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2020 Honda Accord Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2020 Honda Accord?
Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2020 Honda Accord? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The 2020 Honda Accord continues the Accord's long-standing trend of being beloved by both car gurus and buyers alike. But just what makes the 2020 line-up special? Is it worth buying, or should you go with a slightly used model? Given that this is the tenth generation for the Accord (which started being manufactured for the 2018 model year), you will not find a whole lot different. But know that Honda goes by the old adage that if it isn't broken, don't fix it.

What's New for 2020?

Virtually nothing is new for the 2020 Honda Accord. Of course, that is not really a bad thing, since all of the changes that were made in 2018 and 2020 were the ones that truly needed to happen. For example, the redesigned infotainment center is better than its predecessor by leaps and bounds; it was a true highlight on the 2019 models.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2020 Honda Accord – The Pros

1. A Quick Response From the Accelerator

The 2020 Honda Accord might not have the most powerful engine options in its class, but the turbocharged 1.5-L option is quick to provide the driver with a response. Just press your foot down a bit on the accelerator, and the feedback you receive will feel almost immediate. Sure, the 8 seconds it takes to get from 0 to 60 mph is just average for base trims in the mid-size sedan segment, but it feels spritely enough around town. Just give it a few extra seconds on the highway, and it will get up to speed.

2. A Solid, Reliable Braking System

If there is one thing that Honda prides itself on, it is making safe and reliable vehicles. The Accord is no exception to this rule. Its braking system is quite good, in fact. The brake pedal has a firm feel beneath the pressure of your foot, and you will not have to worry about how this vehicle will perform when you need to make a panic stop. Slamming on the brakes is made to feel rather secure with the straight-as-an-arrow tracking you get from the wheels.

3. The Multilink Adaptive Suspension

The standard suspension is good, but the 2020 Honda Accord's multilink adaptive suspension is even better. Why? Well, should you get the Touring (which it is standard equipment on), you will find that the vehicle rounds through turns with surprising ease and elegance. You will not feel any body roll, as the Accord stays firmly planted on the ground. Also, the Accord responds to directional changes that you make with rapidity.

4. A Well-Tuned CVT

Oftentimes, you will hear mechanics speak critically of continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) - and with good reason. When they break down, they are difficult and expensive to replace. And, even when they're in normal working order, they make for a sluggish performance, which can further hinder an underpowered engine. But this is not exactly the case for the newer Accords. The CVT you get in the 2020 models is remarkably well-tuned. Yes, you will feel it upshifting so that it can try to enhance your fuel economy, but it provides some smooth shifting capabilities and does not prove to be a drag on the engine.

5. Exceptional Ride Comfort

When it comes to ride comfort, it is hard to top the 2020 Honda Accord. The ride is only slightly busy when going over rugged pavement, but it is able to smooth out most bumps in any average road surface. Of course, the multilink adaptive suspension really helps out with this since it has those nifty adaptive dampers, but the standard suspension does a decent job too. All in all, there is nothing too much worth complaining about here.

6. Climate Control is Easy to Use

Not every vehicle has an automaker that knows how to craft a simple-yet-effective climate control system. Honda manages do nail it though. The controls are straightforward, so almost all users will be able to figure them out without much of a hassle. Just watch the colors change between blue and red on the temperature control knob as you adjust between cold and hot! Seeing the lights actually go through the gradients is a neat touch.

7. A User-Friendly Infotainment System

Okay, so before Honda made some serious changes to the infotainment system, the thing was just downright horrendous to try to use. Pre-2018 Hondas had one of the worst infotainment systems ever made. But Honda took consumers' complaints to heart and revamped the system. The 2020 Honda Accords get a set-up that is easy to navigate thanks to its clean interface with crystal clear graphics. It is now one of the better systems out there. Even the navigation features are easy to use.

8. Superb Outward Visibility

The view from the cockpit is truly magnificent. With slender roof pillars all around and wide panes of glass, seeing out of the front and rear windshields is easy. You also do not have to worry about backing up and pesky blind spots since there is a rearview camera and blind-spot monitoring system to help with those things. Those features are extremely easy to use since they are active driver aids.

9. Smartphone Integration is a Breeze

If you do not want to use the 2020 Honda Accord's built-in apps, you can always sync up the ones you have on your smartphone. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto both come standard and are user-friendly alternatives. The music will show up on the touchscreen display while your smartphone's navigation will show up on the head-up display.

10. Unparalleled Cargo Space

Looking for a sedan with a massive amount of cargo space? Go with the Accord. When all seats are in place, there are 16.7 cargo feet of cargo space. Fold the 60/40-split rear seat down and you will get even more room to store your stuff. Finding a more versatile cargo area in this class will prove difficult, as Honda has designed all sorts of little nooks and crannies for storage in the cargo area.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2020 Honda Accord – The Cons

1. Voice Commands are Wonky

The only real downfall on the 2020 Honda Accord is voice command's functionality (or lack thereof). You will have to use very specific phrasing while you are setting up the system, and this can have quite a few extra steps to it. The on-screen prompts help, but the fact that you cannot switch over to Bluetooth wireless streaming with a voice prompt is a bit of a downer.

2. Getting In and Out Isn't The Easiest

Getting in and out can be tricky since the door sills are wide and set high. This might be a barrier for some people. Those with mobility issues might benefit from checking out a vehicle a smaller stepover. Since the seat is positioned low to the ground, it creates even more difficulty for entering and exiting the vehicle.

3. The Driver's Area Might Be Too Small For Taller Folks

Taller folks will likely find their space in the cockpit to be a bit limited. Long-legged drivers will likely note the hard plastic surface to the outer side of their right knee. They will also find themselves wishing for a bigger telescoping range from the steering column. Those who are average height shouldn't have too many problems though, so these qualms will basically be relegated to the taller folks.

4. Steering Comes Off as Feeling Vague

Steering could use a few tweaks. The 2020 Honda Accord has a steering system that feels a bit unnatural. The vehicle steers accordingly (mind the pun), but the amount of feedback is lacking. YOu will not get much from the two front wheels. Going through turns also does not yield a build-up of resistance. Overall, steering comes off as being flat and vague, especially when it comes to telling you where the vehicle's actual on-center point is located.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

2020 Honda Accord vs. 2020 Mazda 6

The 2020 Honda Accord gets some stiff competition from the 2020 Mazda 6. The 6's interior design is nothing short of stunning, and the higher trim levels even border on luxury. The outside is fine to look at as well, with its sleek curves and glistening details. Sitting up front just adds to the feeling of luxury since the well-padded seats are so cozy. Also, the 6's handling rivals that of the Accord. The one downside to owning this vehicle is that the 6's ride quality is not smooth, making it fall behind the capabilities offered by the Accord and other sedans.

2020 Honda Accord vs. 2020 Toyota Camry

For a long time, the Toyota Camry was a top rival for the Accord. Not anymore. Unfortunately, the 2020 Toyota Camry has some very touchy driver aids, an infotainment system that is by no means user-friendly, and problems with the smartphone app integration (which does not even come standard). The engine also puts up quite a fuss when you press on the accelerator. It does, however, offer some nice leather upholstery and puts forth some good fuel economy numbers.


The 2020 Honda Accord is being hailed as a best-in-class vehicle for the model year, and there is little wonder to be had as to why. The Accord is affordable, easy to drive, and has a lot of helpful standard features. The ride is smooth, even with a CVT equipped. Overall, it is a vehicle worth investing in, especially since Honda worked out the kinks in the former infotainment system.

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