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2020 GMC Canyon Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2020 GMC Canyon?
Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2020 GMC Canyon? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

Many people will want an SUV that isn’t too large but still offers a significant amount of cargo space alongside a certain amount of off-roadability. However, there are few options in this regard, especially when it comes to mid-size SUVs that provide a large amount of comfort.

However, the 2020 GMC Canyon is one such choice, and there are a variety of reasons why it stands out from much of the competition. There are a few trim levels available, with these ranging considerably in price.

While this could mean that the higher-end models may be somewhat expensive, they can be quite cost-effective when they’re features are highlighted. Alongside this is the base model of the SUV, which is much more affordable than many people might believe.

Since buying an SUV is a large investment, the majority of drivers will want to determine whether or not a specific vehicle is the right choice. There are a variety of reasons why the 2020 GMC Canyon should be considered, although there are also a few negatives.

What’s New For 2020?

There’s surprisingly little to differentiate the 2020 GMC Canyon from many of its predecessors. While there have been a variety of tweaks to many of the mid-size SUV’s features and mechanics, the majority of this mightn’t be visible.

However, there have been a few notable additions, such as a digital rearview camera being made available for all trims, excluding the base trim. Alongside this is that the GMC Canyon has received a few new color options, which also occurred with the previous model.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2020 GMC Canyon – The Pros

There are quite a few reasons why a driver should consider buying the 2020 GMC Canyon, with these being seen in all aspects of the vehicle. While some may be somewhat minor, it can often be the details that help sway a person’s decision. This is especially true when added to the quite notable decisions for purchasing one.

1. Affordable Base Model

If price is one of the key parts of your decision, then the base model of the GMC Canyon can be quite attractive. One of the primary reasons behind this is that the mid-size SUV is one of the more affordable of its class.

While this is at the sacrifice of a certain amount of style and design, there are still quite a few features that are available as standard. As such, it can be quite a cost-effective option for many buyers.

2. Solid Braking Performance

The majority of SUVs place a varying degree of emphasis on braking, with some feeling much more secure than others. This results in some of the vehicles having less firm-feeling braking than many people may be comfortable.

The 2020 GMC Canyon isn’t one of these, as its braking offers much more stopping power than many other in its class. This stopping power is so large that it could be compared to many larger vehicles on the market.

3. All-Terrain Package

Though the GMC Canyon already offers a certain amount of off-roadability, it doesn’t have as much as many people might want. If this is an aspect that you’re looking for, then you could take advantage of the All-Terrain Package, which adds a few additional benefits.

The majority of this can be seen in improved suspensions, as well as better wheels and descent control. This could result in the vehicle being a much more attractive proposition for many people.

4. OnStar Communications

While OnStar may not be a name that many drivers will be familiar with, it’s something that can be quite beneficial for many buyers. This is primarily because it offers quite a considerable amount of useful systems, such as Wi-fi and driving directions, which can be activated at the click of a button.

While many other mid-size SUVs offer communications systems, there are few that provide ones as innovative as the one seen on the 2020 GMC Canyon.

5. Decent Fuel Economy

The majority of larger SUVs don’t boast too great of a fuel economy, many mid-size SUVs have improved on this. However, there is still quite a difference between how many miles per gallon each SUV offers.

The GMC Canyon is one of the more notable here, as it provides a few more mpg than many others. While this may not be too large of a difference, it’s something that can add up quite quickly.

6. Powerful Engine Upgrade

The base engine of the GMC Canyon offers a notable amount of power, although this mightn’t be as much as drivers will see elsewhere. However, there is an optional engine upgrade than buyers can take advantage of, which offers enough power to rival many of its competitors.

While this does cost quite a considerable amount of money, it can reap dividends for anybody who opts for it.

7. Improved Handling

While the majority of SUVs will offer a considerable amount of power, they can often lack in handling. While the sacrifice between these two varies from vehicle to vehicle, there isn’t much of one with the 2020 GMC Canyon, as it offers a large amount of both.

However, the mid-size SUV leans more toward handling and offers much more of this than many of its competitors.

8. Great Styling

Styling isn’t something that many mid-size SUVs are known for, although there are a few standouts to this. The GMC Canyon is one of the more obvious here, especially when it comes to its higher-end trims.

Though the base model may not be applicable here, the more expensive trims offer a considerable amount of exterior style upgrades. Should this be something that a buyer is looking for, it could be worth the extra investment.

9. Comfortable Ride

One of the few drawbacks of a mid-size SUV is that they tend to be much less comfortable than their larger counterparts. However, this isn’t the case with the 2020 GMC Canyon, as the seats are much more cushioned than buyers may be expecting.

This is something that’s enhanced with a telescoping steering wheel, which allows drivers to position themselves comfortably. As a result, the new Canyon can be one of the more recommended options for long-distance driving.

10. High-Quality Infotainment System

The GMC Canyon offers a much more high-quality infotainment system that many other vehicles in the class. While there are various options available depending on the trim that you choose, the mid-size SUV has a quality system available for each.

This is quite easy to use and can provide a few advantages to anybody who uses it.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2020 GMC Canyon – The Cons

While there are a few notable reasons to buy the 2020 GMC Canyon, it does have a few drawbacks. Like many of the benefits that the mid-size SUV offers, some of these may be somewhat minor, although they could play a role in a decision to buy one.

1. Not Very Family-Friendly

Mid-size SUVs typically have much less space than their larger counterparts, although it’s what they do with this lack of space that could matter. While the GMC Canyon does have space for a few people, it may not be recommended for larger families.

The primary reason for this is that many of the seats, especially in the back rows, can have much less legroom and headroom than they may expect. This is something that could be a concern for many people, as it lacks significantly when compared to many others in its class.

2. Lack Of Advanced Safety Features

A large number of safety features is something that many buyers typically expect as standard. However, this isn’t an option with the 2020 GMC Canyon. Despite having the basics, many people should notice that there’s much less available here, especially when compared to many others in the class.

While there are a large variety of optional extras that buyers will be able to take advantage of, these can often be more expensive than they may be worth. While this becomes less and less true for higher-end trims, it’s quite apparent for the base model.

3. Isn’t Great For Towing

Though mid-size SUVs aren’t typically known for their towing power, the majority have quite a significant amount of this to offer. While the GMC Canyon has a certain amount of power, there’s significantly less than many people may want.

Though there is a decent enough engine under the vehicle’s hood, this is more tuned toward handling than all-out power. This can have a further impact on the off-roadability of the car. As a result, this could be quite a notable drawback for anybody looking for a mid-size SUV that can be off-roaded.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition

The 2020 GMC Canyon has quite a significant amount of competition, with one of the more notable competitors being the Toyota Tacoma. While there are a few core similarities between the two, the Tacoma is the better choice for its off-roading capabilities, although the Canyon does offer a much more comfortable drive.

Perhaps the most apparent competitor that people may notice is the Chevrolet Colorado. The comparison is primarily driven by the fact that the vehicles are identical in a variety of ways. Despite this, the 2020 GMC Canyon offers a much nicer interior, as well as a few other minor benefits.

Lastly is the Nissan Frontier, which has proven to be a popular choice over the past few years. While the SUV does have several benefits, the GMC Canyon takes a slight edge here, with this being seen in a more powerful base engine and a few additional features.


If you’re in the market for a midsize SUV, then the 2020 GMC Canyon is a vehicle that you should give a test drive. The handling and performance that it offers are something that needs to be felt to be believed and which set it apart from many of its competitors.

While the vehicle isn’t recommended for larger families, it can prove useful for a variety of other purposes. The majority of this is seen in the extensive number of infotainment features that are available, as well as a significant amount of comfort.

If you’re picking the SUV, then it’s recommended that you go with one of the 2020 GMC Canyon’s more high-end trims. This is primarily because the extra safety features, among others, can make the decision much more cost-effective than you might think.
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