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2019 GMC Acadia Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2019 GMC Acadia Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: SL, SLE-1 vs SLE-2, SLT-1 vs SLT-2 & Denali

What 2019 GMC Acadia Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The GMC Acadia line is a well-known midsize crossover SUV line, offering plenty of built-in features inside the cabin that pair nicely with its sleek, instantly recognizable exterior. While the Acadia has been in production or many years, it was only in 2017 that the 2nd generation of the vehicle was introduced. Unlike other midsize crossover SUVs, the Acadia did not get larger - in fact, it downsized, making the car more compact and efficient on the road. The 2019 model of the GMC Acadia maintains that compactness but still manages to be large enough for plenty of cargo.

The Acadia’s smaller size than many of its competitors means that the crossover SUV is capable of using a V4 engine as its base option, rather than having to start with a more expensive V6 engine to support the weight of a heavier vehicle. This V4 engine feels as powerful as a V6 engine due to the light weight of the Acadia. This higher engine also means that the car is significantly more fuel efficient than many of its competitors.

GMC has not shied away from technology features inside the cabin of the vehicle, either. At its base level, the Acadia offers a suite of safety and luxury technology features. A power liftgate is included with customizable stopping points for maximum efficiency when loading groceries or other cargo. The driver’s seat adjusts in eight different ways, and both front seats are heated. The infotainment system is top notch, offering a 7-inch touchscreen with built-in apps for a range of media. The infotainment system also syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth or built-in USB and can be used with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

There are quite a few GMC Acadia trims to choose from, and each offers unique features for specific drivers. Though not much has been changed in the 2019 model as compared to the 2018 model, there are still some major differences in certain trims. This article explains the important differences among all of the trim levels, ultimately helping you find and purchase the best GMC Acadia model and trim for your driving needs.

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Compare the 2019 GMC Acadia SLE vs SLE-1 Trims. What is the difference?

You may be surprised to see that GMC still sells a basic GMC Acadia SL trim, as this is barely seen on any car dealership websites and is likely not mentioned by most dealers. This is because the SL is a custom, made-to-order version of the Acadia, meaning that you’ll have to order it and specify each unique part you want then wait for it to be built and delivered. While the SL is cheaper than most of the other options, convenience will likely play a large role in your purchasing decisions - meaning that this is definitely not the best option. Furthermore, many features that have plenty of different options in more expensive trims are heavily restricted here. For example, exterior color choices are limited to just white and silver - in higher-level trims, many more colors are available.

The SL comes with seating for seven passengers and is only available in a front-wheel drive option. Though it is only a front-wheel-drive vehicle, the 17-inch alloy wheels grip remarkably well. Interior climate can be controlled in three different zones, meaning that all passengers will be comfortable no matter what the conditions are. Other interior features are geared toward luxury and comfort, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto syncing capabilities for your smartphone to interface with the infotainment system. There are also some safety features included. The two standout safety features are a crystal clear rearview camera for backing up and monitoring areas behind you, and the GMC Teen Driver system to implement safety controls for your children.

The first trim you’ll likely see on the floor of a dealership is the 2019 GMC Acadia SLE-1. This trim includes everything the SL could, but upgrades and expands the repertoire of the vehicle. Its lights now come with LED running lights, letting you cut a beam of light further into the dark of night. The radio system is now satellite, giving you a clearer sound, and floor mats are included for both the front and all of the rear seats. It also offers an all-wheel-drive option alongside the front-wheel-drive offered on the SL.

Between these two models, the SLE-1 is a slightly better choice due to the minimal price difference and the huge wait time necessary when custom-ordering the SL trim. However, if you don’t mind waiting for your vehicle to be built and delivered, then you may prefer the SL trim.

Compare the 2019 Acadia SLE-1 vs SLE-2 Trims. What is the difference?

While the SLE-1 trim offers some nice features, like its LED running lights and its floor mats, the SLE-2 really upgrades the GMC Acadia. In the SLE-2, you’ll find the aforementioned power liftgate that lets you program the exact position to which it lifts. Roof rails are added for increased cargo capacity, and 18-inch wheels are offered to increase the road presence of the Acadia. Inside the car, you’ll find a remote engine start system alongside heated seats. Speaking of seats, the driver’s seat is now power-adjustable, offering enhanced customizability through its 8-way adjustment system. The engine also is optionally upgradeable, as this trim is the first to allow you to upgrade to the more powerful (yet less fuel-efficient) V6 engine.

There are also more packages available for the SLE-2 than prior trims. For example, the Driver Alert package - only available for the SLE-2 - adds in multiple safety technology features. These include a parking alert system with sensors in the rear, rear cross-traffic alerts, and blind spot monitoring. This package is highly recommended, as the 2019 GMC Acadia does have some prominent blind spots. With the Driver Alert package, most of these blind spot issues are mitigated.

Compared to the SLE-1 and the SL, the SLE-2 offers far more features for not that much more in price. The optional upgrade to the V6 engine, the optional Driver Alert package, and all of the interior luxury features make the 2019 GMC Acadia SLE-2 a pretty solid choice.

Compare the Acadia SLE-2 vs SLT-1 Trims. What is the difference?

The Acadia SLT-1 includes everything that the SLE-2 includes, and brings along some extra features. It also includes options for even more packages that do cost more but may be worth it. Along with the SLE-2 features, the SLT-1 pairs a power-adjustable front passenger seat with the already adjustable driver’s seat. If your significant other or best buddy has lumbar support issues and is going to be riding with you often, then this is a great choice. Also included is an auto-dimming rearview mirror - great for flexibility when driving in a variety of road conditions and brightness levels. The wheels included an option for recoloring, and the outside mirrors include heating elements so you don’t have to worry about losing clarity from fog or ice.

Also included in the SLT-1 are some interior upgrades. For example, the dashboard display is significantly upgraded to include far more information. There’s also a noticeably better sound system made with Bose speakers and a built-in subwoofer.

If you’re into off-roading or live in an area with extremely hilly terrain, then you may want to upgrade the SLT-1 with the All Terrain package. This automatically adds the optional V6 engine and gives you hill descent control. Hill descent control means that you won’t feel unsafe when going down steep hills, as the vehicle auto-monitors your speed and surface control for you. While the All Terrain package is also available for the SLE-2 trim, it offers some features unique to the SLT-1. These include a much more capable all-wheel-drive system and an intelligent power loading system to make sure your cargo is balanced throughout the vehicle appropriately.

If you want more customizability in your Acadia, then the SLT-1 might be the best trim choice for you. Though the price of this trim is a substantial increase over the SLE-2 (especially when factoring in the price of some of the useful package upgrades), it may still be a solid choice. It’s particularly good if you want some important interior luxury features, like lumbar support and driver information.

Compare the Acadia SLT-1 vs SLT-2 Trims. What is the difference?

Just like the difference between the SLE-1 and the SLE-2, the difference between the SLT-1 and the SLT-2 is quite noticeable. Wheel size is upgraded from 18 inches to 20, and the base engine is now an extremely powerful V6. Inside the vehicle, you’ll also find many upgrades. Most noticeably, the middle row of seats is now heated and the driver’s seat has multiple memory options for different driver configurations. The touchscreen is now a full 8 inches in size, giving you and the front passenger more room to navigate around some of the more complicated menus.

Safety features are significantly upgraded in the SLT-2. The Driver Alert II package includes every feature found in the optional Driver Alert package, and piles even more on top of it. Alongside the blind spot monitoring systems are a forward collision system with automatic braking, lane departure alert and adjustment systems, and even a pair of automatic high beams so you don’t even have to worry about turning your brights on and off when cars pass by. There’s also an optional trailer package available for the SLT-2 trim, which includes a trailer hitch and wiring harness. It also optimizes the midsize SUV for pulling larger loads by including a revamped cooling system and a unique suspension for more power and safety when towing heavy weights.

The SLT-2 trim is a far better option than the SLT-1, but the optional packages certainly add to the price. If you need some of the driver safety features or the trailering system, then this is the right choice for you. Otherwise, it may not be your top option.

Compare the 2019 Acadia SLT-2 vs Denali Trims. What is the difference?

The most decked-out trim for the GMC Acadia is the Acadia Denali. This trim gives the vehicle an exquisite exterior look, decking out the front with a noticeable chrome grille and the top with chrome roof rails. The LED headlamps are replaced with high-quality xenon headlights, giving even more powerful with cool blue lighting. The SLT-1 and SLT-2’s expanded dashboard display is now entirely customizable, letting you put all of the information you want exactly where you want. All of the important driver safety technology is included, and heating systems now extend to the steering wheel as well as most of the seats. You can add a panoramic parking camera in the Technology package, which also comes with adaptive cruise control - a convenient option if you plan on taking long road trips in the Acadia.

While the Denali offers many luxury features, the significant jump in price leaves you expecting more features. Unless you absolutely need some of the included features, this is most likely not the trim you should spring for.

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Which Trim Level to Choose?

The 2019 GMC Acadia is a top tier midsize crossover SUV, no matter which trim level you choose. However, some trims certainly stand out when compared to other options. The SLE-2 is by far the best trim when comparing price against features. The heated seats, safety features, and enhanced technology included without needing to break the bank on luxury features gives this trim level an enticing feature list. You would not go wrong choosing this trim for the 2019 GMC Acadia - and possibly the Driver Assist optional package if you want even more safety technology.

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