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2021 Ford Expedition vs GMC Yukon

2021 Ford Expedition vs GMC Yukon

2021 Expedition vs Yukon - How do they stack up? Which is Better?

When you need a new vehicle with extra space for family or friends, full-size SUVs are an option that can be called upon to provide it. However, not every full-size SUV model is created equal. Some provide additional cabin space with no towing power. Other focus so much on hauling capabilities that they forget to make the interior comfortable. Still yet, some full-size SUVs are focus on value and do not offer many benefits at all. The 2021 Ford Expedition and the 2021 GMC Yukon are two upscale full-size SUV models that manage to balance everything a buyer wants in a vehicle nicely.

One of the main reasons why the 2021 Ford Expedition and 2021 GMC Yukon are preferred by buyers is because they encompass a lavish style that most other models cannot replicate. They are sophisticated and classy, but not so much that they become unaffordable and unrealistic. Providing a level of high-class attributes that mixes well with their practical features, parents everywhere love these two SUVs. Not only are they good-looking, but they are also conventional enough that you do not have to worry about spills and stains. The interior of the Ford Expedition and the GMC Yukon were made for weathering and consistent use.

The newest Ford Expedition and GMC Yukon are also powerhouses that are built on the same platform as their relative truck models. This means owners gain access to extensive towing capacity with the characteristic space that SUVs are known for. Whether you need to grab some wood at the local lumber yard for a home project or want to tow a camper to the lake for the weekend, you can do it all with your entire family involved. Serious towing power combined with extensive space in the cabin allow families to spend more time together, which is what we love the most about the 2021 Ford Expedition and the 2021 GMC Yukon.

Despite the similarities of these two full-size SUVs, the 2021 Ford Expedition and the 2021 GMC Yukon are produced by different brands. Therefore, each model improves upon the features that they value the most. Creating two different personalities, buyers are left to consider which one they find fits into their own lives the best. Let us look at how these two inspiring SUVs compare.

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The Powertrain

Each one of these SUV options introduces multiple engine options for ultimate performance customization. The 2021 Ford Expedition paves the way for high horsepower production with its integration of a base 3.5-liter V6 engine in its two lowest trims. This engine is paired to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Buyers can also choose between rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. In subsequent models, the Expedition uses the same engine but increases horsepower to 375hp in its XLT and Limited models. Still going, the Platinum trim at the very top of the lineup relies on the exact same engine to produce up to 400 horsepower.

Varying from the ideology of the Ford Expedition, the 2021 GMC Yukon encompasses three completely different powertrain setup options. A 5.3-liter V8 gasoline engine leads the way in base models with 355 horses, while a 6.2-liter engine that can generate 420 horsepower comes next. A diesel engine is also offered in the 2021 GMC Yukon. This 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 engine can produce 460 lb.-ft. of torque, which is perfect for families on the go or owners who need more towing power than other Yukon models can provide. Like the 2021 Ford Expedition, a 10-speed automatic transmission also accompanies the 2021 GMC Yukon, as well as a choice between rear-wheel or all-wheel drive.

At the size these two SUVs are at, towing capacity is a major consideration to make in selecting one model over the other. With its array of engines, the 2021 Ford Expedition has a maximum towing capacity of 9,300 pounds with its most abundant powertrain. Typically, though, the Ford Expedition's towing capacity ranges from 5,600 to 6,000. To compare, the 2021 GMC Yukon can tow between 7,500 to 7,900 pounds, depending on the engine that is selected, and the trim being evaluated. These statistics are for base models, and certain implementations can improve upon these max limits. For example, the 2021 GMC Yukon has a Max Trailering Package offered as an upgrade that can increase the towing power of this SUV to 8,300 pounds.


When you are transporting multiple passengers, the level of ride comfort makes a big difference to those in the back. Going on long road trips or lengthy rides can be unpleasant with cramped leg room and tight hip space. Full-size SUVs are known for their spacious interiors, but the automaker must know how to utilize this area to obtain the best layout for optimal accommodation.

Most Ford Expeditions offer third-row seating, except for one XLT model that offers only two rows. A power folding seat in the third row makes it easy to fold down for additional cargo space creation. A second-row bench seat is also standard, but captain's chairs can be switched out as an upgrade. Front seats with comfortable contours, massaging seats, and spacious cabin area creates a comfortable seating area within the cabin of the 2021 Ford Expedition. Not to mention, the second- and third-row seats fold completely flat into the floor for maximum cargo area generation. Comfortable to ride in and convenient to manipulate, this SUV was designed with buyers in mind.

The 2021 GMC Yukon also varies between a seven- and eight-passenger layout that can be manipulated through the incorporation of a bench seat or captain's chairs in the second row. The interior of the 2021 GMC Yukon was designed with diverse buyers in mind, so it re-creates its interior look and feel for different trim levels. For example, you will not find the same attributes in the off-road AT4 models as you will in the prestigious Denali trim. Generous storage capacity, ample passenger space, and multiple built-in cubbies provide extra space for passengers and all their belongings within the cabin of the GMC Yukon. This SUV's accommodations and versatility are what make this model stand out from others.

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Safety is a concern for every potential vehicle purchase, but vehicles that transport many passengers are held to a higher standard than others. This means the 2021 Ford Expedition and the 2021 GMC Yukon have high expectations to meet in their safety feature integration. Thankfully, neither of these SUV models let us down in this area. In fact, the 2021 Ford Expedition gained a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While, the 2021 GMC Yukon has not yet been tested or evaluated by the NHTSA or the IIHS, we have high hopes for this SUV, as well.

Both full-size SUV models do a good job of balancing their standard and available safety amenities. The 2021 Ford Expedition offers most of its driver assistive safety features in a signature brand suite, known as Ford Co-Pilot 360. Automated emergency braking and pedestrian detection are included as standard for the Expedition, while lane-keeping assist, lane-departure warning, and adaptive cruise control are offered as available upgrades. All the latest and greatest driver assistance technology can be found in the 2021 Ford Expedition.

Following suite, the 2021 GMC Yukon offers a few safety features as standard and reserves the rest as options for upgrade potential. Blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and lane-departure warning paired with lane-keeping assist are some of the most versatile driver assistive safety features that are offered as available enhancements for Yukon owners. Yet, automated emergency braking and forward-collision warning are a few standard inclusions for this SUV. Vouching to expand its standard safety features throughout more trim levels, the GMC Yukon is always evolving in this area of development.

Which Has the Best Value?

Everybody wants a great deal on a new vehicle, but oftentimes the overall value of two comparative models is not taken into consideration. While the price may be good, the convenience amenities may be less than desirable. Or the powertrain can be modern and intuitive, but the technology features fall short. Every aspect of a vehicle must be taken into consideration to determine its value to each consumer in its entirety.

Between the 2021 Ford Expedition and the 2021 GMC Yukon, neither one of these models is significantly better in value than the other. Each of these SUVs is available at virtually the exact same price. Varying only a few hundred dollars, they each feature a few select trim levels to choose from, as well. You can also span from basic to all-terrain to upscale in the trim levels of the 2021 GMC Yukon, but this equates to a similar dynamic offering in the lineup of the 2021 Ford Expedition.

Each of these SUVs is even equipped with the same modern tech features. The 2021 Ford Expedition relies on a brand-specific technology system known as Sync 3. In relation, the 2021 GMC Yukon involves the use of a brand signature tech setup known as IntelliLink. Both technology suites bring the best app integration, navigation systems, and infotainment screen interfaces before drivers and passengers for enjoyment. Premium audio systems and built-in navigation are optional upgrades for both SUVs, as well. As you can see, there is not much difference in the technology attributes between these two models, either.

Which is Better?

As you might have guessed, the 2021 Ford Expedition and the 2021 GMC Yukon do not appeal to a vastly different class of consumer. Coming in at almost identical MSRPs, these two SUVs do not vary much in their price aspect. Each one has an equally-level trim option that offers the same style of attributes for potential buyers. While the Expedition has a sporty XLT, the Yukon has an AT4. Where the Expedition offers an upscale Platinum, the Yukon offers a drool-worthy Denali. Going back and forth in their nearly identical models and what they incorporate in each, buyers will not find huge differences between the two.

One aspect that will make the biggest difference in the model each buyer opts for is the overall look and feel of each of these SUVs. The Ford Expedition has a more rounded front-end look and slopes down its sides. Yet, the GMC Yukon is square in the front and well-contoured throughout. The 2021 GMC Yukon is undeniably bolder in its looks than the more conventional 2021 Ford Expedition.

Also, despite their similarities, the 2021 Ford Expedition and the 2021 GMC Yukon are each known for their own unique strong points. The Expedition impresses buyers with its mixture of cabin space and powertrain capabilities. Boasting a towing capacity that soars over when the 2021 GMC Yukon can offer, even with an additional trailering package, those who haul items often may prefer the Expedition. The upper trim levels of the 2021 Ford Expedition get quite pricey, which some buyers may not like. It also feels just as large as it looks, which can make it difficult to park or navigate in smaller areas.

The 2021 GMC Yukon impresses buyers with its three strong engine choices, with each being just as reliable and durable as the others. Its performance quality is nearly unmatched by any other SUV in its class, and its vast improvement from previous generations does not go unnoticed. Although full-size SUVs are expected to incorporate a spacious cabin in their characteristic design, the 2021 GMC Yukon goes above and beyond to enhance passenger comfort. If we had to choose between the 2021 Ford Expedition and the 2021 GMC Yukon, we would probably go with the well-rounded Yukon because of its dedication to continuous advancement.

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