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2017 Honda Fit Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2017 Honda Fit?

Should You Buy a 2017 Honda Fit? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

For the drivers who are in the market for a versatile hatchback, the 2017 Honda Fit deserves some serious consideration. Its fun-to-drive nature and inexpensive price should attract a lot of drivers. Furthermore, the new Fit now comes loaded with more features than ever before.

What’s new for 2017?

For the 2017 model year, Honda decided not to make any significant changes to the hatchback. Its styling and performance remain the same. However, buyers will benefit from a more impressive number of standard features.

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2017 Honda Fit – The Pros

1. Affordable

When stacked against today’s other new vehicles, the 2017 Honda Fit proves to be a legitimate bargain. With the arrival of more standard equipment, Honda fans will be satisfied with their purchase. Expect to pay around $16,000 for the base LX model. Meanwhile, the top-of-the-line EX-L trim is slightly more than $20,000.

2. Spacious Design

When first seeing the 2017 Fit in person, many people are likely to underestimate its passenger room. A spacious backseat makes the small hatchback an excellent choice for families. In fact, it provides more legroom than some midsize sedans. Drivers can also make good use of the Fit’s flexible cargo area.

3. Nimble Handling

Like its predecessors, the 2017 Honda Fit is noted for its nimble handling. Whether you are switching lanes on the highway or taking a sharp curve, the car will always feel extremely surefooted. The hatchback’s communicative steering system makes it especially rewarding to drive on an everyday basis. Many view it as a great alternative to a two-door coupe.

4. Long-Term Reliability

Honda has always had a fine reputation for producing extremely reliable vehicles. The 2017 Fit promises to continue that tradition. Based on feedback from current and past owners, you can expect the new model to have very few problem areas. This is good news for the car shoppers who hate spending extra money on repairs. The engine is virtually bulletproof.

5. Punchy Performance

With a curb weight of less than 2,700 pounds, Honda’s popular hatchback always feels responsive in real-world driving conditions. Featuring i-VTEC technology, the car’s small four-cylinder engine punches out a satisfying 130 horsepower. The engine’s quick-revving character adds to the level of driving excitement. Sports car fan will love the six-speed manual transmission.

6. Good Fuel Economy

The 2017 Honda Fit is a true gas-saver. When equipped with the manual transmission, you can expect to get 29 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway. Meanwhile, the CVT-equipped models can return 33 mpg in town and up to 40 mpg on the open road. Fortunately, the 2017 model only needs regular unleaded fuel.

7. Youthful Styling

One of the car’s most adoring qualities is its youthful styling. Drivers have also grown to love its sporty stance and short hood. While the base LX model is attractive, the higher trim levels flaunt a more eye-catching set of 16-inch alloy wheels. Some of the coolest paint colors include Mystic Yellow, Passion Berry, and Milano Red.

8. Easy to Park

When traveling within the city, some drivers have a hard time squeezing their vehicle into a parking space. The small hatchback will make parking a lot easier. Its compact size and narrow body give you a clear advantage in congested areas. Furthermore, the hatchback provides great outward visibility. Every driver will appreciate the Fit’s tight turning radius.

9. Excellent Safety Profile

Unlike some economy cars, the 2017 Honda Fit offers great crash protection. In fact, it received a five-star safety rating from the federal government. Families will be surrounded by an extra layer of protection. A rear-view camera comes standard. The 2017 model also offers the automakers’s LaneWatch camera system, which is designed to help eliminate passenger-side blind spots.

10. Easy and Inexpensive to Maintain

In contrast to a premium luxury sedan, the Honda Fit is very inexpensive to maintain. Because of the engine’s accessibility, many car owners will be able to easily change their own oil and spark plugs. Replacement parts, such as the air filter, are also very cheap. Furthermore, the car’s engine is not equipped with a timing belt that needs to be periodically changed.
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Reasons Not to Buy a 2017 Honda Fit – The Cons

1. So-So Braking Performance

During typical day-to-day driving situations, the Fit’s braking system will prove to be very effective. Nevertheless, some of its main competitors offer more stopping power. A 0-60 braking test revealed that the hatchback was a bit below average.

2. Infotainment System Lags Behind the Competition

The car's available infotainment system is a few steps behind the competition. Users have complained about the system’s aging design. It is not as responsive as some of the today’s more modern systems. Although the Honda Fit’s infotainment system will satisfy most drivers, there are others who will find it to be frustrating.

3. No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have become two of the most popular smartphone technologies. Unfortunately, the new model fails to offer them. This could prove to be a major disappointment for some car shoppers. Smartphone integration is the wave of the future.


The Honda Fit is a reliable vehicle that can comfortably accommodate a family of five. You will like its affordable price tag and fun performance. When compared to today's other compact hatchbacks, the 2017 Fit certainly remains one of the strongest contenders.

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