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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Pro vs XLT vs Lariat and Platinum

Compare the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Trims - Pro vs XLT vs Lariat and Platinum. What is the difference between them?

After years of anticipation, the highly-anticipated Ford Lightning is finally set to hit roads in 2022. Delivering an exciting combination of affordability and innovative technology never seen before with the F-150 brand, this new model has already caused industry professionals across America to be thrilled for its arrival. Don't miss out on your chance to experience it firsthand in just a few short months!

With a variety of options and higher trims available, purchasers looking to purchase the luxurious Lightnings need to consider carefully which option will work best for them. To help with this process, this guide evaluates the benefits in each trim level so that consumers make well-informed decisions while weighing their choices against potential costs.


Compare the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro vs XLT Trim Levels. What is the difference?

Ford's newly released F-150 Lightning Pro packs a powerful punch, available at an accessible price of $42,000 - relatively economical compared to other electric pickups. For those looking for even more features and tech upgrades in their ride, the 2022 Lightning XLT model comes with essential enhancements up its sleeve – offering superior value per dollar spend on top of that already compelling base package.
With the basic trim, buyers are already provided with an impressive range of 230 miles. But for those who want to truly maximize their Lightning's capabilities, they can opt for either a standard-range or extended-range battery - offering up 300 extra miles in comparison! This difference is bound to wield considerable influence on customer purchases and incentivize them towards choosing the XLT.
With the F-150 Lightning extended-range battery, you'll benefit from an impressive range and powerhouse performance. Up to 563 horsepower allows for swift acceleration and efficient driving operations, while a standard range option still delivers forceful 426 horses. Both batteries offer 775 pound feet of torque - no matter which configuration is chosen.

For drivers looking to make the most of their Lightning purchase, its impressive towing capacity is sure to impress. Boasting an already robust 7,700 pounds with its standard-range battery and upscaling all the way up 10,000 pounds when a higher grade power unit is installed - it's clear that this vehicle packs quite the pulling punch.

The Pro and XLT boast modern, contemporary designs with a powerful presence. Both feature 18-inch machined wheels paired with all terrain tires that provide superior performance in various terrains. Illuminating the look are stunning LED lights for an added touch of sophistication - making these vehicles truly stand out from the crowd.

The XLT features a unique front luminescence and striking light bar that seamlessly traverse the hood. An upgrade to 20-inch alloy wheels in dark carbonized gray adds an extra touch of elegance, while also boasting wonderful practicality thanks to its equipped tailgate step – available on both Pro & XLT trims! To complete this package, one can opt for LED lights lining their truck bed - perfect for work or play.

These figures make it abundantly clear how powerful and quick the Lighting is. It is very responsive and enjoyable to drive. It can easily handle the challenge whenever it comes across rough terrain. Throughout the lineup, all-wheel drive is standard.
The Lightning is an ideal choice for customers looking to take on heavy-duty hauling tasks. Its standard battery provides up to 7,700 pounds of towing power while the upgraded version amps this capacity even further - all the way up to 10,000 pounds!

In terms of design, both the Pro and the XLT are right on the cutting edge. The Pro's machined wheels are 18 inches in diameter, and its all-terrain tyers can handle any surface. Successfully enhancing the vehicle's visual appeal is the LED lighting system.

The XLT presents a bold, modern look with its stylish light bar spanning the hood and distinctive front lights. Enhanced style is available by upgrading to 20-inch alloy wheels featuring an elegant dark carbonized grey tint. Additionally, for easier access to the bed of your truck there’s a convenient step in tailgate – which may be upgraded using LEDs for enhanced illumination when unloading cargo from your vehicle at night or in dimly lit areas.

The XLT is jam-packed with standard features, including BoxLink – a four premium locking cleat adjustable interface system that makes carrying heavy equipment even easier. What's more, its power up/down tailgate comes complete with trademark lights offering convenience in any situation.

Other exterior upgrades are available for the XLT but not the Pro. First, the XLT can be equipped with heated side mirrors that also function as turn signals. Additionally, extended running boards with integrated lighting are available for this trim in carbonized gray.

Having lights scattered around the truck can be practical when working at night. On the side mirrors of the Pro, LED spotlights are an upgradeable feature. On the 2022 XLT, this is a standard feature.

All Lightning models come with a bonus trunk space - the "frunk." Located where an engine normally would be, this front trunk can hold up to 400 pounds and features USB and 120-volt outlets. Make use of your extra storage in style.

The Pro trim offers its passengers a range of exciting features thanks to the 12-inch touchscreen with SYNC 4 technology. Staying connected is simpler than ever before, from conducting online research and talking to friends remotely, all the way through to selecting your own playlist for personalized entertainment on the road. Convenience does not end there: wireless connectivity ensures that you can access these functions even more easily while voice recognition adds user-friendly functionality as well as built-in navigation capabilities making finding familiar or unfamiliar locations easier than ever before.

With its advanced Ford Co-Pilot360 2.0, the Lightning is equipped with a suite of driver assistance features that can help mitigate any frontal crashes while on the road. Everything from lane keeping and blind spot monitoring to reverse sensing will be at your fingertips—not to mention automatic high lights, cross-traffic warning, brake assist for backing up as well as an always helpful back camera. Make every drive worry free knowing you have peace of mind in case anything does happen; this truck's intuitive post crash braking system may just save lives.

The only model with a 360-degree camera among these two trims is the XLT. A complete picture of the area around the truck is created using four cameras. Other ways in which the XLT goes a little further. The truck can assist drivers with braking and steering in a variety of situations thanks to its adaptive cruise control, which recognises speed signs and centers itself in the lane.

With the Pro, there’s no need to worry about a tough cleanup after an outdoor adventure. The black vinyl flooring and medium dark slate grey upholstery on both front seats make for easy maintenance when it comes time to restore order in your vehicle's cabin. Moreover, you can choose between two manual adjustability options with just the turn of a knob or switch - perfect for finding that optimal level of comfort.

 The seats in the XLT have cloth coverings. A medium-dark slate color describes them as well. Power lumbar support and eight different motion options are available in the driver's seat, which is also adjustable. Despite only being manually adjustable, the front passenger seat also has lumbar support. There are carpeted floor mats to match the seats.

Enjoy superior comfort in the driver's seat with 10 power-adjustable settings and a memory function. Not to mention, front seats come equipped with heating and ventilation suitable for any season - though all this luxury comes at an added cost.

Drivers looking for individualized convenience will appreciate the power-adjustable pedals offered on XLT models. With a simple adjustment, drivers can customize their ride to be tailored just as they like it. The Lightning offers something truly special – Pro Power Onboard with eight 120-volt outlets and eight USB outlets give users remarkable portability that act almost like an inbuilt portable generator! And this feature comes complete standard across both the Pro and XLT trims making them stand out from anything else available today.

The XLT might be preferable if anyone intends to use the truck as a mobile office. That is due to the fact that it has a work surface inside. A small work surface can be folded out and the shifter can be stored. Here, paperwork can be finished or a laptop or tablet can be supported.

Compare the XLT vs Lariat Trim Levels. What is the difference?

The Lariat offers an impressive selection of premium upgrades for a hefty price tag. It's approximately $15,000 more than the XLT and available with either standard-range or extended battery options - giving drivers plenty to consider before making their purchase!

The Lariat stands out from the crowd with its unique taillights and modified 20-inch wheels that come version exclusive. Plus, this model is also entitled to a convenient power tailgate – just press one button for effortless access.

You can open and close the window that separates the Lariat's cabin from the truck bed with the push of a button. It's possible that you'll need to slide this back window open to fit longer items of cargo, but some people like to crack it open for fresh air or quick access to the bed. When parking on narrow streets or in tight garages, the power-folding side mirrors are a welcome convenience.

The Lariat stands out from the crowd with its unique taillights and modified 20-inch wheels that come version exclusive. Plus, this model is also entitled to a convenient power tailgate – just press one button for effortless access!

Leather seats are included with the Lariat. The front seats are heated and ventilated, and the driver's seat is power-adjustable and can move in ten ways. Remember that this is an option, but not standard, on the XLT. In the back of the Lariat, there is under-seat storage as well as a center armrest with cupholders.

Ford Co-Pilot360 Active 2.0 is a more advanced safety and technology suite found on the Lariat. It allows users to program their smartphones to act as key fobs, and it has Active Park Assist 2.0, which actually takes over steering, shifting, and acceleration or braking as it guides the truck into a parking spot.

One of the most major advancements as part of the Ford Co-Pilot360 Active 2.0 system is Ford BlueCruise. This is a hands-free driving feature that can work on certain stretches of highway. With this system engaged, the truck can handle steering and the control of speed.

Compare the Lariat vs Platinum. What is the difference?

The pinnacle of Ford's offerings is represented by the Platinum. Its price tag, which approximates the six-figure range, speaks to its high caliber. Remember that the Platinum can only be purchased with the extended-range battery.

This version sports 22-inch wheels with ebony black painted pockets, a vador black and chrome grille, and appears more aggressive than the other trims. More natural light is allowed in thanks to the moonroof's double panel design.

The ability to add different towing packages is offered on several grades. These upgrades are included with the Platinum model. A backup assistance program, on-board scales, and trailer reverse guidance are all available to users of the Tow Technology package. Thanks to this kind of technology, most of the uncertainty is eliminated. As a result, maneuvering the truck while it is pulling a big load may be considerably safer and simpler.

Many trims come with the option to get various towing packages. On the Platinum, these enhancements are standard. The Tow Technology package gives users access to trailer reverse guidance, on-board scales, and a backup assist program. A lot of the guesswork is taken away thanks to this type of technology. This can make it much safer and easier to maneuver the truck with heavy cargo towing behind it.

The Platinum enjoys having seats upholstered in luxurious Nirvana leather. The Platinum offers heated and ventilated front seats, much as the Lariat. However, its front chairs feature active motion capabilities, which enables them to provide massages. In the Platinum, the back seats are also heated. It is possible to get front seats that can recline all the way. Someone may, for instance, take a little nap while the vehicle charges.

The sound system in this top-tier model is likewise superior to that in the others. The Bang & Olufsen 1,080-watt audio system in the Platinum boasts 18 speakers and is a significant improvement over the Lariat's setup. The outcome is a luxurious, theater-like experience.


Final Thoughts

The Pro and XLT models offer truck-lovers a great range of options. For those seeking power, capability and modern technology, the Pro is sure to please; it also includes an impressive safety package ensuring you're well taken care of while on the road. If leather isn't your cup of tea then consider upgrading to an XLT where cloth seating awaits - in addition there's extended battery life available, plus 360-degree camera systems for added security as well as individualized adjustability with adjustable pedals & running boards adding further appeal. Both versions provide outstanding value versus their considerable benefits making either model a smart purchase choice for anyone looking for reliable performance at sensible pricing levels.

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