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2021 Ford Explorer vs Edge

2021 Ford Explorer vs Edge

2021 Explorer vs Edge - How do they stack up? What are the differences?

For those looking for that extra bit of room for road trips or family vacations, the 2021 Ford Explorer leaves no stone unturned. Offering an impressive 15 cubic feet more cargo space than its sister model - the Escape - bigger is undoubtedly better with this crossover SUV.

The 2021 Ford Explorer and Edge offer a perfect balance for families on the go, combining convenient maneuverability with ample interior space. These crossovers are beloved by many due to their easy parking capabilities- no matter if you’re navigating a bustling city or trekking cross country. Making your next family road trip more enjoyable has never been easier than with these two versatile models from Ford.

Ford continues to prove its commitment towards reliability and durability with the 2021 Explorer and Edge. Both vehicles are rooted in the same automotive brand, but each features unique attributes that appeal to discerning buyers. From luxury options for tech-savvy comfort seekers to powerful engine specs designed for robust performance off or on roadways – whatever your lifestyle demands, there’s a model from Ford built just right for you.

Differing in their drivability, safety attributes, comfort level, and performance, each buyer must make a choice between the 2021 Ford Explorer and the 2021 Ford Edge. So, we comprised a comparison to help you weigh these options against one another to select the perfect model for the benefit of you and your lifestyle.


Size and Styling

Otherwise known as midsize SUVs, these two large crossovers are more spacious on the inside than their exterior appearance would give merit to. Yet, despite their stature, the 2021 Ford Explorer and the 2021 Ford Edge are different at first glance. Offering up completely different grille styles, exterior contouring, and types of attributes, these SUV model cater to a completely different type of consumer.

The 2021 Ford Explorer and Escape stand in stark contrast to each other, delivering two distinct experiences on the road. While vibrant and athletic components define the former's personality, sophisticated detailing marks its latter counterpart - evident with a simple glance at their rear taillights; cutting-edge technology radiate from Escape’s sleek design, whereas boldness characterizes that of Explorer’s square form.

The overall size of the Ford Escape versus the Explorer is another factor to consider in the comparison of these two models. This can be measured in both passenger space and cargo area to give a well-rounded view of what each of these models has to offer. The Explorer is longer than the Escape by seven inches, which does not transcend to the extra space passengers get in the second row of the Escape. Perhaps this is because the Explorer offers third-row seating, which makes it use its space a bit differently than the second-row Ford Escape.

However, one way in which the Ford Explorer excels over the Escape is in its extra shoulder room provision. Wider than the Ford Escape, the Ford Explorer also has more headroom for improved passenger comfort, as well.

The 2021 Ford Explorer is a great choice for those needing more room to bring along their belongings - with the explorer boasting 15 cubic feet of extra cargo space compared to its sibling, the Escape. This can make all the difference for buyers planning extended road trips or carrying larger loads.

For an accurate comparison, the Ford Explorer has less room to utilize for cargo with its third-row seat folded up. It is not until this seat is folded down that it expands its cargo area to a level that triumphs over the Ford Escape. When all rows are folded flat in both models, the 2021 Ford Escape comes in at just seven cubic feet less storage space than the 2021 Ford Explorer.


As one can imagine, the size disparity between these two SUVs leads to the need for significantly different engines to power the, as well. Although each one relies on a turbocharged four-cylinder, the 2021 Ford Escape uses a 2.0-liter, and the 2021 Ford Explorer uses a 2.3-liter. Accompanied by an automatic transmission in both, the Ford Explorer manages to edge over the Ford Escape in horsepower production.

While the 2021 Ford Explorer produces 300 horsepower at its maximum effort, the 2021 Ford Escape musters up 250 horsepower at best. In comparison to their size, this amount of power is adequate in both models. Yet, this is where the 2021 Ford Explorer makes things more exciting. It adds in a hybrid engine option for those who desire a more sustainable source of power.

A direct result of the engine options each of these models entail is the accompanied fuel economy. SUVs are not well-known for being fuel efficient, but crossovers lean more toward the heightened fuel efficiency buyers are used to seeing in sedan models. Front-wheel drive offers the best fuel economy in the 2021 Ford Escape, which ends up averaging 29 highway mpg.

In comparison, the same layout in the 2021 Ford Explorer averages just 24 highway mpg. However, you will see this number improve to 27 combined mpg when you opt for the hybrid Ford Explorer. So, in the end, if it is good fuel economy you are looking for the 2021 Ford Escape or the 2021 Ford Explorer hybrid are your best options to go with.

Whether you enjoy off-road travel or require a bit more grit to tow trailers, the capability of the 2021 Ford Escape versus that of the 2021 Ford Explorer is worth considering. To begin with, the Ford Escape has better ground clearance standing tall at eight inches. It can also tow up to 3,500 pounds, which is standard for a crossover model. Yet, the 2021 Ford Explorer stands out from the Escape in its towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

This SUV also puts most of its focus on perfecting its approach angle for off-road travel and all-terrain navigation in harsh weather conditions. Depending on the road conditions, a Terrain Management System also functions in the 2021 Ford Explorer to customize your ride in any kind of weather.

Comfort, Options and Performance

Each of these SUVs models start off at a value-driven level and increase in quality and comfort as buyers move up in trims. Both the 2021 Ford Escape and the 2021 Ford Explorer are not close to being considered as luxury models, but they do a good job of incorporating some upscale interior attributes to impress passengers. Staying true to their personalities, the Escape and the Explorer channel their exterior look into their cabins.

The Escape is rather sleek and eye-catching, made for those who enjoy city driving and urban adventures. The Explorer is more athletic with bold accents and sporty styling. Individually, both models are unique in their own way and portray different personalities to interested buyers. The key is matching what each buyer wants in a new SUV to the respective model that provides it.

The amount of tech amenities and the functions they perform within specific vehicle models also play a role in just how comfortable passengers can get. The 2021 Ford Explorer and the 2021 Ford Escape display some tech amenities that are signature to Ford models in general and others that are specific to each SUV model. A massive 10.1-inch portrait touchscreen that comes standard on all Ford models also graces the dash of the Ford Escape and Ford Explorer.

A feature known as FordPass Connect that allows owners to control select vehicle features remotely are also standard for both SUVs. Continuing, the 2021 Ford Escape offers integration with WAZE technology and a premium B&O sound system. Comparatively, the 2021 Ford Explorer promotes its own unique features like Active Park Assist 2.0 and available SYNC 3 integration.

A few extra tech attributes that often do not get acknowledged as much as they should are responsible for making a big impact on buyers considering one of these two models for a purchase. Extra power outlets in the 2021 Ford Escape help keep passengers connected, while wireless device charging reduces clutter within the cabin.

Even the rear-facing camera gets regularly cleaned thanks to a water nozzle made just for this angle. In comparison, the 2021 Ford Explorer also offers these attributes. In fact, its Active Park Assist 2.0 functionality is one of the Explorer's main tech highlights.

Buying Tip:

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Some SUV models from other brands sprinkle in safety enhancement as they are needed, but Ford is a brand that goes all out when it comes to protecting passengers. Ford has created a comprehensive suite of driver assistive safety features that accompanies all models.

Committed to keeping passengers as safe as possible in the event of a collision and avoiding losses altogether, the Ford Co-Pilot350 comprehensive safety suite uses sensors throughout the vehicle to detect nearby hazards and any discrepancies during your drive. There are way too many facets within this suite to name, but a few favorites include BLIS paired with cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go capabilities, and lane-keeping assist. Automatic high-beam headlights are also appreciated by buyers who drive at night frequently, as they create a wider and brighter field of vision.

It appears that Ford's efforts to make the 2021 Escape and the 2021 Explorer have paid off, as well. Both the 2021 Ford Escape and the 2021 Ford Explorer received a five-star safety rating from the NHTSA, which evaluates the safety provisions present in each vehicle and their associated purpose.

The IIHS, which performs crash testing on vehicles and labels them according to the results, also awarded the 2021 Ford Explorer with a Top Safety Pick+ award. This is the highest ranking possible from this type of safety testing. Falling just short of this accolade, the 2021 Ford Escape earned a Top Safety Pick award.

Still quite prestigious, this award is nothing to hang your head about. Either one of these SUV's are safety-focused and attempt to reduce potential hazardous for drivers, whether they acknowledge them or not.

Which Model to Choose?

Deciding on the perfect vehicle is a task that is best left up to each individual buyer. No matter how great we think a vehicle's attributes are, they are only useful to the extent the buyer will use them. In choosing between the 2021 Ford Escape and the 2021 Ford Explorer each buyer must keep in mind their lifestyle and general needs for a new vehicle purchase.

The 2021 Ford Escape works well for this who drive in the city often, desire a more sophisticated vehicle, and do not need seating beyond the second-row frequently. Smaller than the 2021 Ford Explorer, the Ford Escape also offers less cargo space but more leg room for passengers. Utilizing its extra interior space in a different way is what sets this model apart from others. The 2021 Ford Escape also offers a more futuristic and contemporary look than rivals. Its exterior detailing is an ode to this type of design aspiration.

For those looking for a little extra room and performance, the 2021 Ford Explorer is an optimal choice. Its noteworthy towing power combined with its ability to tackle off-road terrain provides ample capability across all terrains. Those who prioritize sustainability will benefit from optional hybrid engine options available in this model as well - ultimately offering more value than its counterpart, the Ford Escape. All of these features make it clear why we believe that 2021 Ford Explorer comes out on top when considering which SUV option best meets your needs and wants.

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