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2020 GMC Savana Passenger Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2020 GMC Savana Passenger Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: LS vs LT, 2500 vs 3500 & Regular vs Extended Wheelbase

What 2020 GMC Savana Passenger Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The GMC Savana Passenger Van is an ideal vehicle for anyone who frequently transports large groups of people. It's spacious and practical, and while it might not have the extras that regular cars, trucks, and SUVs have, the Savana has enough to keep most people happy.

As a rear-wheel vehicle, the van handles itself well given its size and weight. It feels sturdy and strong, which is just what's needed in a commercial vehicle. People can drive the Savana with confidence, knowing that it'll get the job done.

There are four engines available on the GMC Savana Passenger Van. All four engines are available on all of the trims, giving people plenty to think about. Their capabilities will be discussed before the differences in trim are detailed.

The first engine that the Savana can run on is a gasoline-powered V6 with a displacement of 4.3 liters. With this engine, the van can generate 276 horsepower and 298 pound-feet of torque, and it can tow up to 6,700 pounds. There's also a Duramax Turbo-Diesel engine with four cylinders and a displacement of 2.8 liters. This engine comes with less horsepower, at 181, but more torque, at 369 pound-feet. Both of these engines are paired to eight-speed automatic transmissions, but the diesel is used in conjunction with a transmission the has a diesel-specific torque converter. With the diesel engine, towing capacity dips slightly, to 6,300 pounds.

There are two V8 options as well. They both are 6.0-liter models, and one takes gas and ethanol while the other runs on gas, ethanol, compressed natural gas, and propane. These engines have the same stats, and they can output 341 horsepower and 373 pound-feet of torque. They're matched with a six-speed transmission that's not exactly modern but is certainly durable. With a V8 under the hood, a Savana can haul up to 9,600 pounds, and this may be an important factor for some customers.

Compare the 2020 GMC Savana Passenger LS vs LT Trim Levels. What is the difference?

One choice that people will have to make with the GMC Savana Passenger Van is which trim to select. The LS is the base model, and the LT has a few upgrades that may be appreciated. Some of these upgrades are noticeable when simply looking at the van from the outside. For instance, the LT comes standard with chrome on its center caps, front and rear bumpers, and grille. In contrast, the LS has black bumpers and a black grille.

Both trims have 16-inch steel wheels, black outside mirrors that are manually adjustable, Daytime Running Lamps, dual-halogen headlights, and tinted glass that provides privacy and shade. On the passenger side, the door swings out to provide a wide opening for easy access, and there are windows on the rear door and rear cargo door that can be used to bring in fresh air. A passenger-side sliding door is an option that makes it easier to open the door in tight spaces.

Though there aren't many frills in the van, it does come with power door locks and power windows. Only the LT trim has a standard Driver Convenience Package, which includes a steering wheel can be tilted to adjust its position and cruise control. This is available on the LS at an additional cost.

The two trims have four rows of seating to provide accommodations for 12 people in total. There are two bucket seats in the front and benches in the other rows. In the second and third rows, there is seating for three, which leaves a little room to maneuver on the passenger side. Four people can fit in the back row, and that bench is configured with a 50/50 split to provide some versatility when it comes to carrying larger cargo.

In the LT, things are a bit nicer, as it has carpeted floor covering and cloth seats in the front versus vinyl. The driver might find the front console to be useful, since it has a storage bin that can be used to organize smaller items. Plus, the LT has remote keyless entry, which can be especially helpful when the driver is a few steps away and passengers are waiting to get in.

Safety is another category in which differences are found between the two trims. Available on the LS and standard on the LT are Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning. The first system can sense the likelihood of frontal impacts and can warn the driver to potential problems, and the second system sends out warnings when it seems like the van is veering out of a lane. (It won't alert the driver if the turn signal is on.) A rear vision camera is standard on all Savana trims, and this is key since it can be hard to see behind the large van when backing up.

Keeping the van more stable is a StabiliTrak system. It continually monitors how the van is doing, and if there's a discrepancy between where the vehicle is going and where the driver is steering, adjustments will be made. Brake pressure can be applied to certain wheels and adjustments can be made to engine torque in order to keep the van on course. The van also comes with Hill Start Assist, which keeps pressure on the brakes while the driver switches from the brake pedal to the gas pedal when stopped on a hill.

The entertainment system in these vehicles is fairly basic, though they can be set up to act as 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots. They have an AM/FM stereo and MP3 player, and they can be upgraded to have either a CD player or a USB port. Bluetooth isn't standard, but it's available as an option. The same is true for SiriusXM Radio. These upgrades would be something to consider if anyone plans on spending an extended amount of time in the vehicle.

Compare the 2020 GMC Savana Passenger LT 2500 vs LS 3500. What is the difference?

There's a slight price jump when moving from the LT 2500 Regular Wheelbase van to the LS 3500 Regular Wheelbase van. One thing that may be important to some people is that the 3500 offers the option to delete a rear seat, making room for a wheelchair.

A main difference with the LS 3500 model is that that it has a higher gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) than the 2500 versions do. Its GVWR is 9,600 pounds, in comparison with the GVWR of the 2500, which is 8,600 pounds. For those people who plan on carrying full loads of people and/or gear, this can be significant.

On the LS 3500 Regular Wheelbase, the exterior chrome accents that are seen on the LT get taken away. The grille goes back to being black, as do the bumpers. However, the chrome accents can be added on at an extra cost.

Inside the cabin, both trims have manually operated front seats, but there's the option to upgrade them to power-operated seats that can move in six ways. The LS 3500 does come with cruise control, as the LT 2500 does. It also has a manual tilt steering column, identical to what's found in the LT 2500. In the LS 3500, the floor is rubberized vinyl. It provides good traction and is easy to clean, so it is a practical material if not very sophisticated.

Compare the 2020 GMC Savana Passenger LS 3500 Regular Wheelbase vs LS 3500 Extended. What is the difference?

These two trims are nearly identical, other than the fact that the Extended Wheelbase is exactly what one would expect. It has a wheelbase of 155.1 inches, in comparison with the standard 135.2-inch wheelbase. The overall length is extended from 223.95 inches to 243.95 inches, though the width and height remain the same. In fact, the leg room stays the same. For reference, leg room in each row, from front to back, is 41.35, 36.3, 36.58, and 36.58 inches.

What the Extended Wheelbase offers is the ability to hold 15 total passengers. When the greater length of this model, a fifth row can fit in the back. With this fifth row, there would be two bucket seats in the front; three-seater benches in the second, third, and fourth rows; and a four-seater bench in the fifth row. If the fifth row is not installed, one would simply have a bit more cargo room in the back.

Compare the 2020 GMC Savana Passenger LS 3500 Extended Wheelbase vs LT 3500 Regular Wheelbase. What is the difference?

The price difference between the LS 3500 with the extended wheelbase and the LT 3500 with the regular wheelbase is very slight. There are no surprises when it comes to how these differ. The LT 3500 Regular Wheelbase moves back to the standard configuration, with four rows as the only type of seating configuration.

Again, the LT comes with some more enhancements that can make the driving experience more pleasant. Many commercial van drivers who transport people for a living might want to go with the LT, since it has cloth seats that most passengers will find more comfortable. At the same time, the driver of a Savana Passenger LT will get to take advantage of cruise control on quiet highways. Having Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Alert can improve peace of mind.

Compare the 2020 GMC Savana Passenger LT 3500 Regular Wheelbase vs LT 3500 Extended Wheelbase. What is the difference?

When deciding between these two trims, it comes down to whether the regular or extended wheelbase is preferred. The price difference is less than one thousand dollars, all other things being held equal. This means that it's not a stretch to go for the LT 3500 Extended Wheelbase when someone has already decided to get a Savana van.

On the extended wheelbase versions of the van, there is a slight decrease in towing capacity. This makes sense because the longer van will be heavier, and since the gross combined weight rating of the vehicle (which includes any cargo it's towing) remains the same, the towing capacity will have to be adjusted accordingly.


Which Trim to Choose?

There are several choices that have to be made with the 2020 GMC Savana Passenger Van. First, customers must decide which engine they want, and then they have to decide on trim and wheelbase.

When looking at the engine, it's clear that the V8 engine is much more capable than the others. In such a large vehicle, most people will feel more confident driving around town or on the highway when more horsepower and torque are available to them.

In terms of trim, the LT is a definite winner. It comes with a few minor details that can make all the difference in terms of the overall atmosphere in the cabin. The driver might not care whether the seats are vinyl or cloth, or whether there's carpeted flooring, but many passengers will.

Finally, the standard wheelbase and extended wheelbase are both good options. It depends on how many potential passengers a customer anticipates having. Since they're priced comparably, the extended wheelbase is recommended, since it provides either extra cargo room or an entire extra row of seating.

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