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2022 Honda Pilot vs Kia Sorento

2022 Honda Pilot vs Kia Sorento

2022 Pilot vs Sorento - How Do They Stack Up? Which is Better?

The midsize SUV is the perfect combination of safety, size and driving capability. It's a great option for families looking to invest in reliable transport that moves them around safely with ease! Not only are modern SUVs more spacious and convenient than just a few years ago, but they're also much sportier too - giving your drive an extra level of excitement normally found on smaller vehicles. With so many attractive features available it might be worth considering investing in one soon!'

If you're looking for a midsize SUV that won't disappoint, consider the 2022 Honda Pilot and Kia Sorento. Both offer plenty of room to keep your crew comfortable on long trips, along with powerful engine options and attractive features designed to appeal to their target market. Still can't decide? No worries – each vehicle has unique advantages so take time comparing them before making an informed purchase decision!

Struggling to decide which crossover vehicle is for you? The Kia Sorento and Honda Pilot offer two unique options, each tailored to different needs. Need some help in your decision-making process? This post dives into the nitty gritty of both models so that whatever choice you end up making will be a well-informed one – allowing you to choose between economy, space or luxury amenities without breaking the bank!

The Powertrain

The 2022 Honda Pilot is a midsize SUV packed with power and prowess. At the helm sits an impressive V6 engine, producing 280 horsepower that effortlessly pairs to its nine-speed automatic transmission ensuring smooth acceleration no matter what terrain lies ahead. With 27 MPG on highways and 20 in cities, this vehicle will get you where you need without sacrificing your wallet at the pump! And although it is heavier than smaller vehicles of similar stature, don't be fooled - tight steering and responsive cornering make for pleasurable rides every time.

The 2022 Kia Sorento packs a real punch with its two engine options, offering drivers both power and economy. While the base V4 produces 191 horsepower to rival many other vehicles in its class, the turbocharged upgrade brings an impressive 281 horses for extra speed on demand - leaving competitors like the Pilot trailing behind! Both engines offer excellent fuel efficiency of 29 MPG highway/24 city but can lose 2 MPG if adding AWD; nevertheless, it will keep you agile and comfortable without compromising handling no matter your pace.

The Pilot offers more power and performance, but the Sorento's fuel economy is key for saving you dough at the pump - especially when gas prices are skyrocketing. Nevertheless, both vehicles will give drivers a reliable and comforting ride regardless of their speed capability.


The Kia Sorento and Honda Pilot make excellent companions on the road, providing passengers with a refined ride in their three-row SUVs. Both vehicles offer muscular powertrains that combine agility with precise handling to create an especially responsive experience behind the wheel. Thankfully, this sporty performance doesn't compromise comfort either - both models feature smooth rides without any excessive body lean for riders of all ages! Whether you're driving or riding along, these two SUVs will keep up your spirits throughout every journey.

Although the Kia Sorento offers a great deal of capability and value, it falls short in one area - space. Its third row is limited to small passengers only, so adults will feel cramped if they try to ride along; furthermore, its cargo zone significantly lags behind that of the Honda Pilot's when you need to haul large items like sports equipment or luggage. That said, there should still be enough room for completing everyday tasks such as grocery shopping with ease.

The two SUVs' infotainment systems are also dissimilar, influencing driving and riding. Here, it is the Sorento that comes out on top. Its infotainment interface is more effortless to navigate and quicker when loading menus. It is a more pleasing system for quickly locating what you want and modifying it. This is especially helpful for the driver. The Pilot's interface is cumbersome and slow, which does not make for a delightful experience. This is not likely to change until the Pilot gets a refresh, but that is not on the horizon anytime soon because it got a redesign recently.


These two SUVs are modern family-friendly vehicles, each offering impressively high safety scores from the major crash examination organizations IIHS and NHTSA. But beyond this useful similarity, these cars offer distinct characteristics to suit different families' needs - making them an ideal purchase for any kind of driver looking for a safe experience on the road!

Secondly, the Honda Pilot has almost all its safety and automation features as standard in the base trim. That, and its easy access to those features, significantly boosts its value. They include lane keep assist, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, and even adaptive cruise control, among several others. It is a great list to include as the base.

The Kia Sorento's safety features are more split among the various trim options. Many key features are standard, like forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and lane keep assist. However, others, like blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, are optional add-ons. The optional features on the Sorento are mostly present in the standard feature list of the Pilot.

When comparing features, the Honda Pilot and Kia Sorento have many similarities in terms of safety offerings. While both vehicles provide a strong lineup with contemporary safety amenities, their base trims make all the difference: The Pilot offers these as standard while you'd need to upgrade trim levels on the Sorento for them. Though not enough by itself to sway one way or another for shoppers looking at mid-range models and up — since both are equally well equipped — having access to extra safety benefits can certainly add value when deciding between cars!

Which Has the Best Value?

Looking for an affordable yet reliable ride? The value-focused Sorento is the way to go! It's 8K to 10K cheaper than similar models of its competitor, the Honda Pilot. However, this means some features may not be included or will have to be bought separately as add-ons - and there are one less seats in comparison with what you find on a Pilot. Nevertheless, it still provides excellent bang for your buck when it comes time make that decision.

The Kia Sorento offers great value for the money, even when upgraded to higher trims. You can get an advanced engine that rivals what's offered in other top models at a much lower price than you'd expect! Even better? You'll also enjoy features like bigger screens and premium internal parts - giving you more bang for your buck all around. With so many options, every shopper is sure to find something they love from this model lineup.

With the Honda Pilot, you have a comfort-filled plethora of options. From its well-equipped base trim to seven others with various interior and tech upgrades, there's no shortage of choices for drivers who want more than just an everyday ride - though they needn't opt for the upper trims; those will likely cost too much considering what they offer.

If you're ready to bid farewell to some features and luxuries, Kia's Sorento boasts great value for your money. However, if you have the means (and budget) available then Honda can provide a guilt-free pick with all of the sought after bells and whistles.

Which is Better?

Searching for a reliable three-row SUV? Look no further than the 2022 Sorento and Pilot, two great options that offer an unbeatable combination of value and features. Not to mention their individual characteristics - each vehicle has something different to make your experience memorable. Both are top contenders in the market so don't hesitate!

One of the most significant is the budget inquiry. For the person with the lowest possible budget, the Sorento has a much lower base price, although those lower trims overlook a lot of characteristics. Budget aside, the price discrepancy is negligible when comparing the Sorento's upper trims to the Pilot's lower trims, although there is still a quality gap. The most crucial thing to do is the list which elements are must-haves in your dream SUV and think about which is a more reasonable match for that list.

When it comes to cars, the Kia Sorento offers an attractive infotainment system and swift responsiveness while Honda is known for its powerful performance. If you value space over speed though, look no further than a Honda: perfect for large families with three rows of seating or those needing extra room in the cargo area. But if your needs are more modest? Then consider going with a stylish and compact Sorento!

With remarkable similarities between these two SUVs, making a decision on which is better may seem daunting. However, an in-person test drive can reveal distinct advantages and differences that aren't always evident from comparing specifications alone. Taking the driver's seat for yourself allows you to get up close and personal with every detail of comfort level, exterior style and more - giving you all the information needed to decide which SUV best fits your lifestyle needs!

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