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2020 GMC Yukon Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2020 GMC Yukon?
Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2020 GMC Yukon? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

Anyone who is in the market for a new full-size, third-row SUV has probably heard talk of the new 2020 GMC Yukon. As a part of the Yukon's fourth generation (which was introduced to the market back in 2015), the 2020 line-up brings you all the features you could possibly want as well as a fantastic tow rating. While driving a vehicle this big can make maneuvering in tight spaces somewhat difficult, it is fully capable of hauling a family with multiple children.

What's New for 2020?

No changes have been made to the 2020 GMC Yukon. It carries over everything you will find on the 2019 line-up, which saw the addition of the Graphite Edition package on the SLT trim level.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2020 GMC Yukon – The Pros

1. It Seats Up to Nine People

Do you have several kids you have to chauffeur around every day? If so, you are going to need a lot of seats, and the 2020 GMC Yukon has those. There are seats for nine people, and there is plenty of space available for heads and legs in the first two rows. Children can also fit in the third row, which is easily accessed.

2. The Standard V8's Excellent Towing Capacity

If you equip the standard 5.3-L V8 engine (which gets 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque, by the way), you get a base towing capacity of 6,300 pounds. When properly equipped, this number can be maxed out to 8,500 pounds. Trailer Sway Control and an integrated brake controller are added when you decide to upgrade. For anyone who wants to tow something heavy, this is a must-have.

3. A Muted Cabin

One of the things that occupants will likely appreciate about the 2020 GMC Yukon is that it has a muted cabin. You will hear almost nothing in the way of wind, road, or engine noise. At the most, you might hear a slight whooshing sound when going along on the highway. The cabin is well-insulated so that everyone in all three rows can experience comfort and hear one another speak.

4. Chic Interior Design

The Yukon has a surprisingly stunning interior. While it does have some plastic surfaces, nothing looks cheap. Every panel looks like it connects to the next without any gaps, and you will not hear any odd rattles when you take the Yukon out for a test drive. The cabin certainly looks more upscale than it did in iterations from model years past.

5. A Spunky Ride From the Optional 6.2-L V8 Engine

The 2020 GMC Yukon has an optional 6.2-L V8 engine that is capable of producing 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. This engine provides you with a spunky performance, especially with its ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds - a great time for a third-row SUV. It smoothly builds up power as you go, and the optional adaptive suspension system helps the Yukon round through corners with ease and avoid any body roll.

6. Cozy Seats

The Yukon has some seriously comfy seats. The first and second rows of seats have extremely supportive padding. The third-row is a bench seat, so you can expect it to be less comfortable than the other rows. However, it is definitely manageable for short to moderate rides. The first two rows are perfect for long rides. If you have kids, you can bet they will be battling for who gets to sit in those second-row seats.

7. The Automatic Climate Control System

The 2020 GMC Yukon has a tri-zone automatic climate control system that efficiently works at distributing air throughout the vehicle. Whether you need the heat or A/C to cool down, that air will start pumping out quickly to comfort you. There are heated seats that either warm only your back or your back and bum, and they work fast as well. The controls are very easy to use and take hardly any time to get used to.

8. Easy-to-use Controls

Speaking of the vehicle's controls, almost all of them are thoughtfully laid-out within the driver's grasp. The dials and buttons are large and clearly labeled, which is helpful for those who still appreciate physical controls. If you are trying to find a vehicle with intuitive features and a clear layout, the Yukon has it.

9. The Third Row is Easy to Access

Those with children who need to access the third row will be pleased to hear that third-row seat access in the 2020 GMC Yukon is simple. The access space is not too narrow, unlike in other third-row SUVs. You can safely and easily place kids in their front-facing seats. A bonus to this is that the LATCH system is simple to use.

10. Smartphone App Integration is User-friendly

Smartphone app integration has become standard on a lot of vehicles, and it is very easy to pair with the Yukon. These systems rapidly connect, and the voice commands are easy for users to navigate. They seem to respond well to natural voice patterns.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2020 GMC Yukon – The Cons

1. The Standard V8 Feels Lackluster

If you buy the base 5.3-L V8 engine, you will probably notice that this engine has a lackluster feel to it. It does not have the smooth acceleration of the 6.2-L option, and it makes the same fuel economy as the 6.2-L. Since it feels so sluggish, a lot of people will likely want to upgrade to the 6.2-L engine even though it means paying more for the cost of the vehicle.

2. The Brakes are Slow to Respond

Even on the 6.2-L versions, the 2020 GMC Yukon has brakes that are slow to respond. They hold the vehicle back from having a good driving performance, as they need about 141 feet to make a panic stop from 60 mph. This is a much longer distance than what other vehicles in this class are able to manage. The brake pedal feels too soft, so it will not do much to inspire driver confidence in the Yukon.

3. There is a High Trunk Floor

Another downfall to owning the 2020 GMC Yukon is that this SUV has a high trunk floor. The load floor is about 3 feet above the ground, which means you will have to do some serious lifting when you are trying to get items into the cargo area. There also is not a whole lot of space available when the third row of seats is kept in place. With the high trunk floor and lack of a huge cargo area, it can be hard to fit much into the cargo area without taking the third row of seats down.

4. Difficulty Getting Through Tight Spaces

There is no doubt to be had that the GMC Yukon is a big vehicle. That means you are going to have trouble navigating tight spots. If you are trying to use the standard rear-view camera when you are in a dark parking ramp or at night, you will have trouble seeing clearly since the camera has a low resolution. It does work okay during the day but could definitely be better. You will have to rotate your neck and check your rear-view mirror to know where you are going and whether you might accidentally hit something in your path.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

2020 GMC Yukon vs. 2020 Chevrolet Suburban

The 2020 GMC Yukon gets stiff competition from the popular 2020 Chevrolet Suburban. The Suburban has seating for nine as well and offers a lot more cargo space than the Yukon does. All of its V8 engine options are perfectly capable of towing 8,000 pounds or more when properly equipped. However, the Suburban has a gas pedal that feels slow to respond. Also, this vehicle is bulky and hard to maneuver through tight parking lots and busy urban streets. It also has a high cargo floor, which complicates loading of cargo.

2020 GMC Yukon vs. 2020 Ford Expedition

Priced several thousand dollars below the Yukon is the 2020 Ford Expedition. This third-row SUV has a massively spacious interior and a V6 engine that offers swift acceleration. The Expedition is a seriously capable hauler when it comes to towing, and the front seats are exceptionally cozy. On the downside, the Expedition has a brake pedal that is far too soft for most drivers' liking, and it can be difficult to drive this massive vehicle. Also, it is not the quietest vehicle when you take it up to highway speeds.


The 2020 GMC Yukon is not the most up-to-date third-row SUV out there, but it gets the job done. With its good tow ratings and user-friendly cockpit, it is hard to deny that the Yukon has a lot of appeal. It caters well to growing families, so if you have more than two kids, you might want to give the Yukon some consideration.

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