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2016 Honda Accord Sedan

Why Buy a 2016 Honda Accord Sedan?

Are You Considering a 2016 Honda Accord Sedan? Here are the Pros and Cons

Throughout 2015, it is estimated that more Americans had a Honda Accord parked in their driveway compared to any other type of car. For the 2016 model year, the Honda Accord is keeping in the headline, as it is receiving several significant revisions and additions.

What’s New for 2016?

The new 2016 Honda Accord Sedan changes range from suspension tuning revision to a technology interface that has been enhanced to supports Apple CarPlay as well as facilitating the integration of Android Auto smartphone features.

When you add these latest upgrades to a Honda Accord sedan car already rated “A” by Edmunds what you get is one of the leading family cars available on the US market today.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2016 Honda Accord Sedan – The Pros

1) Performance and Powertrains

The majority of test drivers are convinced that the 2016 Honda Accord Sedan gives a fairly decent performance, credit to its powerful, great handling and responsive CVT.

When you are out on the highway:

  • The 2016 Honda Accord Sedan acquits itself quite well.
  • The ride quality is satisfying.
  • The vehicle gives a smart balance between sportiness and comfort.

2) Acceleration and Power

From a stop, the four-cylinder engine versions supply sufficient acceleration. Auto reviewers have observed:

  • It has no problem cruising at speed and getting on the freeway.
  • The handling is smooth and predictable
  • You will experience little road or engine noise seeping into the 2016 Honda Accord cabin.
  • The four-cylinder and 185-horsepower Honda Accord Sport musters sufficient power for climbing uphill while it has two grownups on board
  • The Accord revs freely and smoothly with a rather pleasing growl.

3) Handling and Braking

Automaker Honda has updated the suspension and steering of the 2016 Honda Accord Sedan. Test drivers have reported that it now delivers good handling and a composed ride.

  • Overall, the Accord’s ride is now much smoother
  • Steering has become more linear in feel
  • The result is that now you are getting a rewarding and more relaxed driving experience.

In general, the 2016 Honda Accord Sedan feels more natural and even calmer to drive than previously.

4) The Interior

Lots of test drivers have expressed their satisfaction with the 2016 Honda Accord Sedan's spacious seats, top-notch materials and stylish cabin.

  • It is nicely designed and attractive.
  • It has a tasteful blend of high-quality surfaces and materials.

Overall, the design is elegant, and the tight construction of the cabin gives a more powerful impression than you would be expecting from a regular family car.

5) Infotainment System

The infotainment system of the Accord got an update for 2016. Some of the new features include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

  • Reviewers think this is an improvement because you can now operate it using smartphone-like gestures.
  • Reviewers also report that the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are easy when it comes to setting up.

6) Cargo capacity

The 2016 Honda Accord Sedan comes with a trunk that is bigger-than-average for the vehicle class.

  • It has a fair sized cargo space measuring 15.8 cubic feet.
  • Reviewers think the trunk is cavernous

Critics have noted that the rear seat 60/40 split-folding makes the trunk of the Accord more versatile than during the earlier years.

7) The Seating

According to auto reviewers, you will get decent support and comfort from the front seats of the 2016 Honda Accord Sedan.

  • The rear seats are spacious.
  • Occupants of both rear and front seats will get plenty of shoulder room and legroom.

The backseat of the sedan has been rated as one of the finest in the class, mainly due to its balanced mix of comfort and space.

8) Safety Ratings

When you check out the crash-test ratings for the 2016 Honda Accord Sedan, it becomes pretty clear that this is a car that is very safe.

Except for frontal-impact protection where the Accord received 4-star ratings out of 5 from the Federal Government, this car has earned top marks in all other tests carried out by IIHS and the NHTSA.

9) Honda Accord Recalls & Reliability

Being a new car, not enough data has been gathered regarding reliability for this vehicle.

  • So far there have been no 2016 Honda Accord safety recalls made by the NHTSA.
  • The car comes with a limited warranty 36,000-mile and 3-year warranty as well as a 60,000-mile/5-year powertrain warranty.

10) Driver Impressions

The majority of Honda Accord buyers typically end up going to the 4-cylinder engine, and in this; they are not going to be disappointed.

  • It willingly revs and delivers its potent power in a manner that is smooth and satisfying.
  • It quickly responds to your swift passing maneuvers, then allowing the engine rpm to drop smoothly back when the quick acceleration need has passed.

The 2016 Honda Accord has managed to strike an almost perfect balance between handling and a supple ride.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2016 Honda Accord Sedan – The Cons

1) Not Very Engaging

Some critics have indicated that the 2016 Honda Accord Sedan is not very engaging when you are driving, especially when compared to some competitors. The optional 6-speed automatic transmission has been said to shift too leisurely.

Although efficient and refined, the 4-cylinder 2016 Honda Accord engine may not match the power of V6 regarding satisfying the whims of a keen driver. It lacks the final punch.

2) Using Touch-Screen Controls

Several auto critics think the touch-screen 2016 Honda controls are somewhat more challenging to use than the base model physical buttons.

  • They become difficult to manage in environments that are prone to momentum such as in a car.
  • Certainly, this a clear backwards step particularly because the standard base head unit comes with physical controls which are intuitive.

3) Cargo handling

Although the trunk of the 2016 Acord is quite wide at the rear, somehow, it tends to narrow down considerably as you move forward between the vehicles wheelhouses. Effectively this limits your loading flexibility and cargo capacity.

How it stacks up to the competition:

Auto reviews have compared the 2016 Honda Accord with the Mazda Mazda6 and the Ford Fusion Hybrid 2016 models.

  • At $22,105, the 2016 Honda Accord MRSP is lower than that of the Ford Fusion Hybrid at $26,675, but a bit higher than the Mazda6 at $21,495
  • The critic’s Accord’s rating at 9.1 compares well with the 9.3 for the Fusion Hybrid and the 9.2 of the Mazda6.
  • The 2016 version of the Honda Accord has been rated 9.6 regarding safety against the 9.2 of the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Mazda3’s 9.7
  • Interior rating tied at 7.8 with the Hybrid, slightly below the 7.9 for the Mazda6
  • The Accord overall score is higher at 8.8 compared to the two makes that tie at 8.7


The 2016 Honda Accord Sedan has undergone some updates. This has had the effect of making the already popular family sedan even better in a number of ways. What you will be getting from the 2016 Accord is certainly a terrific automobile.

If you are in the car market for a new midsize family sedan, you are going to love the styling of the new Accord. You will probably also like most of the other aspects and features of this new vehicle. Considering that the 2016 Honda Accord seems to have done nearly everything correct, it will be no big surprise if it deservedly earns a top spot on your vehicle consideration list.