated front seats that were also previously optional now come as standard, with the seats also including an ActiveX material, which should also help enhance the comfort. One of the only other main differences here is that the 2020 Ford Fusion SEL features a remote access start system that makes use of intelligent software.

Compare the 2020 Ford Fusion SEL Vs Titanium Trim Levels.  What’s The Difference?

Similar to the differences between the SE and SEL, there are relatively few between the SEL and the 2020 Ford Fusion Titanium, with the majority of these focusing on making many optional extras standard. The majority of these focus on improving the steering system while also enhancing its comfort level.

This can be seen in a variety of ways, such as a steering wheel that’s now heated and leather-wrapped, which can be quite beneficial. Alongside this is ambient lighting, which isn’t available with any of the other models. Outside of this, there are relatively few differences between the Ford Fusion SEL and Titanium models, other than many of the optional extras coming as standard with the higher-end level.

One of the only other differences of note is that the audio system available with the Ford Fusion Titanium model is slightly larger and includes an extra speaker.

Which Trim to Choose?

When it comes to which 2020 Ford Fusion trim to choose, there are a variety of factors that will come into play, with the most notable of these being value for money. Should this be the case, then you may want to consider either the Ford Fusion S or SE levels. This is primarily because both models are relatively affordable and have a variety of features as standard.

Alongside this, both of the higher-end trims don’t seem to offer much value for money, as they primarily give access to a few optional extras. Coupled with the fact that they don’t have many extra features as standard, and they don’t seem to warrant the quite large price difference between them. As such, they mightn’t be the more recommended options for the majority of buyers.
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