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2021 Honda Accord Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2021 Honda Accord Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: LX vs Sport vs Special Edition, EX-L vs Touring 2.0T

What 2021 Honda Accord Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The Honda Accord has consistently been a popular sedan, and for good reason. The Accord has a comfortable cabin and stylish body, and in recent years, it's been upgraded with a lot of technology. These advanced components have made the sedan safer to drive and more convenient as well. Honda has found a winning formula with the Accord, and this car doesn't seem to be losing any momentum in 2021.

There are seven available trims for this model year. This includes two hybrids that will appeal to those who want to optimize efficiency. Given the large number of trims, there's a good range of options, and potential customers will have a lot to consider.

Before diving into the details regarding each trim, some basics should be mentioned. First, the Honda Accord has a fairly sizable cabin that gives front passengers 42.3 inches of leg room and rear passengers 40.4 inches of leg room. This is more than what some SUVs have to offer, and it's something that people who sit in the back will definitely notice. The trunk of the Accord is practical for many since it has a volume of 16.7 cubic feet.

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Compare the 2021 Honda Accord LX vs Hybrid. What is the difference?

A main difference between these two trim is related to what's under the hood. The LX runs on a turbocharged, 1.5-liter engine, and the Hybrid uses a gas-powered engine in conjunction with an electric motor. Both gas-powered engines are in-line four-cylinder models. With its turbocharger, the LX can generate 192 horsepower. In only a slight contrast, the Hybrid offers 212 net horsepower, and it has a little more torque than the LX does.

The Hybrid has remote engine start, but the LX does not. The Hybrid also has a three-mode driver system that lets people choose from a more aggressive driving style or a less aggressive one. The final drive mode makes the car work in electric mode only, and this can be used for short periods at a time.

At this point, people will be wondering what the efficiency advantages are in the Hybrid. Well, the Accord Hybrid has pretty spectacular numbers, as it's able to earn 48 miles per gallon in the city and on the highway. The LX does reasonably well for a non-hybrid, with an estimated fuel economy of 30/38 (city/highway) miles per gallon.

Moving to the inside of the cabin, there are more similarities than differences when comparing the LX and the Hybrid. They both have cloth seats, several interior storage compartments, map lights, and automatic climate systems with two zones. The Hybrid has a lockable glove box but the LX doesn't, and the Hybrid has a 60/40 split bench in the back to add to its versatility.

Both trims have Bluetooth, smartphone compatibility, and eight-inch touchscreens. These features make them much more competitive in a market where technology carries a lot of weight. They also both have a number of driver-assist systems, such as collision mitigation braking, lane departure warning, and lane keeping assist. Basically, this means that the Accord can look out for potential problems, warn drivers and prompt them to take action, and possibly hit the brakes or gently correct steering in an effort to keep people safe. Other standard components are automatic high beams, rearview cameras with dynamic guidelines, and traffic sign recognition.

From an exterior perspective, the trims look very similar. However, the Hybrid has an active shutter grille. People might not notice this next feature at first, but it's sure to make its presence known. The Hybrid comes with a smart key, so people don't even have to push any buttons to lock/unlock their doors. The car can sense when the key fob is close by, like when it's in a person's pocket or bag, and then it will lock/unlock the doors when someone touches a sensor on a door handle.

Compare the 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid vs Sport Trim. What is the difference?

With the Sport, the Honda Accord goes back to having a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Like the LX, the Sport can turn its engine off temporarily when it's stopped for at least a few seconds. This conserves energy and doesn't affect driving at all since the engine turns back on again when it's time to move.

The Sport features paddle shifters so people can choose to drive a little more aggressively if they wish. Taking into account the Sport's overall design, its estimated fuel economy is 29/35 (city/highway) miles per gallon. If someone chooses to get a Sport with a ten-speed automatic transmission instead of the continuously variable transmission, fuel economy drops to 22/32 miles per gallon, but the car has a little more kick to it.

On the outside of the Sport, there are some bold details. This trim has gloss black side mirrors and a gloss black fin-type antenna. LED fog lights and a gloss black decklid spoiler are additional elements. The Sport gets upgraded with 19-inch wheels, and these have black inserts to match the other dark accents.

Inside the cabin, the Sport is enhanced with a power-adjustable driver's seat, and heated front seats are available. To add to the flair of this trim, there are sport pedals and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. SiriusXM and HD Radio are available at this level, and people in the back get to take advantage of having accessible charging ports.

While these next features aren't standard in the Sport, they are available, and they can be fun features to have. These features include a moonroof and wireless charging.

Compare the 2021 Honda Accord Sport vs Sport Special Edition. What is the difference?

The differences between the Sport and Sport Special Edition are minimal. After all, they only differ by about $1,500 in price. In the Sport Special Edition, passengers get to sit on leather seats. Also, the front passenger's seat can be power-adjusted in four different ways.

The Sport Special Edition has remote start, which some people will definitely appreciate. This alone could justify the additional cost of this trim.

Compare the 2021 Honda Accord Sport Special Edition vs Hybrid EX Trim Level. What is the difference?

When moving to the Hybrid EX, there are some notable changes. As one would expect, the Hybrid EX has the same type of powertrain found in the Hybrid. Remember that this system can generate 212 horsepower, which is more than what the Sport Special Edition offers.

In the Hybrid EX, there is a power moonroof that can be slid open or tilted up to let in fresh air. SiriusXM and HD Radio are both standard, as is wireless charging. This enhanced technology package can be very attractive to prospective customers. In the Hybrid EX, smartphone integration is handled wirelessly.

From a safety perspective, the only additions at this level are blind spot and rear cross traffic monitoring. These systems can provide drivers with useful information they can use to avoid collisions.

Unlike the Sport Special Edition, the Hybrid EX has cloth seats and a manually adjustable front passenger's seat. It does have heated front seats, though.

Compare the 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid EX vs EX-L Trim Levels. What is the difference?

Moving from the Hybrid EX to the EX-L means that the Honda Accord goes back to its turbocharged engine. To make things a little confusing, the EX-L is available as a hybrid. The hybrid version of the EX-L is not listed as a separate trim, so that's why it doesn't get its own section in this overview.

With the EX-L trim, people are welcomed when they approach their vehicles. The EX-L has courtesy lights that can make it a little easier to see what's going on when getting settled in the car. In addition, the side mirrors in the EX-L come with LED turn indicators.

The interior of the EX-L is enhanced with leather seats and a power-adjustable front passenger's seat. Front seats are heated as they are in the Hybrid EX. In the EX-L, there's a bonus element, which is that the driver's seat can be programmed to remember two positions.

In the EX-L, the steering wheel is wrapped in leather, and some trims of the EX-L can have leather-wrapped shift knobs. The rearview mirror in the EX-L can automatically dim and be programmed to act as a garage door opener, thanks to HomeLink technology.

Music lovers will appreciate that the EX-L has a 450-watt audio system. It comes with ten speakers, to include a subwoofer, that can really improve the sound quality.

Compare the 2021 Honda Accord EX-L vs Touring 2.0T. What is the difference?

The long list of Accord trims ends with the Touring 2.0T. It's the only trim to have a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. With its greater size, this engine can churn out up to 252 horsepower and nearly 275 pound-feet of torque. This improved capability is a main reason why some people are attracted to this trim. As seen with the EX-L, the Touring 2.0T is available in a hybrid, though it's not specifically listed as a separate trim.

With its more powerful engine, the Touring 2.0T doesn't does as well in terms of saving gas. As the least efficient trim, it gets an estimated 22/32 (city/highway) miles per gallon. If the hybrid Touring is selected, fuel economy is estimated to be 44/41 miles per gallon.

On the exterior of the Touring 2.0T, there are several upgrades. The door handles are covered with chrome, the windshield wipers can turn on automatically when it starts raining, and the side mirrors can tilt down when the car is in reverse to help the driver with steering. This trim, like the Sport, gets to ride on 19-inch wheels. Black inserts inside the wheels contribute to its athletic nature.

There are some additional features inside the Touring 2.0T. It has heated and ventilated front seats as well as heated rear outboard seats. These can all add to the comfort level of the passengers. Also, the Touring 2.0T has ambient lighting that can turn on when people first pull their door handles.

Finally, this top trim has a head-up display and low-speed braking control. The head-up display system projects key information onto the windshield, right behind the steering wheel, so people can read this information without taking their eyes off the road.

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Which Trim to Choose?

When deciding which trim to get, it really comes down to how important power is. If someone doesn't feel that the Touring engine is necessary, then it's an easy decision to cross this trim off the list. It helps that the Touring 2.0T is the most expensive of the bunch, by a significant amount.

These leaves the LX, Hybrid, Sport trims, and EX-L. It's great that all of these models have a good amount of horsepower, many advanced safety systems, and smartphone connectivity. To narrow down their choices, people need to ask themselves whether they want a hybrid or not.

Considering how far hybrid technology has come and taking into account the fact that the hybrids aren't that much more expensive than their counterparts, the hybrids are recommended. These have excellent mileage and make sense in the long run. When comparing the Hybrid and the Hybrid EX, the Hybrid EX comes out ahead. It can give people a treat with its heated front seats, moonroof, and wireless charging.

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